10 Reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek

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10. I've never heard anyone in Star Wars brag about knowing a ship like the back of his hand and then hit his head on an overhang.

9. James Earl Jones' voice is not as irritating as Majel Barret's.

8. Compared to Darth Vader, Q is just too melodramatic.

7. Compared to Vader, Khan is just too high-strung.

6. Star Wars isn't afraid to put the women in charge (ex. Leia, Mon Mothma, Admiral Daala, etc.).

5. In Star Wars, dead is dead. None of this Spock-Vulcan-resurrection bullcrap.

4. In Star Trek, to fix something you need to know about Dilythium Crystals and Anti-matter enducers and Isolinear Chips and yadda yadda yadda. In Star Wars, the only thing you need to know is that THIS one goes here, THAT one goes there!!

3. Those Ewoks aren't as annoying as those damn tribbles, plus they make better fighters too. The tribbles are only good for target practice.

2. In Star Trek, the main reason that the Borg are such a big threat is that they can adapt to laser fire, and block it. Yeah, right. Let's see how they adapt to a pissed off Wookie ripping their arms off.

1. George Lucas and John Williams.

Cool. Except number 5 isn't exactly true. The Emperor came back. Boba Fett came back and all those clones let people stay alive. True these are just EU, so it doesn't really count. Never-mind

I got this off a website, hassle them! stick out tongue

(Salutes) Sure thing Captain Winky Just tell me the site.
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The ghost thing again smile

Are there only ten reasons? sad

I bet you could find hundreds of them. You can even find why Star Trek is better thn Star Wars

You know? FM said something about those 100 things a few months ago (september), I'll check with him

10. There's a story in Star Wars
9. Lightsabers
8. Sexy women
7. Its not a tv-series
6. Not junk-ships like Star Trek
5. Fantastic music
4. Nice special effects
3. There's no such things as warpgates
2. Chewbacca, not klingons
1. No stupid captains with stupid diarys

totally true! I think we have twenty now, right? still need 80 wink

Star Trek is for nerds

I like Star Trek mad

and you are a nerd so To is right big grin
but keep it to humor guys this thread is borderlining to a not humor thread. So it will be closely observed evil face

Those top ten lists are everywhere, for any genre.

Star Wars is for nerds too, guys. Sorry!

Here is a reverse list- why Trek is better than Wars:

10. Deanna Troi discarded the bun after one season. Princess Leia still has those donut braids.

9. Worf's speech is at least intelligible, but Harrison Ford has to translate for Chewbacca.

8. Star Trek villains do NOT have asthma.

7. Star Wars spawned "Battlestar Galactica." The worst Star Trek ever did was "Babylon Five."

6. Spock-- 'nuff said.

5. Star Trek-- the first space shuttle. Star Wars-- a hare-brained nuclear defense system.

4. Kirk met "God" and told him off; Sisko met Q and decked him flat; Luke Skywalker met Yoda and was speechless.

3. Star Wars androids look like electronic trash cans on wheels. Star Trek androids look like some people's ideal in masculine beauty.

2. Star Wars: Princess Leia. Star Trek: Lt. Uhura, Nurse Chapel, Yeo. Rand, Lt. Saavik, Cmr. Troi, Dr. Crusher, Lt. Yar, Ens. Ro, Dr. Pulaski, Nurse Ogawa, Amb. K'ehleyr, Amb. Lwaxana Troi, Maj. Kira, Lt. Dax, Kai Winn, Lursa, B'etor, Cmr. Sela, Vash, Adm. Netcheyev, Cpn. Janeway, Lt. Torres, Kes. Hmm. . .

1. Star Trek consists of 9 movies and 5 TV series, a total of approximately 375 hours, a figure climbing at warp speed. Star Wars, despite its following, is limited to 6 movies.

And here is another (some crossover)

10 More enemies to deal with.
9 Any of the Enterprizes from C- E could blow the #$%* out of a Star Distroyer
8 More realistic physics
7 Star Trek Does not need a space station the size of a small moon to destroy a planet
6 More women and more attractive Women
5 Star Trek does not need to re-release their moves again with three minutes of footage.
4 More novels and Books
3 Instead of getting strangled by Darth Vader foolish Captains get promoted to admiral.
2 Multi-racial armed forces in the Federation
1 Thirdy years/ five series, over a hundered novals and other books as well as nine movies!

Just doing all this in the interest of balance...

I liked the other ones

Biased, eh?

Why can't we all just get along etc...

You're lucky I don't start giving you all Dr. Who and Babylon 5 ones. Ooh, I can hear Finti's contempt already.

Yeah if you want the thread to close fast go ahead cool eek!

King Jedi
Star Trek has William Shatner
Star Wars has Harrison Ford

Star Trek has Leonard Nimoy
Star Wars has Alec Guiness.

and is that good or bad?

