Favorite Jack Sparrow Lines!

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I think Johnny was great in POTC! He is so cool!
I love the way he acts!

One of my favorite lines he says is:

No one. He's no one. A disstant cousin of my aunt's nephew,
twice removed. Lovely singing voice though. Unice. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Which ones are yours?

"when u marooned me on that god forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing mate, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!"

"thats what a ship is you know, not a keel and a hold and a deck and sails, thats what a ship needs. but what a ship is-what the Black Pearl really is-is freedom."

"welcome to the caribbean love!"

erm, theres too manY!!!!!!!!!!

"but why is the rum gone?"

i luv them all i actually i think i have them all memorized yep i do i have a few as my away messages its funny
"me im dishonest and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest honestly its the honest ones you want to watch out for because you never can predict when theyre going to do something incredibly stupid"

Well, I also love them all, I could recite the whole movie if asked too...pathetic, I know, but o well...

"You need to find yourself a girl, mate! Or, perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you've already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet...You're not a eunuch, are you?"

Well, that whole scene is HOT!!!

you missed the best quotes ever i mean in every board i went to no1 had this quote!!!! pshhh its this one you guys cant really be captin jack luvers if you didnt know this one : captain norrington: you are without dout the worst pirates ive ever heard of Captain jack: but you have heard of me" roll eyes (sarcastic) shame on you all

lol Happy Dance

my fave line is a really simple one

"sticks and stones love sticks and stones"

well im gonna go read a harry potter 3rd book and go to bed chow cool

omg one last one which is also my favorite the crew: captain barbossa said you would be wearing this Elizibeth: well you can tell barbossaa that i am decinclining aquisting your request (lol im a bad speller lol) crew: he said you'd say that and if that be the case you would be dining with the crew....naked

Has Jack Sparrow killed anyone apart from Barbossa? I mean someone who did NOT deserve it? confused

i loved everything Cap'n Jack Sparrow said, ive posted my fav quotes on the thread that was here before so i cant be bothered to post again... just a little not though.. people stop making the same threads as ones that are already here read the rules please...


take care

luv AS!!!

This Is My Favorite Jack Sparrow Line: "Weddings! I love Weddings, Drinks all around!!"

My Favorite line is one that they didn't end up putting on the moviesad: *Looks at Eliazabeth and motions the two of them together* Peas in a pod love

Isin't he just so cool! I love how Johnny acts in this movie, he's so drunk and everything, Kiera thinks he acts like Ozzy Osbourne.

Mine has gotta be, the one on my signature!...."Aren't you supposed to be dead?...am I not?....oh......" and then the one right after it......."Parlie....parlieahiod......parsnip.....parsley............parle? (sp?).....yes, thats the one! Parle!"

i know its from the deleted scenes but
"shame about the french. obsessed with raisins. humiliated grapes really. think about it."
also, "and then they made me their chief"
i almost fell off my sofa laughing at that. me and my m8 luv jack sparrow sooo much. oops, captain jack sparrow lol

pirate Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow.
But why is Rum gone?? That's Interesting.
What you say to three shilings and we forget the name?

Mines "Not sure i deserved that"


yeah. i loved all the lines. i liked these the best tho:

*"stop blowin' holes in my ship!"
*"i'm terribly sorry, i didn't kno"
*"that's interesting"
*"o, god, i hate this bloody line. where are the writers, i'm going to kill them!" (jonny)
*"the last real pirate ship in the caribbean, mate!"
*"son, i'm captian jack sparrow, savvy?"
*"elizabeth, it would never have worked between us, darling"
*"but why's the rum gone?"
*"will, nice hat"
*"u will always remember this as the day u almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow"
*"ahh, but u have heard of me!"
*"u cheated!" (will) "PIRATE!" (jack)
*"u ignored the rules of engagement! in a fair fight i could kill u!" (will) "well, that's not much insentive for me to fight fair, now is it?" (jack)

wow thats a lot. i kno theres more. i just can't think of them at the moment


oo yeah i love that one too!! an i love the way she's yelling at him and he's taking those three really big steps and then jumping up and down to find the rum cellar. at first i had no idea what he was doing an i thot he was like crazy or something.

