something, i guess (M1)

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this is it.
The end of the matrix forum.
is there really nothing left to say about these movies?
i thought there would always be sumthin to say.
there's gotta be at least one thing left that nobodys seen...
how about this...
lets revert back to M1
look only at that movie on this thread.
i liked it better anyway.

i have sumthin to ask...
when Neo first is being freed, and theres the shot of the silver stuff goin down his throat, did anyone else see that green stuff in his teeth? freakin nasty...ok thats it.

if anyone has the matrix special edition DVD, is there anything specifically special about it? other than the prism cover?
jus wonderin.

hmm...i didnt notice that. Maybe its the code starting to inhibit and transport him inside the matrix. I have to check it out

i know the 'through the looking glass' reference but what exactly is going on when the mirror fixes itself and then becomes liquid?

who is doing that? neo?
how come the code is misbehaving?

maybe its the foreshadowing to show that neo being the one enables him to the control the matrix code.........

maybe, but he didnt know he could that till the end of the film so it would have to be doing it subconsciously.

did Morph n Trin n co. see that silver stuff too? i dont think they noticed cuz of the look he gives when neo goes, "did you guys see that?"
as for the liquidy stuff...i think it has to do w/a visual representation of his body slowly deteriorating from the just looks better than having a green wireframe model to underly his body...
cuz it looked like he was having a heart attack...
ok lemme explain this better than i think i have:
the silver stuff was put in place to visualize Neo dissappearing slowly into nothing. they needed to find his body to put his RI so he could jack back in...and if they didnt do it in time, his body would just dissappear and he would die...thats why i think they made such a big deal of it. Cuz what would they do if they were too slow n The ONE just dissappeared into nothing? lol...kinda short movie if that happens.

NO-ONE SAW IT BUT NEO. It's been said a million times before, it was a hallucination, hence the reason Morph and Trin look at each other wondering what the hell Neo is seeing.

Lil Seraph
WTF its a crappy mirror get over it. Anyway in the mirror scene you see neos reflection with morpheus behind him. Then a second later morpheus is gone. The camera switches to a closes shot of neos face not the mirror. Then back to the mirror. Morpheus is back again. So stupid. Yeah anyway i heard the mirror was a program to kill neo in the matrix. when neo dies in the matrix his body unplugs and is then rendered useless to the machines so they flush them down the toilet thingy and they drown in the water in the real world. The NEd just got his signal so they knew where he'd be to save him with THE SKILLTESTER CLAW! That's why in kid's story when the kid falls off the building neo and trin save him.

Actually Seraph, the bros themselves said that it was a hallucination.

Check it out.

Interpret that as you will, but I think it's a manifestation of the Neo's code changing to allow him to safely pull out of the Matrix.

ok it can be the foreshadowing of neos healing he healed trin in reloaded......

He didn't heal her, he brought her back to life, by sticking his hand into her chest, and making her heart beat.

In the end, she had to have been still hurting....right?

thats tru but its similar

ya this sux, its all oversad

thanks for the link. thats the closest answer im gonna get.

"The mirror is actually a mirror. When Neo sees it, it's a hallucination, but it's the direct result of the pill Morpheus has given Neo. Reflections in general are a significant theme in the film. The ideas of worlds within worlds.."



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