Star Trek is just for nerds. Star Wars is for nerds, but it's also for normal people. The subtle difference.

10) This shows that Star Wars characters aren't sucked in my nasty appearance cliches.

9) I enjoyed this reason, not only did it shoot down Star Trek for a lack of creativity, it also gave props to Lucas for having a language not comprehensible by us average humans.

8. Instead they have horrible acne.

7. On the contrary, Star Trek did Star Trek, 'Nuff said.

6. Considering I didn't read the entire Top 10 list yet, and I say #6 after doing #7...the irony of this is rather weird. On the contrary, humans in Star Wars don't need Rogaine.

5. Star Trek--Not one movie on the Top 50 of all time. Star Wars--All 4 movies in the Top 15 of all time. (ANH is #2, due to Harry Potter)

4. So moving confrontations are shot down by violence on television?

3. We call those people "Future patients at the Sunny Acres Home for the mentally deranged"

2. Once again, this actually backfires on Star Trek. It only shows that they need a cast of 15+ women to keep their audience in check.

Yet...A New Hope raked in more money than all 9 of those Star Trek movies.

And Lucas doesn't make TV Shows for one reason. He enjoys laughing at Star Trek for pushing out another TV show once their old one loses their main audience.

A-ha! UBH wallks directly into fanboy territory there, by taking time to dismiss all ten points.

See, the point is I could dp the exact same thing for the original list posted; all those Trek knocking points are complete nonsense. Indeed, you can pick apart ANY point made on any of these lists produced ever.

These things are jokes, people. They are not serious critiques. And to spend so much time trying to knock them down really DOES make you look like a nerd! Not that that is anything to be ashamed of.

That's the reason I don't like these lists. Too many people don't take them in humour, they use it as proof that THEIR favourite sci-fi thing is better than others, and so therefore they are better people than the fans of other programmes as well. Branding ALL Star Trek people nerds whilst saying that Star Wars fans CAN be normal people is breathtaking and almost arrogant. Star Trek people can be normal as well. Fans of ANY fantasy or sci-fi programme can be normal. Pigeonholing people into 'nerd' territory like that achieves nothing.

well Star Trek is nerd TV, among some other Sci Fi shows....

But then Star Wars is a nerd film then. There is no way you can distinguish the two into nerds and non-nerds.

yes you can Me and my friends like SW and we are the incrowd big grin

Well, far be it from me to go up against the Norwegian incrowd...

... but I would suggest there are plenty of in-crowd Trek fans as well.

It's this pointless hatred of fans of other shows that gets me- doubly so a complete lack of sense of humour about those anti-Wars lists I posted.

nah no incrowds are Trekkies. The series and film would be better off being called Star Geeks.


And I see the exact same things being said about Wars fans on Trek websites. It's all rather depressing, really.

Star Geeks: the next bunch of nerds.

Coming from a Space: Above and Beyond Fan, as well...

Oh well, at least you are tryin g to keep this place amusing.

In the interests of solidarity, here are TWO lists, one in favour of each programme...

10. In the Star Wars universe, weapons rarely, if ever, set on "stun."

9. The Enterprise needs a huge engine room with an anti-matter unit and a crew of twenty just to go into warp -- the Millenium Falcon does the same thing with R2-D2 and a Wookie.

8. After resisting the Imperial torture droid and Darth Vader, Princess Leia still looked fresh and desirable -- after pithy Cardassian starvation torture, Picard looked like hell.

7. One word: lightsabers.

6. Darth Vader could choke the entire Borg empire with one glance.

5. The Death Star doesn't care if a world is Class "M" or not.

4. Luke Skywalker not obsessed with sleeping with every alien he encounters.

3. Jabba the Hutt would eat Harry Mudd for trying to cut in on his action.

2. The Federation would have to attempt to liberate any ship named Slave I.

1. Picard pilots Enterprise through asteroid belt at one-quarter impulse power. Han Solo floors it.


Our Second Top Ten List:
10. Any schmuck with a sob story can move the heart of the viliest villian -- try that with the Emperor, boyo.

9. Star Trek: Clean, well-lit spaceships with stocked bars. Star Wars: Broken-down old frieghters with smelly Wookies.

8. Enterprise goes to nice clean starbase for repairs. Millenium Falcon lands in space-lizard guts.

7. No Dark Side of the Force in Star Trek.

6. Yoda may give better advice, but Troi is better looking.

5. No one ever kissed their sister (twice!) in Star Trek.

4. Teleporters in Star Trek make for clean, easy transportation... as compared to cramped X-Wing fighters.

3. Tatooine: Dry, dusty hellhole. Rubicun III (Pleasure Planet): pastoral world with half-naked babes and no moral restrictions.

2. No matter what a device was designed for in Star Trek, you can always tinker with it and make it do something else entirely.