I love all those lines and this one.............it always makes me laugh.

I like when Jack tells Will

"Oh so it is you've found a girl." And he gets that weird look in his eyes and smiles.

I also like the part when they are sword fighting........

You need to find yourself a girl.
(Will sets his jaw)
Or maybe the reason you practice
three hours a day is you've found
one and are not capable of wooing her?

I don't think there are much lines left said by him now!! All of the lines he says are worth mentioning. Mind you if it was any other actor I don't think they would be as good!!! I was so upset when he didn't get that bafta I think he really deserved it!!!

i have all his lines memorized all of them are good I could write them all but it would take a while so I dont think Im going to

I like :

I'm just honest and a dishonest mas you can always trust to be dishonest. it's the honest ones you wanna watch our for because you can never predict when there gonna do some thing incredibly........ STUPID (kicks the guy and throws sward blah blah blah)

If you listen carfully you can hear that he does say JUST honest. otherwise it just wouldn't make sence.

he says dishonest its....
Me Im dishonest and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. Its the honest ones you want to watch out for because you can never predict when theyre going to do something incredibly stupid.
sry I have them all memorized and it bugs me when people dont get them right.

everybody! you forgot the best!
"no one! he's no one, just a distant cousine of my aunts nephew, twice removed, lovley singing voice tho... enuch" (?)

I put it alredy, it's on the first thread.

question, in the last quote at the end the word is enuch, now is it supposed to be unique??? If not what does enuch mean??? I was just wondering if it was a spelling mistake or if it some word that I don't know??? Or is it not even supposed to be a word??? lol!!!

I Like:

Worry about your own fortunes gentlemen. The deepest circle of hell is reservered for betrayers and mutineers.

Its spelled eunuch its a real word and you really dont want to know what it means and I mean really but the movie may make a little more sense if you do know what it means but its still pretty wrong look it up on dictionary.com I dont want to write it here.

So have any of you tried to get an audition?

what do you think if I had gotten an audition I would be bouncing around the room screaming and if I were on here I would have told you people. hehe sry Im hyper!

Well, I'm sure I'm going to audition, I just have to do the headshots!


I'm just honest and a dishonest mas you can always trust to be dishonest. it's the honest ones you wanna watch our for because you can never predict when there gonna do some thing incredibly........ STUPID (kicks the guy and throws sward blah blah blah)

hahah i love that one too

also here are a couple:

"Ooooh weddings! i LOVE weddings! Drinks all around!"

"M: never woulda tho' o' that
Jack: Clearly you've never been to Singapore" haha

"you're not a eunich are you (classic classic)"

its dishonest not just honest!!!!! I just watched it grrrrrrrr hehehee im hyper dont mind me weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

i still think it's JUST honest. i've watched it more then once to so don't think i'm just counting this on ONE sighting of the movie. (not in a mean way)
All i need are the headshots too...

I also like:

You've burned all the food, the shade, the RUM.

Yes the rum is gone.

Why's the rum gone?

One it is a vile drink that turns even the most repectable man into complete scoundrels, and TWO that signal is over a thousand feet high, the enTIRE royal navy is out looking for me do you think there even the slightest chance that they won't see it?

But why's the RUM gone???

aha lol ALL of his lines were great and sexyY!!!! woohOO!

mine is


ohhh when he said "you cheated" haha that was good

Yea. it's cool. some of my friend think it's I'm a pirate. but he just say's "Pirate" he looks hot when he says that too.... yup!

probably said but ..

"But WHY is the rum gone?!"

"No- not you- we named the monkey Jack."

i like this one too:

(Whistles) Eunice's... all of 'em
Thats interesting. (does thing with fingers and medallion) Couldn't resist, mate.....

My Favoite:

Mullroy: What's your purpose in Port Royal, Mr. Smith ?
Murtogg: Yeah, and no lies.
Jack Sparrow: Well, then, I confess, it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out.
Murtogg: I said no lies.
Mullroy: I think he's telling the truth.
Murtogg: If he were telling the truth, he wouldn't have told us.
Jack Sparrow: Unless, of course, he knew you wouldn't believe the truth even if he told it to you.


