JRock, anybody?

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Since I've found no threads about JRock, I've decided to start one. I'm just wondering - am I the only JRock fan on this forum? There's usually like a bajillion JRock fans on forums and I'm feeling sort of lonely in the music forum, 'cause mostly everybody else likes American bands. embarrasment

Fallin Angel
Well , i'm more of a Jpop fan but i'm into some Jrock like Gackt and Dir en Gray

Malice Mizer totally kick ass...BEAST OF BLOOD

Hah, yeah that song owns ^^
I haven't heard much from Gackt other than his stuff while in Malice Mizer...

Darth Revan
err... Jrock? is that like foreign music or something cos if so there's these French/Arabic dudes called "Zebda" they're kind of rap but they rock

JRock = Japanese Rock

It covers mass amounts of sub-genres, so there isn't much of a 'definitive' JRock sound O.o Some good bands are XJapan, Dir en grey, Malice Mizer, Pierrot (some like 'em, some hate 'em - depends on personal taste) Luna Sea, or L'arc~en~ciel. I haven't heard enough of other bands to say much about them >.<

J-rock is awesome. Especially those under the Midi-Nette label.
hmm....yeah it depends. Some j-rock isn't as visual-kei as others. It varies.

I love Jrock :]

i own a few of Gackt's cds and I think that he's the hottest person that ever walked on earth. I also like hyde.

I think that the people that are most Jrock-ish are Diru(dir en grey), Mucc, Plastic Tree, Penicillin, and Malice Mizer...

but people like Psycho le Cemu, T.M.revolution, Gackt, HYDE, and Glay rock too ^_^

oh and luna sea and pierrot too! dont forget them ;]

but I've never heard X-Japan's songs, sadly.

never really got into JRock confused

J-Rock music kicks ass! I'm really into Dir En Grey, T.M. Revolution and Gackt. I don't know many people who've heard of gackt before.

Malice Mizer
I love Jrock. It's a shame Malice Mizer broke up.

I thought everybody knew Gackt O.o

And yeah, it's a shame that Malice Mizer disbanded. Hell, it's a shame that most of them disbanded T_T

Malice Mizer
I know, isn't it? I know Kozi joined Eve of Destiny, Mana went and joined Moi dix Mois, and Klaha went solo. I dunno about Yu~ki.

It seems like the majority of good Visual Kei bands disbanded around 2000 and all the remaining ones are becoming markedly less visual. I mean, look at how much Dir en grey's look has toned down over the years!

I lament for the death of visual kei T_T

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