1. Tactile holograms. Ooooh.

never said I was a fan, I just like them better then ST and Bab5, which again doesnt say much.
Aint to many Sci Fi shows on Tv in Norway

Oh You forgott one Ush the costumes in ST SUCKS

Heheheh... that's amazing, because that is another thing Trek fanatics say to criticise Wars fans, with particular reference to Leia and Padme (and sometimes the sideburns in the OT).

It really looks quite feeble from an objective point of view, both sides using the same arguments to criticise each other.

Ushgarak, obviously they are jokes not high-standardized critiques. I just choose to bash them because I enjoy it. Thank you.

Feel free, but to then say that Star Wars fans can be normal and Star Trek fans are all nerds is a bit rich, is all. I think you proved my point rather well.

well Leia and PAdme has some weird costumes, but everyone in ST has bad costumes, those uniforms on the Enterprise people looks like a jazz convention

Go on at them, not me. I have no problems with the costumes in either franchise.

hey! Do what you want, but keep it nice and easy!

Like Sunday Morning, you mean?

I have more lists to post but only to balance anything else that is posted. I'll see if I can find any more solidarity lists...

Star Trek sucks, you must understand this.

Let go of your hate, To.

hate is gone and...... Star Trek still sucks

Captain REX
Reasons I like Star Trek:
Giant Cloaking Ships with Deadly Torpedoes.
Teleporter thingies. Faster than the speeding Falcon.
Rubican III. Need I say more?

Reasons I don't:
Klingons have blood like Go-Gurt in space with no gravity.
No Starfighters, only cruisers with no defence besides homing torps.
Aliens look like people wearing too much make up and wrinkled lumps pasted to their heads (Klingons)

Reason I like Star Wars:
Everything from A-Wing to Vader and more.

Reasons I don't like Star Wars:
Hmm... This could take awhile...

Hey, I have a joke:

What was the U.S.S Enterprise searching for after Captain Picard took a dump?

King Jedi
I don't know.

One conclucion:

Star Trek sucks big time!!!!!

Captain REX
They were looking for Kling-ons. Get it?

well, I was a trekkie some time ago before I decided to become a real member of the sith!
star trek lacks some really bad guys! nobody's as cool as lord vader...
and actually I was a fan st voyager, but that series isn't really loved in the st universe and you have to listen to all sorts of insults!
that's what I love about star wars: THE FANS DON'T FIGHT EACH OTHER!

Ow, but we do!

King Jedi
No we don't!!!

*draws lightsabre*
yes we DO! mad

10.: In RL, only rugby-players get a cool helmet, Darth Vader gets one with free breathing machine
9.: In RL, we are thinking "is there life possible on Mars?" while in SW you are th!inking "What would Luke's children look like if he married a Noghri"
8.: In RL, your girlfriend could dumb you for doing something illegal, in SW Leia just joins in
7.: In RL you're in school, in SW you can run around on a planet and claim you're learning.
6.: In RL, teachers are boring, in SW you have Yoda
5.: In RL, you drive at 60 km/h, in SW you go at .6 above lightspeed
4.: In RL, long, hairy, humanoid creatures gets names as Bigfoot and Sasquatch, in SW they are called Wookies
3.: In RL, you have swords and flashlights, in SW you have both in one
2.: In RL, a fight in a bar is bad, in SW it's normal
1.: In RL, people talking to little fuzzy beasts are decleared mad, in SW they're galactic ambassadors

not familiar with rugby-players using helmets, SOME use some sort of headprotection, but helmets; no.

nah, supposed to be american football actually

ah, better smile

always here to help, this mah is

Bail Organa: "What is with this collar?!?"

Amidala's Decoy: *explodes*

Obi-Wan: "With all of today's technology, you think I could have some better hair."

Mace Windu: "@*%$*!#($!$#*!#%#*#^($!"

Jango Fett: "In reality, Ray Park and I have a lot in common."

Darth Vader: "Did anyone else notice that sometimes I talk and breathe at the same time? Isn't that weird?"

Luke Skywalker: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Cast/Crew: "Shut up, Luke!"

Lyn Me: "Straps... too tight... can't... breathe..." *collapses*

Jabba: *translated* "What do you mean, the camera adds ten pounds?!?!"

Porkins: "Does this helmet make my face look fat?"

Mara Jade: "I have to marry him?!?"

Boba Fett: "No, guys, you don't understand... I can't take my helmet off... My dad had a smaller head than me and I think it's stuck!"

Stormtroopers: "I can't see a thing in this helmet!" *THUNK* "OW!"

R2-D2: *drives his arc wielder into C-3PO's shin*

Lando: "Everyone wants to kill me!"

Rabid Star Wars Fans Everywhere: "The Star Wars Holiday special. 'Nuff said."

"Star Trek is for nerds"

haha..and what are you?!

laughing out loud


this is star trek....2000 years ago

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