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I have analyzed the matrix from every angle imaginable: as a metaphor for christ, a metaphor for hindu mythology, a metaphor for american societal problems, a metaphor for various schools of philosophy...etc.

But in reviewing the second renaissance the other day, a thought occured to me. Could the matrix be a metaphor for anti-semitism? As a Jew, and a diehard matrix fan, this question hits very close to home.

I think, with minimal effort, you will see why this metaphor holds such great potential. Initially, the machines exist to serve the needs of humans, just as European jews did during the diaspora. The machines are subject to frequent pogroms, just as European Jewry was during the diaspora. At one point in the second renaissance, to describe the escalating attacks and pogroms against the machines, the word holocaust is actually used. It is used to describe a time in which humans are seeking to take care of the machine problem, just as europeans tried to take care of the 'Jewish problem'. Eventually, the machines determine that the only guaruntee of security and posterity is to defect and form their own country--01. 01 is established for the security of all machines from humans, just as Israel was established for the security of all Jews from gentiles.

The parallels do not end there. What truly re-ignited conflicts between machines and humans was the fact that the efficieny and ingenuity of the machines led to the economy of 01 drastically outperforming the human economies of the world. Just as Israel (when normalized for its size and resources) drastically outperforms most nations; and just as Jews throughout history have (atleast economically) outperform gentiles. This outperformance was a significant factor leading to the holocaust.

Unfortunately for my love of the trilogy and my fondness for the W bros, the heros in this movie are the ones who are fighting against the machines (who represent Jews).

Finally, the most stark comparison between Judaism and the matrix is the name of Morpheus' ship, the nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the first temple, leveled Israel, and heralded the first diaspora.

What do you think?

some interesting points and the second renaissance is certainly meant to reference the holocaust.

but it also references other important events such as the million man march so...

The movies aren't based on one such comparison, it is a collection of things, the holocaust is most likely one of them.

Nope, I think that is over-analysis. And that is also mis-use of the word holocaust, which should not be highjacked as a term that can only be used in reference to the jews.

No one said it can ONLY be used in reference to the jews, its just a common reference, if someone wants to refer to that incident they say the holocaust, and people will know exactly what they are talking about.

An interesting point but i think you've missed the point of the film, so HERE WE GO!!!

People watching Revolutions expected the film to end by the humans eventually destroying the machines and freeing the rest of mankind from the matrix, because that didn't happen most felt that the trilogy was a big waste of time.

The reason why the trilogy ended the way that it did was because the machines (or Jews as you like to see them) weren't the ones in the wrong. As shown in Renaissance, Man made machines for one reason - to work for Man. When the machines decided to determine their own destiny (even in peaceful coexistence with Man), the machines time was already numbered. Hence Man waged war against the machines.

Bearing all this in mind Neo chose to fight for peace between both Man and Machine. When he went to Machine city, if they had chosen to kill him he said that he wouldn't try to stop them. Then when he fought Smith he was fighting to save both the humans race and machines thus becoming the messiah for both. Remember also that the ship Nebuchadnezzar was destroyed in Reloaded and Morpheus was never repaired.

Hopefully that might make you feel better about the trilogy.

i thought the point of the 'second renaissance' was to give you the machines point of view.

if you just watch Matrix 1,2+3 then the humans are the 'good guys'

if you watch 'second renaissance' it shows the machines being persecuted and killed even though they wanted to co-exist peacefully.

Another interesting thing is the expected end and actual end to Revos and parallels in comparing Judaism to Christianity. Like Numo said, everyone expected humans to wipe out the machines. Similarly, the Jewish perception of a Messiah is a person who will eliminate the enemies of the Jewish people and free them from slavery. They believed that Jesus wasn't the Messiah after all because he died and the Jews stayed under Roman rule. However, Christians believe in freedom from sins through Jesus, not literal freedom.
So this is kind of another example of a juxtaposition of Judaism and Christianity by the Wachowskis.

I am not hijacking the word holocaust. But the fact remains that the etymology of the word is that it was coined to describe massive pogroms against the jews by the europeans in the middle ages. It has only acquired more broad application in recent centuries.

Anyway, dont get hung up on words: the use of the word holocaust is one word. If you dont think that it is not cogent evidence, then ignore it. I cited a great deal of alternative evidence for this analogy.

The Omega

I'm visiting the Matrix forum to see what's going on and I find this? Israel and the Jews and the Holocaust? First, why the use of historic events with Metaphors to make parallels between reality and fiction? These connections seems very cloudy and shaddy to a certain aspect. I'm not saying this are over grossly exaggerations but the line must be drawn.

Yes, there are traces of Eastern religions found in the matrix as well as Gnosticism. Metaphors can be corrupt, for example I could make up a case for connections between the Matrix Machines and Industrial Revolution of Europe, but that itself will require extensive research and devotion to understanding the Matrix itself.

What I'm trying to say (I want to make it briefly) is that metaphors can be corrupted, but with facts to back it up, metaphors might be helpful. I suggest that Cicero should continue to do more research and then tells us what other connections he might find. This is only my suggestion and MHO.

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