Jack Sparrow: Unless, of course, he knew you wouldn't believe the truth even if he told it to you.


"The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do. For instance, you can accept that your father was a pirate and a good man or you can't. But pirate is in your blood, boy, so you'll have to square with that some day. And me, for example, I can let you drown, but I can't bring this ship into Tortuga all by me onesies, savvy? So, can you sail under the command of a pirate, or can you not?"

OHHH i like those too. i forgot about those for a minute there..
how bout. ummm...

Jack: Scarlette
Scarlettesadslaps jack)
Jack: not sure i deserved that......Giselle
Giselle: who was she???
Jack What?
GisellesadSlaps jack)
Jack: i may have deseved that one.

I like:

Jack: Thank you, Commmodore, for getting us ready to make way! We'd've had a hard time of it by ourselves!

yea i like that too.

We've all arived at a very special place... spiritually, ecuminically... gramatically... Commodore i want you to know that i was rooting for you. know that... Elizabeth, it never would've worked between us darling. i'm sorry. WILL.......... Nice hat...

i love everything he says big grin he's a great actor
laughing i loved when he was standing on the mass of the sinking ship
but i guess that's not a line confused

It wouldnt make sense if it was just honest. Barbossa says hes a hard man to predict and Jack says hes really not cause you can always count on him to be dishonest cause why would he say he does stupid things?

Ragetti: You!
Pintel: You're supposed to be dead!
JACK: AM I NOT? oh, palulay.... palu-li-la-la-lulu... parlili...parsnip, parsley, partener, partner...
Ragetti: Parley?
Jack: Parley! that's the one. Parlley. Parley!
Pintel: PARLEY? down to the depths what ever man that thought up the word parley!
Jack: that would be the French...

ahhhhhhhhh i love the "but i CAAAAANT run this ship all by me onsies savvy?" haha i couldnt stop saying savvy after the movie ^_^

o i like when he and will are in the blacksmith shop and jack says

"u look somewhat familiar, have i threatened u before?" its not my favorite but i thot i'd mention it cause no one else has


"u can keep doing that all day, the dog is never going to move."

jack: "i kno those guns! it's the pearl!"
thief: "i've heard stories...never leaves any survivors" (i kno i skipped a few words there, sorry)
jack: "no survivors? then where do the stories come from, i wonder?"

those arent the best but i like them a lot

ohh i like the threatened one

yeah i kno

I Know This doesn't Matter but does anyone have their B-Day on


Jack: easy on the goods darling... (haha)
Elizabeth: you're despicable...
Jack: Sticks and stones love. i save you lif you saved mine, we'er square. Gentlemen, milady, you will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!

Will: you threatned Miss Swann
Jack: only a little..

Hey you guys! They don't say paRley!
Where did you get the r from? It's Paley! I mean Iv'e heard it in the movie like 100 times!

barbossa says it like that i think, does anybody know who its spelled?

oopsy how* not who

I always thought it was parley and then I looked at the script that I found on the internet and it said that it was parley.

wait...parley or parsley??

OH the parlay thing haha sorry blonde moment : p




parley! wahoo!! lol



wait i thot it was parlay? its paley? but u can hear them say the R!!

Its parley just trust me on this, and I guess no one has the same B-day as Johnny mines Oct. 9th 4 months later not interesting and no one cares but yea um Im gonna leave now Ta

Nope it's Paley!

listen to it when Kiera says it when Pintel and his friend find her and pintel says "ello puppet"
Kiera or elizabeth, yells out "paley!"

hmmm but geoffrey says parrrr (lol the pirate arrr) lay. gee someone put the subtitles on and check it!!


"Elizabeth, it would never have worked out between us, darling. I'm sorry"

"You need to get a girl"

"You will always remember this day as the day you almost caught captain Jack Sparrow!!"

