Rock Quiz!!!

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total metalhead

1. Led Zepplin - Whole lotta love
3. The Who - Behind blue eyes
6. Nirvana - Heart shaped box
9. Run DMC & Aerosmith - Walk this way

total metalhead

in flames
2-metallica-master of puppets

total metalhead
yes yes

total metalhead
cmon its EASY!!

1. Led Zepplin - Whole lotta love
2-metallica-master of puppets
4 pink floyed comfertably numb
6. Nirvana - Heart shaped box
8.doors-other side
9.Aerosmith - Walk this way
14.tool-stinkfist empty soul-bottom of a bottle

total metalhead
yes yes yes
only 13, 12, 11 and 7 still to go


total metalhead
yes yes yes yes
thats all correct except no.7 was not by Anthrax

ones still to get --> 10, 5 and 7

10) Smashing Pumpkins - Jellybelly
5) God save the Queen - Sex Pistols
7) Bullet in the Head - Rage against the machine

can i ask a quesiton now? oh well i'll ask anyways...

1) Come bite on this rag doll, baby (that's right now hit the floor)
2) the last fire will rise, behind those eyes
3)i can feel the bloody flowing through my veins, spillin on my soul
4) a snapshot in the family album, dady what else didye leave for me
5)we slip through the street while everyone sleeps
6)i saw a pregnant girl today, she didn't know that it was dead inside
7)Can't stop addicted to the shin dig Cop top he says I'm gonna win big
8)If you don't want me, set me free Exactlywho'm I'm supposed to be
9)Sun reclines tease my mind reminds me what to leave behind
10)My vision is distorted by my sleazy mindTo picturesque an image to control this time

hehehehee...... evil face

i know 7 is by the chillie peppers i just cant remmber the name of the song

hehehe it's really easy... even the name of the song is in the lyrics ^^

ha im lame
cant stop rhcp

^^ yes!

but you know what im stumped on the rest of them i must to too stoned too early

hehehe ^^

1. Dunno
2. Is it 'Cry Little Sister' i cant think who sang it though, its from the Lost Boys soundtrack isnt it?
3. Disturbed 'Meaning of life'
4. Oh what a tune! Pink Floyd 'Another brick on the wall'
5. I know its The Cure but im not to sure on the song. confused Is it 'The walk' of 'Love cats'?? eek, im not sure. blink
6. Dunno
7. 'Cant stop' RHCP
8. Is it 'Should I stay or should I go'? not sure ho sang it though blink
9. 'Before im dead' Queen of the damned
10. I think its 'Carmen queasy' but i dont know if it was by Prodigy or just Maxim or Skunk Anansie confused

2. correct, just need the band name
3. correct as HELL ^^ i love this song
4. correct... but.. it's actually Another brick in the wall PART 2...
5. Definately one of them... such a great song
7. correct
8. correct, nned band name
9. correct, need band name
10. correct.. um.. ye're SO close ^^

eek! man im good! laughing out loud
yeah ;meaning of life' is a great song smile

5. is it *thinks hard and sings the songs* erm.. oh its 'Love cats' right? confused
10. i havent got a clue. ummm.. nope, dont know which one. messed

5. YES!!!!!!!!!! *claps*
10. *sigh* let's say... ONE of the mentioned is correct... and ONE ... well it's only a part of that one

total metalhead
miffed fine well if everyones forgotten that this is MY thread i'll just give the answers:

1.)Led Zeppelin-Whole Lotta Love
2.)Metallica-Master Of Puppets
3.)The Who-Behind Blue Eyes
4.)Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb
5.)Rage Against The Machine-Bullet In The Head (i cant believe no one got that one!)
6.)Nirvana-Heart Shaped Box
7.)Sex Pistols-God Save The Queen
8.)The Doors-Break On Through
9.)Aerosmith-Walk This Way
10.)Smashing Pumpkins-Jelly Belly
11.)Korn-Counting On Me
12.)Limp Bizkit-Boiler
13.)Static X-Ostegoletric
15.)Smile Empty Soul-Bottom Of A Bottle

peace out.

whoa... don't get all mad! i just thought that all of yer questions were answered!!!! maaan... OH PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Excuse me but I got Rage against the machine.

total metalhead
oh yeah i didnt see it my bad smile

Vampiree - Ok, erm i will go with Skunk Anansie messed

Total - Post some more , dont stress

I'll compose one: (Give TM a rest)

1....i said degradation, could you slip to your knees?

2.Felt a pang late one afternoon, I was fishin' off muir

3.I got my head checked,by a jumbo jet

4.Teenage queen a sweet gamine, Immortal youth a libertine

5.Here she comes again,With vodka in her veins

6.Hand of fate is moving and finger points to you,
He knocks you to your feet and so what are you gonna do

7.Got my enemies cross haired and in my sight,
I take a bad situation gonna make it right

8.I never thought you were a fool,But darling look at you

9.Then we wished them all a happy birthday
We kissed them all goodnight. Now he chases me to my room,

10.Fear is compressed in the back of my stomach
The rust in your eyes from my corroded halo,

11.When I'm down and my hands are tied,
I cannot reach a pen for me to draw the line

12.I said "Please Mr. Doctor" won't you cure my disease.
I got a sore throat and I got scrubs on my knees.

13.So you wash it off and pretend that it was never there.
Your face in the mirror doesn't give a reflection.

14.Surrounded by a field of lost souls
These feeble minds - so easy to control.

15.Like thistled ruin, garbed around thy heart.

16.Nobody is heard compass wilting in the wind.

17.this is the house,come on in,this is the house,built on sin. lets gather with the gods tonight,and play truant for the final time.

19.Have you ever been for sale ? when your isms get smart

20.And all the neighbours start to gossip and drool
He cries "Oh, girl you must be mad,

1. 'Condescension' Pitchshifter (i only know that coz my sis was listening to it earlier :lolsmile
2. 'Fish on' Primus
3. Its Blur but i cant think of the song name confused
4. 'Cherry bomb' Ash I love this song! big grin
5. is it 'Velocity girl' Primal scream?

eek, i have to go now, i will be back later to complete this big grin

Correct so far, although there is still a need for the name of the Blur song as demonstrated in question three. But well done so far SB big grin

hey... mine wasn't done YET!!! miffed

saucy: maxim and skin ^^

Soz Vampiree messed
I dont know anymore of yours.

6. its either called 'the wicker man' or 'your time will come' by Iron Maiden
7. Dunno
8. 'stuck in a moment' U2 Very good tune! big grin
9. laughing out loud thats 'the birthday massacre' we kept playing that on my birthday laughing out loud i dont know who sang it though.
10. Dunno
11. Dunno
12. 'statecontrol' the hives
13. 'sweet emotion' faith no more
14. Dunno
15. 'queen of winter' cradle of filth
16. 'drunkship of lanterns' mars volta
17. 'house of a 1000 corpses' rob zombie
18. Dunno
19. Dunno

eek not done to well this time messed

total metalhead
holy flurking shnit! i dont know any of WM's embarrasment

wheres WM gone?? confused

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