LOTR-most cringeworthy moment

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Ok guys...I think we had enough of "Best moments" or "favorite moments" in LOTR. Now this is the thread where you could post what you think are the scenes in the LOTR movies that made you cringe. No offense to anyone. wink

I'll start off.

1.My biggest LOTR peeve has got to be Legolas' talent for stating the bloody obvious. "A diversion." Well, dduuuuhhh!??!? When I saw the movie for the first time, the people around me were either saying duh! or laughing their ass off in that remark. And "The horses are restless, and the men are quiet." "Neeeeiiiiiigh!" and "The red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night." Eehh.. who are you talking to? Just run, dammit.

I mean, no offense, I like Legolas and I know that he should be one of the deep characters who always utter words of wisdom but can't they give him a line that is less cheesy and not stating the absolutely blatantly in-your-face obvious?

2. The search light Eye of Sauron. I mean, go figure.

3. The fish-eating. It made me cringe because I was caught off-guard. I mean, he caught a fish, and then a quarter second later, Gollum's very ugly and drooling mouth has been shot up-close. sick

4. When Frodo sees Gandalf at the end and uttering a very long and slow mo "Gaannddaaaallff??!"and both start a weird sort of slow-mo laughing. The subsequent scenes made up for those though. But whenever I watch the movie again, I always want to cover my ears in that scene that I've stated.

What are yours?

I would have to agree with the 'A diversion' line but the other lines of Legolas' I thought they were cool. "The horses are restless, the men are quiet." He's more or less acknowledging this for himself really.
"A red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night." I think this was probably my favorite line of Legolas' because well he's an elf, he's extremely wise and he just has to suddenly noticed these things, and prepare what could've happened.

laughing The search light for Sauron, that was hilarious....

Okie, I didn't think that the shot where Gollum's biting into the fish was necessary because...argh, ok we know he caught the fish and he's obviously gonna eat it, and we DON'T know how he eats it now....

The very slow Gandalf...I think that was perfect because it shows that Frodo just now realizes that Gandalf's alive, he's okie, and throughout the 2 movies, Frodo and Sam kept thinking that Gandalf's gone, and it just showed this great grief of that rise off Frodo's shoulders.

And also it shows that the Fellowship has come together, and they all accomplished their quest one way or another and it's just beautiful how PJ did this. *sighs* The only issue I had was the Gollum biting fish scene.

I think the army of the dead was a bit to much, crawling op that olipfant like that, and crawling op the walls in minas tirith, I tought that was a bit stubit

Okay I do have a few probs with the movies:

I don't agree with the Leggy point u have made. I mean in the books nearly all of those lines when they are running are spoken. Yes they are put into more of a conversation, but they are in the books. If i am not mistaken tho Leggy does take some of Aragorns lines from the book. I do wish they had added more dialoge tho in the EE.....

Okay for my probs:
sauron's search light eye:What? I have gotten use to it tho.

nasty fish eating scene: could have been cut!

Denethor flying over the edge of Minas Tirith: I dn't know why but it just seems over dramatic to me.

I thought i had more but it is late, and i am brain dead right now!

yeah...I agree that they were in the book. As you'll notice I didn't include the scene where Legolas said "They run as if the very whips of their masters are behind them", I didn't really include it because I wasn't really bothered by it and I know that that particular line was in the book and Orlando's delivery of that line was alright. What really got to me was what I've said about the red sun rises. I don't know if it was because of Orlando's delivery, or the pan of the camera, or because of the sudden change of scene from Pippin being almost crushed by a horse to Legolas suddenly stopping from his tracks, or maybe because of the line itself, or maybe it's just really me. But whatever it is, I didn't really like that scene. smile

lol, funniest part in the movie, his nose was unusually big to me.

Search lite= rofl
aragorn's pep speech = wtf?!?
aragorn's singing = ...
denethor flying over edge = lol
when nazgul caught 3 gondor soldiers manning their catapult, then flung them down like 50 stories, u could see one hit the roof of a house down there, could've sworn i heard a crack.
no saruman = ...

OK for cringing when frodo was stung i kinda got this wierd feeling in my back the first time .... and the who audience let out a sound of ... how so u describe it .. bottled up consispation//? funny

the seach light of sauron !!! hahah

the music like a heartbeat while deagol is being murdered-shiver

fish thing - gross

the way frodo looks whe he says " the ring is mine" = ewww freak!!!

deanathor flying of the nazgul air way -pathetic!!