Well, ya know how pirates talk! And Kiera talks in a clear, understandable voice, and in British!

yeah the british don't pronounce their R's. so it does sound like paley, but its actually parley. i think. thats what it sounds like to me.
i'm gonna check with the subtitles the next time i watch it

Why wouldn't British people pronouce R? Where did you get that from?
How would Jack and Kiera say rum?

well they do sometimes
but if u listen, they dont always.
i mean in words like "rum" they HAVE to
but in words like "car" u cant hear it as well. i mean its still there, its not like a rhode island accent but its not really pronounced
ahh im confusing myself
listen an maybe ull see what im talking about
or talk with a british accent
thats one of the rules my theatre teacher gave us when we were learning standard british accents - dont pronounce r's like in car

sorry thats so long!

an i dont mean to sound snobby or bitchy or anything sorry if i do. i dont mean to be, really!

it's not that they don't pronounce them.. it's just hard to explain.. you can still hear the r.. but say you're like American or Canadian the r is more pronounced
for instance car won't sound like ca or caw it still sounds like car.. it's the accent kicking in

heh heh.. I have no idea what I'm talking aboutstick out tonguestick out tongue

yeah i get u. i cant explain either. ure right about the american/canadian thing tho - u can hear the R's better (unless ure from rhode island, then R does not exist)

british accents rock the world!! so do scottish and irish even though i cant do them!!!

My favourite line is "Not sure i deserved that"

Paley is a french word, and in french, R's are pronounced in a diffrent way, like Bounjur, the r is the troat sound, that you make, so it's paley, not parley, that just wouldn't make sence, it's paley, paley, paley!
Just watch the movie and listen to how thet say it, you'll see!

everyone pray and keep your fingers crossed for johnny depp at the oscars, he was unfortuante in the baftas but I'm hoping he'll get an oscar, he deserves one. I hope Bill Murray doesn't get his award again!!!

Johnny has to win!!!!!!!!!

ok i watched the movie with SUBTITLES. it is PARLEY!!!!!! listen to them!! u can HEAR the R even though theyre english!!!!!! PARLEY!!!!!

sorry if i sounded mean. i dont mean to be mean.

Captian Rogue
Parle would actually look like this if it was written in french...Parl'e or parle'...coz it has the accent party thingie, if you know what i mean...

i love it when he says

"But you have heard of me"smile

Funny old world ain it

he didn't win damn you sean penn!!! It would be nice for a comic actor to win for once.

Im SURE Johnny Depp will win next movie! He's making a great oscar-type movie, about some artist that was mute, and only he could only make eye contact. That is a really hard role to play, and I know that Johnny will do good in it, and he will win the oscar!
I'm also really angry at Lord of the Rings! Because both Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings were in the same categories in all exept one, Ohhhhh... I hate Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!

He'll only win if there are films that have crap actors


oo i love that one.

LOR changed my life. i guess POC is changing my life. or rather, making me want to. and try to. yeah. movies and books do that to me.

POTC changed my life. It's funny, in my diary i go (note: zach is the ass.hole i was in love with for 2 weeks before i saw Pirates Of the Caribbean)


scratch everything about not loving Zach, he went to flordia and now that he's back i realize how much i really do love him! I love him so so much!!!!

the next entry....


Oh my god! I saw Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny deep (I KNOW PLEASE DON'T KILL ME I THOUGHT IT WAS DEEP FOR A DAY) played a pirate named Jack Sparrow and i fell totally in love... etc

the rest was ramblings about how he looked *sigh* who knew that an hour and fourty five minutes of film could make someone dream again....

lol thats funny. jack's great.

u kno whats strange? people see a movie and they like the character and so they say they like the actor, but they really dont kno the actor. its weird. cause, if u've only seen the actor in one movie and u like them, then isn't it really the character u like, not the actor? or maybe...ahh ok i'll stop.

sorry. i'm not being mean, just pondering the ways of the world...

people r entitled to like whoever the hell they want, actors, neighbors, classmates, whatever. some people r all like "oo u cant like celebrities and actors and whatnot cause blah blah blah" an i dont understand that. y cant people like who they wanna like?

I am all for liking whoever you like as well. I just don't like those people who go too over the top and start acting crazy!!! Not that I am saying you are crazy by the way I was just saying!!!

that is so cool !
Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

yeah when ppl start obsessing and going wacko over ppl theyve never met an prolly never will meet it gets a little annoying and slightly frightening. especially when the celeb is married...

in love...
pirate love well i love how captin jack sparrow talks..!
its clear understandable and in british..!

i kno jack has an awesome voice! i wish i could copy his accent but i cant. sigh. i try but i suck so i stop trying.

