five cds you would take with you to a stranded island

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metal face
alright say you had to go on a stranded island for some reason list five cds you would take with you, keep in mind you're on the island for the rest of your life.....

1)aesop rock-labor days
2)el-p-fantastic damage
3)sole-selling live water
4)led zeppelin-house of holies(or comp later days)
5)bob marley-one love

1 pink floyd - the wall
2 marilyn manson - antichrist superstar
3 tool - lateralus
4 tool - aenima
5 the bloodhound gang - hooray for boobies


in flames
metallica - master of puppets
pantera - the great southren trendkill
korn - s/t
lost prophets - start something
Opeth - damnation

1) Linkin Park-Meteora
2) Weezer-Weezer(Green Album)
3) Weezer-Weezer-Blue Album
4) Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
5) Blink-182-Chesire Cat or Dude Ranch

1. Nirvana ~ Nevermind
2. Linkin Park ~ Hybrid Theory
3. Orgy ~ Candyass
4. Bad Religion ~ Process of Belief
5. Cradle of Filth ~ Midien

1. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
2. Puddle of Mudd - Come Clean
3. Nickelback - Silver Side Up
4. Nelly - Country Grammar
5. Weird Al - Bad Hair Day

Live after death - Iron Maiden
Out of time - REM
The Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers
Stone Roses - Stone Roses
10 - Pearl Jam

total metalhead
Deftones-White Pony
Sepultura-Chaos AD

1. Kings of Leon - Youth and young manhood
2. The Beatles - White album
3. Chemical Brothers - Singles 93-03
4. The Charlatans - The Melting Pot
5. Royksopp - Melody A.M.

i would burn all my fav. songs and put them on 5 cdsbig grin

ah, thats a good idea...but if i knew ahead of time what cd's to bring to the stranded island, id just avoid the island completely.

Nirvana - Greatest Hits
Iron Maiden - Edward The Great
Hole- Celebrity Skin
Metallica - Black Album
REM - In Time

1- Extol- Undeceived
2- MxPx- Let It Happen
3- Dave Bruckett Orchestra
4- Best of Mozart
5- Stretcharmstrong- Rituals Of Life

Fallen Jedi
Ummm, I'm not sure. I sorta go through phases with music.

Evanescence: Fallen comes to mind.

the five cd's i own confused

1) toby keih - unleashed
2) alan jackson greastest hits
3) alan jackson - drive
5) pirates of the caribbean soundtrack

Return of the King soundtrack
John Coltrane- A Love Supreme
Sun Ra- Somewhere Else
Outkast- The Love Below
Woody Shaw- Rosewood

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