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What is everyone's feeling on "the midichlorians?" I am curious because that was a big shocker for all of us in Episode I, and then they werent really mentioned in EII. I find it noteable that in two movies in the PT, qui-gon is really the only person who talks about midichlorians, or expresses beleif in them.

Qui-gon beleives (yes, i used the present tense on purpose) midichlorians exist and can tell "the will of the force" to those who are atuned. No one else in EII even tries to find out what the midichlorians have to say about the "dark and disturbing" events taking place. Yoda and Mace meditated, but thats it.

I beleive in EPIII, Yoda's meditation leads him to beleive in the midichlorians as living entities who can express the will of the force. It is at this time yoda understands what is going on with the sith, the prophecy of the chosen one, and even how to contact qui-gon.....

That is my other point. i think it possible that ALL jedi become ghosts, and that even though they "die," their midichlorians DON'T. Now, if you have a living jedi, who is in tune with the will of the force, beleives in midichlorians, and has a high enough midichlorian count himself, a dead jedi can contact him through the midchlorians. essentially, the midichlorians communicate with eachother, and living and dead jedi can communicate by extension.

This is a far-fetched theory, but i think it really makes sense. That is why yoda is able to hear qui-gon. qui-gon is a ghost, and yoda was in deep meditation, perhaps a state where he was more in-tune with his own midichlorians.

This also explains the infamous line, "if you strike me down, i shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." I am running out of space so I will explain that later.

Im curious on everyones thoughts! I think I finally cracked the mystery!

No, I don't think so. It's an old approach to it all as well.

All Jedi believe in the MCs; they are the standard way of testing for force sensitives and Obi-Wan knows Yoda's count off by heart.

They were simply a mechanic introduced to show Anakin's power with the Force and re-inforce GL's theme of symbiosis.

Am I alone in thinking it is noteworthy that NO ONE, except qui-gon has ever spoken of "THE WILL of the force?" I don't really dispute that the jedi do not beleive that midichlorians EXIST, but everything in the movies indicate the jedi in the OT view the force as simply a "means to an end." none of them ever make any mention of the force having ANY intelligence or will of its own.

Think of this comparison: Some people look at the stars and heavens and life on earth and they see evidence of a deliberate, intelligent, creator. Some people can look at these same things, and see no evidence of a creator, whatsoever, but still admire the beauty of it all. They are all looking at the same thing. No one denies the stars and earth and life exist, but not everyone agrees with the IMPLICATIONS of it all.

Its the same with the Jedi and midichlorians. They all beleive they EXIST, but qui-gon is the only jedi we have seen to beleive they are intelligent creatures who can tell atuned minds the "will of the force."

It's scientific reasoning behind paranormal phenomena, if you break all phenomena of this sort down there is always going to be science behind it. I love how in the OT the Force is a mythological power and in the PT it's the opposite, a scientific reasoning.

Which makes the OT version better, IMO.

I doubt that midi-chlorians will ever be mentioned again. Lucas heard how mad people were about them, and just conveniently "forgot."

If you really think about my theory though, the OT and PT blend and arent as contradictory as it might seem. What if the midichlorians of a jedi don't die, and the living jedi can communicate with a dead jedi via the midichlorians. then obi-wans line about the force, "its an energy field.... that binds us, brings us together...." would not just be a description of the force, but a "secret" ben learned from yoda in EIII, as well as foreshadowing of how ben and luke would be "brought together."

and i think the line "if you stike me down, i shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" is as simple as it sounds. ben knows luke has a high enough midichlorian count that he can communicate with luke after he dies. ben also knows vader is unaware of this connection with the midichlorians. since he is a sith, he USES the force to accomplish his evil deeds, instead of listening to it's will and realizing the "true nature of the force."

so, you need a high midichlorian count to communicate? why?
if it's the prophecy that you can do it without, than it's not needed

where does the prophecy say you can do it without?

i think all jedi die, become ghosts, but it takes a jedi with a high midichlorian count to communicate with them. yoda was infinately more powerful than qui-gon, which is why yoda was able to hear qui-gon yell "anakin, anakin" when in meditation in EPII. Luke had a high midichlorian count, which is why he was able to hear obi-wan say "run, luke, run" right after obi-wan died. only later, as luke grew in the force, was he strong enough to actually see obi-wan.

they can't all become ghosts, cause Vader was surprised in ANH, so it's a new thing they learn

and for example... QGJ didn't become a ghost ...

There is no need to mention them in EII. The central focus is on the instability of the Republic. All of the Jedi involved are trained and experienced. A discussion about MC would be out of place in the dialog. Now as to their need in respect to jedi "ghosts", that should, I would think, play into EIII to tie up (as Lucas says) all the loose ends.

they all DO become ghosts, but no one learns how to CONTACT them until yoda contacts qui-gon in EII.

bigsef,.... like said... QGJ didn't disappear, he got burned
so, how can you say jedi do become ghosts if he didn't?

So did vader, though...

but as far as we know, if disappearing and being a ghost is relatead, he did and Luke burned his armor instead

I really hope that Lucas remembers to answer the ghost thing in Episode III. If not, we're gonna be having this debate forever. Or at least until he edits Episode IV so that Obi-wan doesn't fade, but gets cut in half.

Personally, back on topic, I hate the idea of midi-chlorians. Taking the Force, something that is purely mystical, and grounding it in science is a bad idea.

rest assure, VG, he will smile

the midichlorians aren't really a way to get it scientific, I mean, you can't just take some blood of someone and get the midichlorians, push them in you and become a better jedi, it was just a way to get the audience to know that Anakin was extremely special as a knight


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