Things they would never say!

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Someone put this in the HP forum and I am putting it in this one!!!!

Things they would never say

Elizabeth(to Jack): "So what are you doing tonight?"

Capt. Barbosa: "Yuck, how can you eat and apple...they are the worst ever."

Commodor: "That has got to be the best pirate I've ever seen."

Barbossa: jack, i've always admired you... Let's elope!

Jack to Barbossa: "That sounds savvy to me!" laughing out loud

Jack to will after chopping off his arm " I am your father"

laughing out loud

Elizabeth (about comodor): "That Comodor is a fine man, much better than Will could ever be."

Elizabeth: "I absolutely despise pirates. Oh I think they are awful creatures!"

mmmmmm_ob :)
Jack (about the Commodore) : Isn't he a pleasant person. (un sacastically)

Jack: My name is Captain Jack Sparrow and i AM an alchoholic.

*rewinds movie and writes in a couple things, presses play*

Jack {putting arm around Elizabeth}: Yes, well the scenery has improved and the company is much more pleas-
Elizabeth: Would you shut up and kiss me?


Will: Acutally govenor, i made those swords

Elizabeth: how many times have i told you to call me elizabeth?
Will: *dips her, kisses her* I love you, elizabeth.

laughing out loud

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It's okie....i am actually thinking of getting a new one! big grin I've had this one for months!

GOOD LINES!! laughing out loud

Jack: "Let me help you destroy the rum!!"

Elizabeth: "noooooooooooo, not the rum!"

laughing out loud

Mr. Gibbs: "Of course Anamaria should come along! Women are good luck aboard ships!"

Will: "My dad was a pirate? COOL!"

big grin

Will's drunk associate: "I've come to my senses and I can fully complete my civil duties better if I am sober!"

New one:
Jack rolled his eyes, pulling out his sword. "How many times am i goin' to kick this kid's butt before he cuts this hero stuff?!"

Elizabeth: Screw these corsets!

no...its more like

Elizabeth:" I LOVE THESE CORSETS!!! This dress is so comfortable I can see why its the latest fashion."

govenor: will is such a strapping young boy! i would absolutley DIE if she married the commodore

Will: *kisses Elizabeth at the end of the movie*
Elizabeth: Sorry Will but i fancy the commodore

Jack: i am quite fashionable, am i not?

lool i'm hopeless i can't think of any at the moment.

Anamaria: Actually Jack, you dont owe me a ship anymore. Its enough just looking at you.

laughinglaughing these are funny

Jack: *leaving somewhere without his hat and effects*
Jack: *giving a life of freedom(the Black Pearl) for a nice life ashore*
Elizabeth:*to Jack* Peas in a pod love
Commodore: Hello there pirate welcome to Port Royal

hahaha the last one was good.

Mr. Gibbs: i do not have a physical attraction to Will (hahahahahahhaahahahahah i couldn't stop laughing at that, i'm REALLY HYPER)

Jack: *throws bottle of rum at the wall* I'M A BLOODY EUNUCH!!!!!!!

Elizabeth: *throws bottle of rum at the wall* I'M A BLOODY *****!!!! (sorry she is)

Commodore: *throws bottle of rum at the wall* I HAVE POMPUS HAIR!

Mr. Gibbs: *throws bottle of rum at the wall* I'M A MAN TRAPPED IN A BADGER'S BODY!!

Barbossa: *throws apple at wall* I CAN'T EAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no walls or bottles of rums (or apples) were harmed in the making of these quotes. A cat got sick and someone shot a duck but that was it.

Jack to Barbossa: 'How nice of you to name the monkey after me, Jack's a good strong name for a monkey.'

Barbossa: "Here Jack take the Black Pearl, I was wrong for marooning you on that island."

Barbossa: "Elizabeth you're free now."

Commodore: "Elizabeth, I've been thinking and well I really don't want to marry you anymore."

Will: "Elizabeth I don't love you."

Elizabeth to the crew: "I'm dining naked with you!"

The crew's response: "nooooooooooooooooooo our eyes"

i wld definitely say that thoshifty
laughinglaughing out loud well done everyone!!!!!!i almost fell off laughing!!!

hehe, this thread has been stolen twice now!! big grin laughing out loud

not catching your drift....


Gillette: (singin) "The best a man can get!!"