Aw mine are nearly the same as you already named... didnt like the heartbeat thingy... Denethor flying was overdramatic... hate Frodos laughter... Searchlight is silly... and I hate Legolas' stupid comments mad

The thing I disliked was nearly ALL legolas's comments were over-dramatic. Every time he said them, he stopped, and stared off into the distnce, looking pretty...

"There is a fell voice on the air."

"Blood has been spilt this night."

"The white wizard approaches."

I'm sure there are a lot more than these three, but these are the the ones that come to mind with him standing and staring off into the distance.

shadow link
i hardly agree with alot of these comments and most of mine are different.

like all those legolas things, u gotta remember the movie is also made for those who havnt read the books and to make it the least confusing as possible sometimes they had to make things obvious

same with the sauron searchlight, it was good to show people wat was happening incase they didnt know, im mean it might not be that obvious,

but anyway mine are

-when gimli cries in the first movie

(um i thougt i had more but forgot, so much for that)

but otherwise me thinks u guys are to picky, let it flow and think how it would look if u hadnt read the book


yea the fish thing i could have lived with out I closed my eyes the last 2 times i saw it so i wouldn't have to watch it, as for when denethor fell of the cliff, if they didn't show that we all would b like " Where did Denethor go! he just kinnda ran off while being on fire!" don't give me that look u know its true

I think for the eye, if there had to be a light at all, it should have covered a greater area at one time and be a less intense light. Or, it should have cast a cold shadow over the area it was searching instead.

And I think it should have moved around more slowly. If it was moving slowly, it would appear more ominoussmile

Sorry PJ, I've just told you how to change your film! Just my opinion!big grin

"They run as if the very whips of their masters were behind tham" and "a red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night@

ok legolas look gimli is ten feet behind you aragorn 15 in front who the HELL are you talking too

anything with frodo he turns EVERY joke into a cuddle-fest

frodo: whats in here?
sam: seasoning...you know incase we were having roast chicken one night
frodo: roast chicken
sam: *laughs*
audience: *laughs*
everyone looks at frodo expecting him to laugh or do something funny
frodo: my DEAR sam

ok you love him frodo get over it....

the whole slow-mo sequence was hillarious- and really strange

i thought legolas' lines were alrite- but nobody listened to him in the FOTR when he told them to not stay in one place and whenever he did say it they were attacked

when denethor died dat was also hillarious

i didnt find this cringeworthy cos i loved this sequebce but wot was frodo going on about when he told sam near the end that he couldnt remember wot it was like lying naked in the dark!!!

Oh, the fun I have taking the micky out of the films!

Last time I watched FotR with my dad, we counted how many 'suggestive' looks we could see. I think we counted around 17 from the moment the hobbits met Strider up until the Midgewater Marshessmile

Oh, I liked that speech by Frodosmile Despair a-plentybig grin

i did love that speech dat frodo does as it was really sad i cried but nake in the dark wtf- and people say dat sam was the gay one!

stick out tongue suggestive looks thorughout the films is rivaled only by the books big grin

gollum the pervert

When Gollum returned to the Hobbits, he found they were sleeping peacefully in each other's arms.

Gollum looked at them. A strange expression passed over his lean hungry face. The gleam faded from his eyes, and they went dim and grey, old and tired. A spasm of pain seemed to twist him, and he turned away, peering back up towards the pass, shaking his head, as if engaged in some interior debate. Then he came back, and slowly putting out a trembling hand, very cautiously he touched Frodo's knee -- but almost the touch was a caress. For a fleeting moment, could one of the sleepers have seen him, they would have thought that they beheld an old weary hobbit, shrunken by the years that had carried him far beyond his time, beyond friends and kin, and the fields and streams of youth, an old starved pitiable thing.
The Two Towers: "The Stairs of Cirith Ungol," p. 324

Lol, and don't forget teh groping in the dark that Frodo and Sam do in Shelob's lair!


I didn't like the slow-mo moments of that...

