Deleted Scenes

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Has anyone watched the 'deleted scenes' on the dvd?

My fave was the scars - Jack Sparrow rules!

I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was bloody wicked..........

definitely liked the scars! big grin

yeh the deleted scene were awesome they shouldve kept them in, in the movie...

i know they add something else to the movie

ps nice siggy- hes so hot

yeh innit..

thankies big grin i made it all by me onces!

The scars are good, lovely job done by makeup

did anyone else notice that in the deleted scenes with the bit about humiliated grapes, johnny says "i'll get mecoat." i realised that this is a reference to "The Fast Show" which johnny appeared in. i love that he understands the british humour!! am i just sad for noticing this?
let me know!

Luv kate xx

All the island deleted scences rocks! And defitly the scars!

Yeah he talks about that on his commentary. I remember seeing him on the Fast Show. It was very cool.
He talks about it in his commentary though, and i don't think Gore Verbinski has any idea what he's talking about.
And i don't think you're sad for noticing this. I noticed it and grinned quite widely.
roll eyes (sarcastic)

did anybody else like anyother scenes? how about Peas in a pod luv? or...the one where Elizabeth isn't so melicious about getting Jack drunk and she loosens up? this stuff was gold WHY GOD WHY!?!?!?!

I'm glad i wasn't the only on to notice! i haven't listened to the Johnny and Gore commentary. I started to but got bored. i loved the one with Jack and Keira though. Actually, i just love Jack Davenport! (not as much as orlando, obviously!)

Kate xx


yea Jack Davenport is pretty good looking.. but not as the commodorestick out tonguestick out tongue

PEAS IN A POD WAS MY FAVORITEbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

aye pees did rock XD but if ye listen to the writers in the audio ye figure out that jack is alike many characters..

what the devil does that mean? anywho....i watched Johnny's commentary FINALLY today and it's sooooo funny when he's talking about when he put his arm around Keira on the island he's like
"Oh look it's father time molesting a teenager. I felt like old mathusalust putting my arm around an innocent teenager." HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA awwww sweetie, you're not that old, never old enough for me at least.

Okay, so maybe SOME laws stop our affair but i geuss it's okay in France. *devilish smile* okay i have a cape to be flipping over my shoulder...VERY Scarlette O'Hara!

i luv the improv with pintel and jack
"i used to date a eunuch"
also the part when will rubs his foot on his leg. you may think im sad but i was rollin around laughin at that. dunno why really.
and the scars rocked.

LOL I think they should of left them in. I like da one where will flips the table over and everyone is just looking at him LOL He is such a nerd in the movie but he is okay at the end.

I thought they should've put in the part with Jack's scars in the movie, I mean it's not THAT long, it wouldn't have taken more than a minute extra??

did anyone notice what the humiliated grapes is from?...its from Benny and Joon when I first saw that movie, quite resently, my cousin who doesnt love Johnny she likes him shes completely out of it yesterday she said to me "omg your gonna spaz theres gonna be a 2nd POTC" im like "um hun ive known this for like ever" yes back to what I was saying what was I saying...o...yea Joon says she doesnt like raisins cause they look like they got the life sucked out of them "theyre really just depressed grapes"

LOL i didnt know that

sorry that i interrupt you.
but how do you people get that text in youre pic?!

Huh What do u mean????

i've only seen one other johnny movie
so I have no idea what these refrences are
i saw legend of sleepy hollow
and I didnt even know who he was when I saw it
lol i was like 9!

SimoneDepp have monkey in youre pic....that's cool.

she be obsessed with the monkey

It still scares me when it roars at the camera! Aagh!

Kate xx

i only saw that extra scene the 4th time I watched the moive lol
oh wellie well then!

I saw it the second time

hmm,....i saw it 100000000000 timesstick out tongue



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