Jack: "Oh just call me Jack, no need for the Captain formalities..."


Cotton: Hey there, sup in da hood ya'll?

Jack: Or, perhaps the reason you practise three hours a day is that you've already found one, but are otherwise incapable of wooing said're not a eunuch are you?
Will: (gasp) How did you know?!?

these are good *ponders* i can't think of any well I can't think but still hang on I have random writings in my book there might be something good there oh I have a whole really long random thing let me type

Elizabeth- I suppose I should be returning to the Dauntless
Will- your fiance will be wanting to know your safe wait what am I saying (slaps her) how dare you you *****
Jack- thats not very nice
Will- fine (starts poking her)
Elizabeth- now your just being annoying
Will- well you annoyed me when you said you'd marry the comadoore
Me+my friends- oh shut down!
Jack- that kinda ruined the moment
Will- no Jack you just ruined it
Jack- no mate you ruined it when you started poking the girl
Me+ my friends- oh double shut down!
Will- who the hell are you?
My friends- oh my god Will Turner just asked who the hell we are!
Me- what is wrong with you?
My friend- what do you mean?
Me- your obsessed with Will Turner
My friend- well your in love with Johnny Depp
Me- I am not!
My friend- how old is he?
Me- 42
My friend- how many kids does he have?
Me- 2
My friend- and how do you know this?
Me- shut up
Jack- whos Johnny Depp?
Me-long story, I am not in love with Johnny Depp
My friend- yes you are
Me- no I'm not (so forth)
Will- shut up! (scilence)
My friends- oh my god Will Turner just told us to shut up!
Jack-whos Johnny Depp? (Will shrugs)
ha thought it was funny you may have to have been there maybe not

hahhahahahahahahahahahaha that's so funny.

big grin That was cute, poor confused Jack (not knowing about his alter ego and all)...

Here's another one...

Commadore Norrington and his men: (line up in a row and begin singing) In the navy, you can sail the seven seas! In the navy, you can put your mind at ease!...

Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

(sorry, those little bananas are quite addictive...)

i showed it to my friend the one whos obsessed with Will Turner and shes like oh sure you don't love him thats why you write about him all the time shes so cruel. then i made another thingy where she was making out with Will and she said I should have made Jack making out with Will I smacked her. I'll write that one.
(he leaves and Elizabeth and Jack exchange glances)
Elizabeth- so now that Wills insane what are you doing tonight
Jack- what?
Elizabeth- do you want to do something with me?
Jack- what are you saying?
Elizabeth- weren't you flirting with me that night on the island
Jack- I was drunk
Elizabeth- aren't you attracted to me?
Jack- pift no (leaves, Elizabeth is confused to why no one loves her it's because you burned the rum *****)
then it's just Will and my friend making out the end


What is it with people and making two male characters pair up in EVERYTHING?!? Jeez, they've done that with Fushigi Yugi, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean....etc etc, not that there's anything wrong with male/male couples, it's just that wouldn't you rather have Jack or Will attracted to the opposite sex and thus be able to insert yourself into the picture?? (unless you're a guy, then by all means go for it!) Wooooo, HOT JACK!

(sorry for posting so much, I'm procrastinating b/c I have organic chemistry to study....blech)

Here's more sayings:

Jack: (to monkey) Eek it's so cute!! I wuv it! (snuggles it's little poofy belly)

Jack: (goes to hand Gibbs a beer)
Gibbs: Oh no thanks, mate, I'm on a 12 step program

Happy Dance Dance, dancing banana, dance!! Happy Dance

Gibbs: Women are good luck ye know! The more the merrier. Welcome aboard! Arrrrrrrrrrr!

lol this thread is so funny smile

The Parrot to his master: "Aaar what's the matter cat got your tongue?"

laughing out loud

Commodore Norrington: Kill him!
Commodre Norrington: yes but his hair isn't pompus enough.
Elizabeth: Ya, i geuss so.
Jack: what the hell? I OWN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commodor: "This was the day I almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!" laughing out loud

mmmmmm_ob :)
Will: I just hate Elizabeth...She flirts with Jack to much....I've always hated Jack...

jack's dudess
Jack: I've had enough rum today....

mmmmmm_ob :)
Governor Swann: I think we should have that Will Turner for the navy...
sack Norrington...He's useless anyway...