THeyre exactly what I mean... dun like them.

i didnt like the sauron search light it was stupid, and barad dur needed to be bigger like a close up as in fellowship

whole trilogy is good, nothing bad.

dont get me wrong its great but it could still use improvment and it would be the best movies ever

nothing's perfect.

the eye of sauron search light thing did look kinda cheesy. the one thing that made me cringe was in the ttt ee dvd when eowyn told aragorn she loved him. that made me wanna pewk. but it was funny when he didnt say anything after laughing out loud

hehe- we r so mean- it was funny- she just declared her love for him and he just said nothin! and in ROTK she says she loves him and he does say something but he tells her to basically back off i've got someone better

i didn't like denethor's death, it's sad and he doesn't deserve that sad he's a disturbed man, not an evil man!
the way frodo says "the ring is mne" and looks to sam is sooo heartbreaking!!!!!!
and stupid arwen hidding behind the banner in aragorn's crowning it's really out of place.......
legolas lines are ok, i always talk to myself, don't you?

Dude you guys have to know that the Denethor isn't pure evil and you DO have reason to hate him but know what he's going through first.

ok i hate how frodo is a clutz like he is walking and *bumps* in to faramir... *plop*

ooo and in TT how aragon " he will put a spell on us " it sounds like he is going to laugh heheh( I am like what is wrong .. how many times did you have to do that scene with out falling over dying)( ok random)

My one pet peeve is that "Let's go hunt some orc." Line...it sounds so cheesy man!

I hated the fish Gollum ate. That zoom was completely unnecessary.

what r u talking about?!? that was the best scene in the movie ^^

no it isn't, it was really bad, they should've gotten that cut out.

some people just get too grossed out, it's only what? 5 secs long?

1. LEGOLAS: haha, yeah i know what you mean. But the "blood has been spilled this night" showed his wise character.

2. SAURON's EYE: cheesy, but i think they put it in there for the dumb people who don't get why and what what direction Sauron is looking in.

3. GOLLUM: that was totally stupid and unneccessary

4. I'm not sure which scene you are refering to.

Aaragorn and Arwen crap. i hated it it, that wasn't even in the books, Jackson just yanked that out of the appendices and twisted it around.

also, the end of the movie was cool but
#1- it was not like that one bit in the book.
#2- it was way too drawn out
#3- Bilbo and Frodo never should have left their friends!

hahaha! best scene?!? wow, that is sad.

wtf, that is the BEST scene in the movie. seeing him be desperate as to eat raw catfish = wow. btw, catfish is the best fish to eat. not raw tho.
this is sad. near the end where frodo wakes up again after being rescued by eagles and sees gandalf standing at end of bed, he's like & quot;GGGAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLFFFFFFF
F?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" and gandalf just stands there laughing. really weird scene, gandalf's laugh was...

What the f**k?First off, I hardely agree with anybody's comments on this board.Secondly,the book was written years ago...When guys didn't love other guys!Get over it...You obviously don't get the movie or books like other people do!Every joke is not a cuddle-fest.Legolas is an elf.In the books Tolkein wrote,Elves were wise...So,why shouldn't Legolas say something like that?!He doesn't have to be talking to anyone else,people talk to themselves all the time,personally I think he is telling Gimli and Aragorn that blood has been spilled the night before.He doesn't NEED to look at them to be telling them that! madThis board is annoying me....Sorry everyone for posting this if you get mad,I don't care...I am sick and tired of people who take the movie or the books the wrong way....

And even if they are ten or fifteen feet infront of or behind him...HE DOESNT NEED TO BE TELLING THAT TO ANYONE!!!The scene where Frodo waked up and says Gandalf is not a weird scene.Frodo thought Gandalf was dead the whole time!It was almost as if Frodo was questioning if Gandalf was really there or not...They were laughing because it was finally over and it was a relief to know that they were both alive!

uuuhhh...first of all, I did this thread to know what you guys personally think are cringeworthy moments, so no need to tell us about what's in the book or not, we read the book too and we know that. What we're talking about here is what we think is cringeworthy in our own opinions so no need to tell us that we're taking the books and movies the wrong way. If you think the movie is perfect without any scenes that annoys you or make you cringe, fine. But you don't have to comment on us just because we think some scenes are hilarious, or annoying, or such.

Sorry,just getting annoyed today,nothing personal,really,it's just today....

The movie is not 'perfect' but it is darn close

And you don't have to agree with our answers about this topic. No one really cares if you agree or not. We are just stating our opinions to answer what the thread is asking.

