how can smith copy himself on bane

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i dont understand one thing i.e how can smith copy himself on bane.
going by the theory of equivalence as said by oracle we can presume that neo having a connection to the source in the real world same applies for smith.....but then 2 i dont think this theory is satisfactory for smith being copied on bane.....

afterall smith is a program how can he influence any physical being and also how can he sense the real world.....smith said something like staying in this filthy body in the hell does he sense all this....if the answer is his connection to the source then really does it explain eveerything?????

It is very simple.

Your representation in the Matrix is a mental one- your mind is being broadcast in.

We already know that the mind can be altered in the Matrix- as the information stored in it can be downloaded, and the Agent's try to alter Morpheus' brainwave patterns in M1.

What Smith has the ability to do is completely overwrite someone's pattern in the Matrix. In the case of a rebel, it would overwrite the mental signal being broadcast. When that signal returns to the real world, the mind in that body will have been overwritten by Smith's mind.

So actually nothing to do with the Source at all.

smith didn't actually take over bane physically, so bane would still look like bane in the real world. in the matrix, like Ush said, it is only your residual self image... kinda like a "shell" for your brain. when smith copied himself to bane, he took over his "shell", ergo taking over his brain. when bane was jacked out, he took smith out with him. so bane is like being possessed by smith, not look like smith.

hope that made sense.

i know all this i just need to know how can a program feel disgusted when it hasnt been programmed to.....adn also the answer may be the fact that the matrix is a world where everything is still normal...i.e everything is like it was in 1999 but the fact is that it is not 1999 but it is the future and teh future is not pretty.....
so as he was void of the same ambience as in 1999 he said that he was disgusted....bcoz lets face it people in zion lead a life which is an antithesis to the matrix..........sad

and also ush how can a machine survive without an operating system.....hence i say connection to the source which is the main computer in simple words.........

The Source isn't his operating system! What made you think that? Whatever 'operating system' Smith has would be built into him.

And saying that he cannot feel disgust because he has not been programmed to is wrong on SO many levels.

1. He showed disgust BEFORE he left the Matrix, in M1, when talking to Morpheus. So even if you were right about programming, he IS programmed to feel it.

2. He's not a robot with only pre-programmed resposnes, he is an AI, a fully realised sentient being. He appears to be fully capable of the emotional spectrum. He see him get angry, annoyed, happy, smug... and yes, disgusted.

ok i understand now thanx a ton.....but i still have my doubts on the os thing.....i will post further as soon as i have my doubts written in words.......

i dont get the thing with the os built in!!!!!!
how can that be.....

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