If Hip Hop was in High School

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i got this from another site. its funny....its even funnier that most of these rappers didn't graduate lol

If Hip Hop was a High School...

Lil Kim would be the school ho.

Master P would be the basketball star.

P Diddy would be the annoying dork.

Jay-Z would be the pretty boy everybody Envied...Roc-a-Fella would be

Nas would be the nerd who passed all his classes and was real
but not enough to hang with the Afro-Centric weed smoking crew
consisting of
Mos Def and Such..

D-Block and Ruff Ryders would be the gutter clique who played sports
stole things and most of the clique would be suspended anyway

Foxy Brown would be the Queen of the School and would go with Jay-Z at

R Kelly would be the dude that graduated 3 years ago and be parkin at
school and comin to homecomin wit his lil cuz

Eminem would be the white dude who`s gettin` his ass whooped everyday
(...oh wait, he was!)

Biggie, Pun & Fat Joe would be the ugly fat fukks with no friends

Fabolous would be the preppy honor student who goes off to the safe
haven of
an Ivy college, and then pretends like he's from the hood.

ODB and Beanie Sigel would be the two special ed students that take
at the back of the school.

Suge Knight would be the school bully.

Canibus would be the kid who always gets beat up but still talks smack.

Mos Def would be that kid wearing his dad's clothes and carrying a
novel of

Busta would be that real ugly muhfukka that got the ladies

and then you have Spliff Starr.....always around Busta, carrying his
getting his lunch

Outkast would be the school hippies.

Ja Rule would be the wannabe thug acting like the most popular thug DMX

Biggie would be the fat ugly guy with the fine girlfriend who has
wondering how he hooked that sh*t up.

50 cent would be the one everyone likes to hate on but still scared of

Nelly would be the pretty-boy freshman that all the females love, and
of the guys hate

Which means the St. Lunatics would be the guys that get fine ladies
because of their affiliation with Nelly

Project Pat would be that guy in the slow-classes who still got respect

Too $hort would be that fool who banged all the females and nobody
understand why

Silkk the Shocker would be that skinny loser who hangs out with his
brother and his crew because he has no friends of his own

Tweet: that one girl that everyone argues over whether she's fine or

Christina Milian: the pretty sweet girl that everyone wants to tap but
a virgin and only messes with pretty boys

WC, Kurupt, and Daz would be the only kids who crip walk their way to

Twista would be the kid who always writes 3000 word essays instead of
required 700.

Craig Mack: promising football star who breaks leg; after a lot of
tries to make a comeback later but fails horribly

KRS-One would be the know-it-all

Guru: The guy that you couldn't stand talking/listening to because of

The Roots is band that plays at the school talent shows.

J-Live would be One of the smartest kids in school.

Mad Skillz is that person that knew sh*t about everyone

Noreaga is the senior who use to take a MY LITTLE PONY lunchbox to

Lady of Rage would be that one female bully

E-40 would be that one kid you never understood when he talked

Mariah Carey would be the white girl that only likes black guys

And last but not least....

Pac & Prodigy would be the only two males in dance class

Evil Dead
but Mariah Carey isn't white.......

i dunno its funny but i got this off another site.

sounds funny enough to me!

Everything was funny except that. They could've at least been original about it. stick out tongue

i thought Mariah Carey is have white at least thats what ive read and i wish more hi hop singers would o to school then mabey they would learn how to talk write confused

you guyz can add on to the list...if u like hip hop...

method man and redman would be the the guys that crack jokes in class

Darth Revan
It sounds funny but I don't know who any of those people are... Well I've heard of 'em but I don't know anything about them

you forgot the "and smoke weed" part...^_^

total metalhead
Dre would be the former gangsta and school bully whos now down and out but everyone still respects.

Obie Trice would be the little suck up who only gets popular cos he spends his life kissin Dre's ass and hangin out with the cool kids.

Chino XL would be the kid that disses everyone at anytime...but eventually gets his ass kicked.

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