The Mighty Metallica

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i have never seen a post about of metals greatest..i know they are not as good now..most of u dislike them..this thread is about the old metallica..the ride the lightning,kill em all,master of puppets,and justice,black album MetallicA..rock on...who still listens to this legendary band?

I know, old metallica kicked ass. why did they have to go and make the past 3 albums

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i still listen to them. their one of those bands whose music will never get old. great band.

masster of puppets is till one of my all time fav songs and old scholl metallica is allways good for a pit at my house

metalica still rock, just not nearly as much as befor!

i dont like the new album it caught thre strikes from me
strike 1 no solos
strike 2 james vocals towards the end of unamed feeling
strike 3 that ****ed up snare sound that lars keeps making on the whole album that shit was terrible

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i agree on strike 1 the lack of solos..very disspointing
strike 2 james voice started to sound liek shit ever since its nothing new
strike 3 i like the drums..different and hard!

il add strike 4..the new bassist isnt all that

all in all st anger mostly sucks.

I've just found out they're playing Glasgow Green on June 2nd and I can't wait. It's gonna be the best day of my year.

Agreed St Anger was terrible, i mean what was with Frantic.

the new bassist is actully way better then jason newsted
and robert did not write the bass lines for st anger bob rock wrote and played all the bass on the album

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not for me...but no one's like cliff R.I.P

I think the main problem with St Anger was it was a hell of a lot differant from most of their previous albums. It's definatly not their best effort, but I dont think its too bad. Agreed Frantic just plane sucks, but I quite like Unnamed Feeling and Shoot Me Again.

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the unnamed feeling is a good song..the only good song on the album..the albums problem is :

1-sound's repeative,songs are long but pointless
2-lack of solos
3-james voice sounds country..started from load
4-it was too hyped

the things i like about it :
1-the lyrics..they allways write good lyrics
2-the many albums u know have drums like these!!!

yes I completely agree about the lyrics. A lot of people slagged off the drumming on this album, but I think its pretty good. Just differant to their other albums.

cliff was the the shit metallica would have been alot better if he survived

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in flames
cliff is the best bass player ever!!!


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