WhO iS oRlAnDo BlOoM's GiRlFrIeNd?!?!?!??!

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i no probably evry1 knoes but me...but..who is orlando bloom's gf?! plz tell me!! either private message me or reply here..thnx!!! Happy Dance

Kate Bosworth and they're engaged actually. sorry to bust your bubble.

so confused....i've tried looking it up..but obviously..it didn't help

welcome and have lots of fun smile

omg!!! noooooo!!! i can't believe they're engaged!! no sad embarrasment mad miffed

it can't b tru!!

all our little hearts r breakin 2 hun, but just repeat over n over n over in ur head 'i want him to be happy'

if u say it about a million times, or at least until the words lose all meaning, then u might be okay with it...

you guys are not serious......i knew he was dating her, but i didn't know they were engaged!!! this is very upsetting....i'll just go over here and cry now.

lol...hey...i think i'll go cry, too...or i'll tri and say, "i want him to b happy" lol..thankz u guyz!!

Hey I'm a day and a half new here. confused
I agree with Alar. yes
I really like orlando.love
I really want him to be happy. happy
I really wish he has eternal love with Kate.
I also wish orlando would tell the world once and for all, the status on him and Kate. That would be sooo useful.
How do you get the pictures?

high you should check out the potc forum wink

(ooh wait I aint a mod)

anywayz hey there and have fun

and the most relevant place to ask this would be in the actress and actors forum stick out tonguenot POTC stick out tongue

believe me fire orli's girlfriend gets talked about often there

Question has been answered.
There's a thread about Orlando and 1 about kate.Talk there.

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