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plz help me!!!!!
i m in search of chat room of Placebo band
i want find it!!! mad
can someone help me????
plz answer embarrasment
thx a lot

I dont use this forum but this was the first one i came across when i inputted Placebo Forum into a search engine :

I do not know how good it is or what it is like. But worth a try. smile

If not type in Placebo Forum in a respective search engine.


Placebo - signed print for sale on ebay

This is a black and white print signed personally by the band. The print itself is in perfect condition.

All monies raised will go to Parity for Disability, a charity set up to provide vital developmental services, information and support for children and young adults (aged 18-40) with multiple disabilities.

We aim to identify the individual requirements of those with multiple disabilities, their families and carers and to set up responsive and high quality services. We are currently working with people throughout Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

To bid, please visit ebay and go to Collectables, Photographic images, other photographic images - you'll find it listed there.
The auction closes on 28th Feb.


There's not many places you can go to chat about them, but there are tons of message boards for them on and and, even some music videos. I've watched them millions of times, and I've seen them a few times on mTv.

Depeche Mode
just TODAY i've made my own Placebo Fans board, here is a link -

whoa .. 3 new people in here ..
no offence

Hi thought i would add my message to this thread.
I LOVE PLACEBO!! They ROCK my world big grin

they do ?

I like HIM too, but just a little bit. funeral of hearts was a masterpiece. so was buried alive by love...cheers. xx

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.