Best Lightsaber Battles

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I think the best lightsaber battle is in Attack of the Clones, Count Dooku vs Yoda. I like how Count Dooku uses the force to throw things and shooting force lightning and all Yoda do is deflect them back. It was cool to show them using force flipping.
The weakest fight I think was Darth Vader vs Obi-Wan.

I thought the Clones battle was amazing. I loved that Yoda fought. However, I don't think the Hope battle was weak, slower perhaps and less intense but it wasn't weak.

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The Empire Strikes Back. It has more than just constant saber fight. It is also a Psychological Battle between them also. You know. " Join Me and together we can rule the Galaxy as Father and Son "

I agree. That duel was definitley way more intense in that respect.

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My favorite lightsaber fight was in TPM. The duel between Qui-gon, Obi-wan, and Darth Maul was so intense and really fast. I mean, you could actually see sweat patches on Qui-gons clothes. It was that intense. I also love the lightsaber fight in ESB. I agree with you, Inevitable. The psychological aspect of it, I mean. The duel in ROTJ was good too. Though Yoda got to fight in AOTC, I'm a little bit disappointed with the lightsaber fight. I didn't think it was nearly as intense as TPM, and this is suppose to be a time when Jedi are at their best. I was expecting a little more. I still love the movie though.

I think the people at Lucas Arts went a little too overboard with The Phantom Menace and made Attack of the Clones look not as good.

What do you mean. Yoda and Dookus fight rocks. rock rock

Well, TPM takes it in my opinion. It was the climax of the whole film and was superbly choreographed and done. And it was SUCH an experience to watch!

I'll reconsider it probably again after EpIII big grin

I definatly will...After the 10 minute (+) fight between two jedi knights...that's going to be sweet. For now though, it's TPM for all the reasons posted above.

Best overall lightsaber fight was in the worst movie. smile That fight is simply amazing.

Nah, I thought the final duel between Vader and Luke was just ok wink

I voted for ROTJ because the music is so moving and it's the final battle between father and son.

I like AOTC the best, but the Yoda/Dooku duel was too cartoony.

man A New Hope wuz the best fight.....2 old ppl fighting! that wuz intense.....n obi-wan did 1 spin! eek!

lol jp jp

the phantom menace has to be the best so far...ep3 will be the best...but n e ways...ep2 wuz so chessy with yoda n count dooku

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AOTC would be my vote. DOTF was very action packed, but there's just something about the whole presentation in AOTC which made it a tad bit better in my opinion, the atmosphere, the dialogue, the force lightning, the way the camera swung around Yoda when he force grabbed his lightsaber, all just made for an exciting lightsaber duel. Though obviously, I believe Obi-Wan Vs. Anakin in Episode 3 will surpass anything we've seen on SW film yet.

But again, DOTF is very hard to beat also.


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