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Lil Seraph
Does anyone else but me have a Matrix Collection at Home. Mines called the "Matrix Shelf". Its got all my DVD's, Toys, Magazines, Memorabilia and stuff like dat in it. The DVD's have alarms attached to them so if you touch them = Loud Screeching Noises. I add my pic as soon as possible. If you have one show everyone in the forums a pic and a short description of it.

Thomas Anderson
Not usually a great fan of collecting stuff. Fight Club's the main influence to that.

But with The Matrix, I make a big exception.

If anyone cares, I've got
The Matrix/Revisisted DVD
The Matrix Reloaded DVD
The Animatrix DVD
The Matrix Deluxe Box Set
Neo in Government Lobby toy thing
And odd little bits

I'd like more, but the stuff I've got has its use; most other stuff is just for little point. What else is there that I should get?

I've got a small collection of Matrixy things...right now it consists of:
Matrix soundtrack
Reloaded Soundtrack
Revolutions soundtrack
Animatrix soundtrack
Animatrix DVD
Trinity Lobby Shootout action figure
Neo Lobby Shootout action figure
...and a few other little things.

Lil Seraph
Some of the things i've got are:
*The Matrix DVD
*The Matrix Revisited DVD
*The Matrix Reloaded DVD
*The Animatrix DVD
*The Anime Classics DVD Box Set of Anime which inspired the Matrix
*The Matrix Soundtrack
*The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack
*The Animatrix Soundtrack
*The Matrix Popcorn Box and Jumbo Cup from Hoyts
*The Collectable Morpheus Edition of EMPIRE Magazine
*Sentinal Collectable Action Figure
*Tank Collectable Action Figure
*Large APU Robot Toy. The walking/shooting robot from Revolutions
*The Matrix Revolutions Beanie from the Revolutions Premiere in Sydney
*A cardboard cutout of The Matrix DVD from Video Ezy
*1 Large Neo Reloaded poster, and 1 Large Morpheus and Trinity Revolutions Poster
Just to name a few. Happy Dance

Realworld Neo figure
sentinel figure
chateau scene
neo teaser from reloaded
matrix teaser
matrix official
revolutions digital rain teaser (holofoil)
reloaded soundtrack
um...some other stuff but i cant think of it rite now.

I got a lot:
-The Matrix
-The Matrix: Revisited
-The Animatrix
-Enter the Matrix
-The Matrix: Reloaded
-Matrix Soundtrack
-Reloaded Soundtrack
-Revolutions Soundtrack
-Animatrix Soundtrack
-Neo Poster
-Group Poster
-Neo Face Poster
-Pirated Revolutions
-Matrix Phone Face Plate
-Neo Glasses

I think i hav some others, let me go looksmile

-Reloaded Popcorn Box
-Revolutions Popcorn Box
-Reloaded Cup
-Revolutions Cup
-Reloaded Ticket Stubs
-Revolutions Ticket Stubs

Thomas Anderson
ooo I forgot to put my soundtracks & Neo glasses on me list...

I'll do it again.

The Matrix/Revisisted DVD
The Matrix Reloaded DVD
The Matrix Revolutions DVD (well it's preordered anyway). Got it on VCD but the quality is terrible...
The Animatrix DVD
The Matrix Deluxe Box Set
The Matrix soundtrack
The Matrix score
The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack
The Matrix Revolutions soundtrack
Neo glasses
Neo in Government Lobby Figure
And probably something else I've forgot.

Lil Seraph
Have any of you's seen this book? This guy thinks he's "The One" and says Keanu reeves is just a stand-in, It has instructions to Unplug yourself from the matrix, and says lots of weird stuff. This guys a weirdo.

Matrix Warrior : Being the One
by Jake Horsley (Author)

Happy Dance

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