My favorite line would have to one of these two :

Barbossa: I want 50% of ye plunder.
Jack Sparrow: 15.
Barbossa: 40.
Jack Sparrow: 25.
Jack Sparrow: And I'll buy you a hat. A really BIG one... Commodore.

Jack Sparrow: Easy on the goods, darling.

yeah those r good. i like that hat one, lol.

oo i just thot of some lines i liked. theyre not my favorite (u'll have to look towards the beginning of the forum for those) but i like this:

will and jack are in the upsidedown rowboat under the water (by the way HOW does that work?? wouldn't it float, seeing as its WOOD filled with AIR??? i dont get that)

will: this is either madness, or brilliance
jack: it's remarkable how often those two traits coencide (ahh no i can't spell it. co -in - side. something like that)
i dunno i liked that line.

but now that i'm started on this, y did the rowboat thing work? i mean i understand how they can breathe cause of the air bubble thingie (ive tried something similar with a bucket before) but how do they stand down there? i mean, boats float cause their wood. air floats.people even (for the most part) float. i mean, u can't like walk on the bottom of a pool or anything without a great struggle to keep yourself down. and a boat full of air would never stay down. (i had trouble keeping the bucket down) so how does that work??? it it jst some kinda unexplained moviemagic, or was there some scientifical thing?

OMG i really need to stop overanalizing stuff. i hate when i do that. but it bothers me. sorry about all this mess.

They were hlding the boat down, so it doesn't float and there is enough air in it for them to breath.
I think they could walk on the bottom cos they had all they're clothes and swords and pistols and crap weighing them down.
I like it when Jack says "Will. . . nice hat!" thats hilarious! laughing laughing laughing

I love Johnny Depp

yeah me too!!!!
to elizabeth he said:
"it would never have worked between us darling. i'm sorry" (i think)
and then he's like
"will, nice hat"

i mean, i was expecting something more...i dunno dramatic, like "after all we've been through" or something like that so i luved when he just said "nice hat". it was funny.

p.s. even with clothes on they still would have floated esp. with a wooden boat full of air but whatever i will stop worrying about that. sorry.

My faves are:

"There will be no living with her after this"

"i couldn' t help my self"

oh i like when jack is in the jail and will comes running down and says, "you, sparrow, you familiar with that ship the Black Pearl?"
and jack does this kind of thing, i dont kno how to describe it, almost like he's trying to make himself comfortable and says "i've heard of it"

i dunno i just liked the way he said it and the way you find out later that its his ship

"but whys the rum gone" Im obsessed with rum and the monkey LOL

Barbossas Child
my fav quotes are:

~(The one in my signature)


~"Well, fortunately, I know how to counter it. The man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink, and the man who was sleeping drinks it while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking."

Not only is Johnny Depp using a British accent, I hear he has been livin' in France for the last 5-10 yrs, so the French language would influence his own accent, which, in turn, has influenced his British accent used in PotC. That's why it's so hard to immitate Jack's accent.
oh, and Jack is an alcoholic, which Johnny Depp also caught in the accent.

how does alchoholism show itself in an accent?

Long long time ago, you were talking about Johnny's b-day and everything, i dont know of anyone who has his b-day, but my mom's b-day is orlando's, jan. 13

I like every single one of his lines, i cant pick any out.

o yea my Poppops b-day is Johnnys b-day anyhoo I feel special I can do Johnnys accent pretty good maybe cause Im taking french and I have like the best accent in the class which makes no sense cause one kid is from Europe (go figure) and my english accent is pretty good and I can act drunk so it all fits together perfectly

LOL I act drunk whenever I get hypo LOL

johnny depp.* whohooo *. johnny depp.
yeah johnny d rules
yeah johnny d kicks ass.
yeah johnny d rocks!
yeah will **** kill

YES Johnny D ROCKS YES let us Kill Will LOL Itrhink ive killed will about 4 times now

i know this is in the deleated seen but i think its really funny.

miss swan: we've got to save will.
Jack Sparrow: well then off u go, tell me how it goes. big grin

