Don't You Just wish....

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mmmmmm_ob :)
Don't you just wish that they had waited longer to tell us that there was a second pirates of the caribbean coming wish they told us later...cause if they did that then we wouldn't have to wait that long.... sad

Don't you just wish that you could get your hands on Orlando...ever since I found out that Orlando had chocolate on him at one point in pirates of the caribbean it has put a even more appealing look on the film... wink

Don't you just wish that Orlando would dump Kate and go out with Keira....i mean Keira sounds like a nice person, can act, and is pretty.....unlike Kate... mad

And don't you just wish now that they have told us that they are making another pirates of the caribbean that they would work quicker....don't they realise we can't wait here.....I mean Johnny Depp lookind sexy and Orlando Bloom looking sexy....1 film couldn't get much better.... wink

Any1 agree?? thumb up ?thumb down ?

big grin

mmmmmmmmmm.... Johnny....

big grin

yeh that would be a wish, wait as im wishing for stuff i wish they would release it sooner big grin

i agree with all of dat cos the wait is going to be sooo hard well at least i've got more movies to wait for as LOTRs has finished

oh- i dont agree with keira going out with orlando cos i think i shud lol

^^ lol hehe yeh...

We might have appreciated the sequel more if we had found out about it sooner to the release date? Maybe 'appreciated' is the wrong word.
I just mean...wouldn't it have been nice to find out 2 years or so from the release of PotC 1 that there was a sequel to be released in a few months or something?

mmmmmm_ob :)
i agree with you....i think that it is just mean telling us way before it is released....

mmmmmm_ob :)
another wish......don't yo just wish Kate was dead.....argh she bugs me....she's ugly and cant act....argh.....

confused anyone get any info for the auditions 4 the 2 potc????confused i want to audition for jack's niecelovelol

mmmmmm_ob :)
i duno ware the auditions r ment 2 b....but i definately want to go 2 1.....i cant act but i cood just kind of stand in the backround and look pretty....or i cood jus sprout sum good actin outa me big grin

I agree! I CAN'T WAIT! I got withdrawal symptoms stick out tongue stick out tongue stick out tongue

lol yea maybe I'll try.. if I can find some way of getting to the auditionssadsad

and Aye

MWHAHAAHHAHA Jack's neice has to hit on WILL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i have no idea why but i'm off laughing on a fast camel (british termoligy, still practicing) I don't like young Mr. Bloom so i'd be like
"Uhhhh hey there....landy! You're looking mighty....fine?" MWHAHAHA okay i'll shut up now

mmmmmm_ob :)
hmmmm.....i wonder if they can sqeeze a scottish neice in :P

jack's dudess
well, we wouldn't really know if we didn't care would we?
and they didn't really tell us....they just breifly metioned it......

mmmmmm_ob :)

jack's dudess
i have no idea aboot tha post!?

what the hell did i write tha for??!

(do you like ewan? I lurv ewan macgregor!!)

mmmmmm_ob :)
yeah hes cool....we scottish pepl r great stick out tongue

mmmmmm_ob :)
so er.....any1 hav any other wishes on the film....i wish i cood b in it....or i cood find out how 2 contact ted n terry n giv em sum of my ideas....but then agen they mite c it as an insult....hmmmm

I wish jack turned into a cyborg and enslaved the british

i wish i could make love with will turner!!

Don't you just wish n00bs would stop making pointless threads?

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