Agreed. smile

Sorry bout the post,it is just today,really....Bad day today...Must be happy....I know obody cares what I think,nobody ever usually does anyways...I've been on other message boards lately with people that only like the movie becuase 'the actors are soooo hot!' and it is just annoying,sry....sad

Just my opinion.....Sorry if I made it (a scene?would you really call it that....?hmmm...)

In that case, we will agree with each other more frequently. big grin I'm also annoyed by the so-called fans because of the hotness of the actors. They're fans of the actors (nothing in particular) but not necessarily of the movie itself or the book. It makes me ballistic sometimes.

And no, you misunderstood. We care about how you think and feel, not just necessarily about this topic, you see. But we respect your opinion too and whatever you think about certain matters other than this. big grin

How I loathe the people who call themselves fans because they love the actors...They think they know it all(well,a lot of them,that is)You can love the actors...But at least know something about them movie rather than drooling over the actors all day.lol smile http://www.theargonath.cc/characters/pippin/pictures/pfotrdragon8.jpg I wonder if that picture will work......

Although,I do tend to drool over Billy/Pippin....lol http://www.theargonath.cc/characters/pippin/pictures/pfotrdragon8.jpg

Mor Edaín

Mor Edaín
ow and btw 'LOTRLUVR', i'm sorry drooling about the actors... didn't actually read that comment of yours before.... have to say i do know a lot about the story too, don't you worry!!
however I also like the actors...

I just started the Silmarillion a couple of days ago...lol Happy Dance sorry bout the smiley,I seem to have a 'thing' for the dancing guy...He makes your day happier...lol

Mor Edaín
did you? big grin great

lol big grin

i thought the whole fish was digusting i but i did like it cos it got a reaction

big gay kirk
What about Frodo's fingernails???? Nowhere in the book does it say he is an obsessive nail biter!!!!!! Plus has anyone noticed that the film and book can be much improved by adding "said Sam, wistfully" or "said Sam, rubbing his bottom" to the ends of random lines of dialogue....

Darth Revan
1. The scene in Shelob's lair when Frodo gets wrapped up in the silk stuff and somebody (either Sam or the orcs I don't remember which) pulls it back from his face and he's all... dead looking... That was nasty...

2. The scene where Frodo wakes up and everybody comes in his room and starts laughing... There's just something about it that makes you want to yell "look, look, it's Frodo and Sam and Gandalf and Pippin and Merry and Legolas and all of our friends!!" in a mocking voice.. I like the way the scene is set up, what with the lighting and all, it was just weird how everybody started laughing

Somehow Legolas' little phrases don't bother me.. Well the diversion one was kinda dumb but I don't mind the other ones

don't know if anyone's put this, 'cos I haven't read the rest of the thread, I know it's lazy, but I pay for the internet by the minute and I want to watch ROTK clips that are on newline.com (they've got Gandalf telling Pippin what it's like to die! I love that bit!) Anyway, getting off topic, after watching it a few times the only bit that really makes me cringe now is when Sam and Frodo are walking through Gorogoroth (sorry if spelling isn't right) and the eye of Sauron turns towards them, when Frodo finally gets down out of sight, the way he falls really makes me cring, all slow mo with hims arms up and everything, it looks a bit like a spoof-type move. Other than that I think I like all of it.
P.S. Sean Astin's not nominated for Best Supporting Actor, come to think of it, the fact that none of the cast are recognised in the oscar nominations is just plain wrong!!!

yes ur right that is plain wrong

haha the slow mo falling is sooo funny come to fink of it all the slow mo bits are

Yes,I thought that the way they made that scene was a bit over dramatic....

i thought when denethor fell off was a freakin hilarious part, funnier than anything gimli said(which was all very funny)! it's so funny, someone said in 'the village voice' review of rotk, that the hugging orgy with frodo and merry and pip was gayer than anything in angels in america, i thought that was funny!

my biggest cringe scene was the fish eating part: fish = BAD!!!

"a diversion"

ok we guessd that elf boy!

I actually had to shut my eyes when Pippin started to sing in Two towers. And Aragorn ruined all the coolness he'd built up in the previous movies by crooning at the end. Shudder.

Pip sang in ttt? in rotk it made me cry, faramir...so sad.... ugh, that fish....

hey, but considering all of the singing tolkien had written in, we are VERY lucky, forget the west end musical, the movie would have been a full blown musical fantasy

Sorry, my mistake. I meant to say ROTK.

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