Will jack be cursed in POTC2?

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OK. Remember when Captain Barbossa was about to cut Will's hand but, Jack saved him, and told them that the whole navy was out in the sea? Well, remember, they said, if you steal a piece of the aztec gold you're cursed, well during that cutting Will's hand, Jack stole one piece of the gold! REMEMBER! And then at the end the monkey atole one piece too. So it might be so that Jack and Jack the monkey might both be cursed in the sequal. But I don't know I might even be wrong, maybe I missed the part when he puts the piece back, even if I saw it about 23 times, I might have. Ya never know mate! pirate arrrgh...

well...jack sparrow isn't cursed anymore...cuz in the end he cut his hand, and then Will dropped both his and jack's peices back into the chest, therefore taking the curse off jack. And besides that it wouldn't be possible for jack to still be cursed cuz in order for the rest of the pearl's crew to have the curse lifted every coin had to be returned and the blood repaid. So, if jack was still cursed, the rest of the crew would still be cursed as well......and i personally don't take much stalk in that part after the credits where the monkey took a piece of the gold....i just think it was there to get us guessing for the next movie smile

No he won't be cursed because Will returned the blood that needed to be repayed.

i dont think jack will be cursed either

no he won't be cursed coz he bled on the coin and it was put on. the monkey is cursed though coz he was the only one that took it out again

Oh yeah. I forgot about that part. Thanks for refreshing my memory!

Orlando Bloom03
Jack will not be cursed because they drop the coins in at the end to kill Barbosa.. however you spell his name...! Keep luving Johnny and Orlando!!! stick out tongue

jack's dudess
silly person...

Wait, so why is the monkey cursed? When did he take another coin?

If you think about it, that a really weird sentence...."Why is the monkey cursed?"

yeah, i dont expect to be seeing that again in my life, anyways, on the dvd, after all teh credits, there is an easter egg, an added part. the monkey steals a peice of gold and what not. but i really doubt that will matter in the sequel, i think it was just something to think about

Yea only the monkey is cursed..

damn monkey mad

****ing stupid thread. The dipshit can't even realize that TWO pieces were dropped back into the chest. This is quite pathetic. Go and watch the film again, or die. Either one, I don't really care.

lol i think someone is a little cranky and i never watched it after credits hmm ill have to look at that

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