LOL I love that bit 2 I think they should of left it in da movie

O my gosh you steal my name! then you steal one of my favorite quotes! now if you say your Jack's daughter I may have to hurt you but you havent been on in a while so I dont see you as a threat! (Haha sorry I'm sure your very nice unless your not reading this cause you've abandoned us pirates in which case I think you've already gotten a worse fate weeeeeeeeeeee hyper)

i could recite the whole movies if asked, but of course I do have my favorites;

*When you marooned me on the godforsaken spit of land you forgot one very important thing mate; I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!
*Son, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?
*Jack: You've burnt all the food, the shade,...the rum!
Elizabeth: Yes the rum is gone
Jack Why is the rum gone?
* ...and then the made me their cheif
*It's just such a pretty boat... Ship.
* Jack: Scarlett! (slap) I'm not sure I deserved that. Giselle!
Giselle: Who was she?
Jack: what? (slaps) I may have deserved that one.
* No one, he's no one. A distant cousin of my aunt's nephew twice removed. Lovely singing voice though-eunuch.
* I always liked you.
* Barbossa: Why thank ye Jack.
Jack: You're welcome.
Barbossa: Not you, we named the monkey Jack.
* Welcome to the Caribbean, love.
* (deleted scene) Elizabeth: So is there any truth to the other stories?
Jack: Truth? (shows Elizabeth Pirate Brand, Sparrow Tatoo, Scar on arm, and Gunshot Wounds on left chest) No Truth at all.

I'm sure there are PLENTY more, but I don't want to be typing all night now do I? haha!

Run Jess Sparrow while u still can LOL Jessie can go a bit crazy (dont huet me Jessie) She has threated 2 shoot me twice now HE HE HE

hehe thats funny. i have a friend back home like that. she's very violent. lol. ok nvm.
u kno what's fun? acting drunk. i was doing that after mid-terms in january. we finished early in the day and my friends and i were just wandering around the school an i was just sorta...u kno, acting drunk and some kid walked up and asked me if i was drunk...it was pretty funny cause i'm totally not the kind of person who'd ever get drunk.

johnny.d girl
yes and apg is hypo nerly every day so yeah...........
i like the lines that r in me siggie

me too. i spent FOREVER trying to make the picture fit into me siggy. when i finally got it right, it said it was invalid and i ended up jus goin on to google and saving one of the little thumbnail paictures, which is what i should have done to save myself a looooong time.

werent it more like 3 or 4 times Ive threatened to shoot you? Ah well yea I act drunk a lot and like Jack or Johnny without even knowing it now very weird. The other day at school my computer started talking yelling at me more like it and my friend told me I looked like Jack then and shes not obsessed its fun tho

some people said that about me to.
big grin its a great complimentsmile i geuss


i looking nothing like anybody!!! yay!!! lol.
wait u're computer started yelling at u? is that what i read? *confused*

johnny.d girl
..........also confused.............did ppl over the net yell at ye???confused1....is that what ye mean???.............*looks confused*............................confused1confused1confused1

HUH?who u talking 2

does that not say something about a conmuter yellin at jessie sparrow?? confused

oops, i meant computer not conmuter embarrasment

johnny.d girl

a talking computer Cool

johnny.d girl
OK I'M GETTING EVEN MORE CONFUSED!!!!....................

um.. my fave Johnny line would be: "ah fortunately iknow how to counter it, the man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink, the man who was sleeping drinks it, while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking"

johnny.d girl
yeah i luv that
and i like "u think its wise boy?.........crossin blades with a pirate???"

He He he Me 2

johnny.d girl
and i like................................arrgh what the hell?.........i luv all of jacks lines!!!!! LMAO

oh... all my fav lines are on here already...

ME 2

i think my favorite line is (i've prolly already said this but whatever, i'll say it again):

(on of the soldier guys at the beginning, don't kno their names:"this dock is off limit's to civilians"
jack: i'm terribly sorry i didn't kno. if i see one i shall inform you immediately (tries to walk off looking nonchalant or however u spell that stupid word)

johnny.d girl
yep and that 1 2

will: you cheated
jack: pirate...

LOL I like that 1 2