Pirates on the ship: Row Row Row your boat, gently on the sean...merrily merrily merrily merrily a pirates life for me big grin stick out tongue

mmmmmm_ob :)

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: Wrong movie.

Elizabeth: WHY IS THE RUM GONE?!
Jack: First because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels! Secondly, more importantly that smoke signal is over 17 ft high! The entire royal navy is trying to kill me! do you think there is the slightest chance they won't see it.
Elizabeth: WHY did i have to wear a corset??

lol u peeps r funny laughing out loud

hardy har har

yuck yuck yuck WEEEEEE! ARCHIE COMIC LAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!

Young Elizabeth: "You're a pirate?!!" *throws him back over the boat*

The pirate with the eyeball: "I don't need this anymore." throws his fake eye in the fire.

His name is Ragetti and he's the coolest. Mackenzie Crook rocks my socks!!!!!!!!!!

Jack: I do not own this movie. It's commercial sucess was not completely absorbed from my character.

Jack tries to bargain Captain Barbossa for Jack, the monkey...

i say stuff rocks my socks too!!!!! very random i like being random it covers up for my brain deadness ha thats a funny word

rolling on floor laughing I swear I am rolling on the floor laughing my flippin' pants off!
OK! My turn

Will:Aye Avast!
-Crew laughs-
Jack:-taps Will on shoulder-
Will looks at Jack
Jack points to Will's head
Will looks up and sees long blonde wig
Will: Damn it! I did it again!

Wait! I have a long one! Lemme type it

Liz:Why do I have to wear this corset father?
Gov. Swann:Because...because you do
Will walks in
Gov.Swann:-points to Liz and her corset-
Will walks over to Liz
Liz smiles:Will! It's so good to see you!
Will smiles
Liz holds out her hand
Will: -looks at it- What?
Liz:Let me see your dagger
Will:-hands her his dagger-
Liz:-cuts the strings of her corset- HA!
Make-up Lady comes in: KEIRA! That was your 'clevage' corset!
Keira/Liz:-looks at ruined corset-DAMN IT!

WILL: I am NOT gay
i like women..

ok this is my friend writing this now well not now but you get the idea if it is stupid or makes no sense it is not my fault she wouldnt tell me what it was

Jack to Barbossa: Why can't I have a damn monkey named Barbossa?
~Barbossa goes into his quarters and walks out with a pink plastic flamingo~
Barbossa: Here mate!
*Jack stares at Barbossa*
Jack: Why the bloody hell do you have a PINK PLASTIC FLAMINGO in your quaters?
Barbossa(blushes):I have a whole side of me that you don't know about.
Jack: You know you remind me of a lady i once.......OH BLOODY HELL
*Jack starts to think*
Jack: Have you ever met my friend Will?

oh wait she has more...

*barbossa just stares*
Jack:What! You've met the boy.
(barbossa still stares then points behind him)
*Jack turns around and sees Elizabeth*
*Elizabeth punches jack*
Jack:Why the bloody hell did you do that?
Elizabeth: Arf! Arf! Seal!

lol!! i luv this thread!

will: you're a pirate? goody, how do i become one?
commodore: turner, enjoy my fiance
will: im completely obsessed with treasure

jack: how far are you willing to go for this girl?
will: aboooouut 3 miles

gilette: jack sparrow rules

hehe these are hillarious.. I love the first one JackieSparrow's friend made up I didn't get it at first but it's funnybig grinlaughing.. I can't think of anysadsad

thats great... so help me bob... rolling on floor laughing laughing rolling on floor laughing laughing

Anamaria: "Alright Jack, you can borrow my boat, but you have to swear you'll bring it back."
Jack: "I swear on Barbosa's life."
Anamaria: "He's already dead."
Jack: "Oh yes! Excuse me, my mistake."

Jack: "My precccccciiiiiouuuuussssssssssss" (to the rum bottle) laughing out loud

Elizebeth: Father, I'm not marrying Will or Commodore Norrington... I'm marrying Ellen DeGeneres. Aren't you proud of me?
Gov.Swann: Yes Darling, have a nice honeymoon!

Will: U knew my father
Jack: Son, I am your father.
Will: Really?
Jack: No, I can't back that up. I just wanted to say it.
Will (sadly): oh, ok (mopes away on the ship...)

