Random Observation about Revolutions

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Okay, I don't think this has been asked yet...

Last night I went and saw Revolutions again, and I remembered something my friend Su-chan had asked me when she had seen it back in November...

Do you think that they wouldn't have crashed if Trinity had both hands on the controls of the Logos instead of holding Neo's hand?

We pretty much both thought that by that point it didn't matter anymore, that they would have crashed regardless, but another of my friends does think that if Trinity hadn't been holding Neo's hand they wouldn't have crashed.

Just a random little thought that I remembered last night and was curious if anyone else had any opinions on.

NO, No opinion.........

It's just like in M1, during the subway scene. Every time I watch that scene, I'm screaming at Trinity "Just shut up and pick the phone up! You both can make it out!!!!!!!!!". But she never listens! That drives me freaking crazy wacko

that was her purpose, or the end of it. whatever she would do during that point will ultimately lead to her death. if she wasn't killed in the crash, she woulda died a few scenes later... in my opinion.

its a movie and it has to be contrived in one way or another.....but i dont think that we should even think in such a way.....bcoz then we can even go ahead and think what if neo hadnt died in m1 to realise his full potential????? what if he wud blindly take the oracles word and didnt believe?????

what if neo chose his life over morphy in m1????

if we think in such a way then the movie wud not have been where is it right now

They went into the sky...the Logos short circuted...hence, the crash would've happened anyway..

Thomas Anderson
If she hadn't have died, Neo wouldn't have sacrificed himself.

What if Neo had died and Trinity survived?

me too sad

i'd say everithing happens for a reason.

neo needed to die, so that he realizes is destinity, same with trin, she dies and he sacrifies himself, so that they'll be together again

Exactly, that's what I thought...by that time there was nothing they could do to stop from crashing.

Lil Seraph
Wat if trinity is not dead. She's was just in shock and the cord thingys were only 1cm in she just went unconscious, while Neo leaves her and he dies. But then what if Neo's dead? Wait but what if they both died oh wait they did!

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