Norrington: whats this "P" brand on your wrist
Jack: oh ummm, i dont remember
Norrington: OK! and whats with the sparrow.. and the Sunset thingy???
Jack: i dont remember that either?!?!?!
Elizabeth: i love you Mystery Man with a "P" brand and a Sparrow and a Sunset... {she sighs a long sigh}
Jack: but i dont know you..
Elizabeth: I DONT GIVE A DAMN, {runs up and kisses Jack}
Jack: ill marry you if you give me that Medallion!
Elizabeth: DONE!!! {humms wedding thingy} do do do dooooo dom dom dom dom....


liked them?

im an idiot

::**humms circus theme thingy**:: do do doodle doodle doodoodoodoo do do do doodle doodle doodoodoodoo DOdododoDodododo... ::**dances along too::**

Scarlet: Jack, I support your descision about cheating on me.
Jack: really??
Scarlet: NO! {slaps him}
Jack: oh...
Gizelle: {kisses Jack} I love you Jack! {slaps him}
Jack: really??
Gizelle: NO!
Jack {to Will}: i every town was like this one, every man would feel unwanted.
Will; REALLY? I didn't notice {sarcastically}
Jack: really?
Will: No. Do i look THAT stupid?
Jack: ummm, yes..?
Will {takes jacks pistol}
Jack {prays on his knees}: dont do anything stupid...
Jack: take what back?
Will: wait.... i lost my train of thought.... {thinks really hard}
Jack{scammers away and hides in a corner before Will remembers what he was doing}: I know its hard for u mate but DON'T SHOOT!!
Will: O Yeah! was that what i was about to do?
Jack: ummm NO!
Will: ok lets get a drink...
Jack: FHEW!! {whipes fore head}

PLEASE stick to the random blubbering! big grin

it wasnt ramdom blubbering
:stick out tonguetttttttubt::
stick out tongue
i had to think really hard for a change to get those.

::walks away PO-ed::

This is random blubbering!

Jack: "Ah how delightful, you named the monkey after me....really you shouldn't have."

Monkey: *Gives medallion to Jack, instead of giving it to Barbosa*

awww cant we have a little random blubbering please please please pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? *blink blink big smile blink blink*

I don't mind...but then if EVERYONE starts blubbering..well then we'd have nothing but blubbering threads...............

we wont blubber that much I promise Ill yell at people if they start to blubber too much ok ok we all happy now? sry im having a spaz attack cause I think my agency is casting 4 POTC2!!!!!!!

ok i'll start a blubbering thread somewhere else.... i waws thinking aboutit a liitle bit ago.

ok this may make no sense cause its kinda an inside joke but yea...
Norrington:Had a brush with the east-west cereal factory...ostrich
Norrington(yet again):you are with out doubt the worst ostich I have ever heard of (does he sound like Simon Cowell there sry just thought of that)
Elizabeth: youre an...ostrich
I think thats all we had...trying to explain this um my friend randomly said he was an ostrich and we were talking about POTC so we put an O on his wrist instead of a P and my 2 other friends are a monkey and a toster and im a blender sry it was really stupid so I thought Id put it on here. Ta

Commodore: Happy Dance I absolutely looooove pirates, I intend to see to it that they get what they diserve, A biiiiiiiig hug! Happy Dance

Jack: (To Will)'re father was a bloody pirate you scalawag!
Will: *Cries* NOO!!!!!

Gilette: come ooon. pleeeease can we leave jack alone? what's he ever done to you?
Jack: you cheated
Barbossa: aaagh no!!! not another flamin apple!
barbossa: being cursed is sooo much fun. you can keep the medallion
jack: wooohoo! hobbit porn!
(sorry that last one was reeeally random!!)

Who's Gilette?

the guy who was helping Norrington who was in the row boat before it ran into the Dauntless.

can i start one?

ah I that is gillette....

Can you start what chelse? You can write...just stay on topic..okie?! big grin

what the? i thought APG made a thread the exact same as thisblink

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ah well...the new ones better...just like the non-existant table

Liz:*burning the rum*
jack Can i help???

Go 2 da other 1 Kaz


ohhhhh damm oh well shit happens

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laughing, hey dosnt everyone agree this thread is better then APG's? yes

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