Whats In It For Dooku?

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I Have always been bothered by the Dooku/Palpatine alliance. We know they are in co-hoots, and we know what Palpatine wants out of it. We know what Palpatine gets out of it. He looks to be the hero in his time, and this allows him to become Emperor and rule the galaxy.

But what was EVER in it for Dooku? Did he think he would be Palpatines right hand man? He's not stupid. Like in the pretty much confirmed opening scene of EPIII, what could Dooku possibly have to gain by kidnapping Palpatine? If that is all staged, and he is really doing all of it to help Palpatine, then the only way for it to end is with his death.

It just doesnt add up. Does anyone have an explaination of what Dooku's motives are?

I think Dooku is genuinly honest about him wanting to get rid of a corrupt senate and that he believes that the Clone Wars have to be there in order to get his own non-corrupt stuff done

But how? He beleives the Senate is corrupt and needs to be gotten rid of, but is his plan for Palpatine to have him killed? Is he so stupid to not realize Palpatine is playing him? Or does he realize this and plan to be a martyr beacuse he genuinely beleives Palpatine as an Emperor is better than an admittably corrupt senate?

he DOES know that palpatine is Sidious, he says so in AOTC
but I take he knows that as long as there are jedi fighting against him, they have trouble bringing order and justice back into the galaxy, so perhaps he's trying to get knights over to his side?
I mean, with general dude, with his lightsabres, they already have a sort of a knight on their side

Logically, I want to say Dooku HAS to be playing Palpatine, too. People in power are always competing against eachother, each one seeking his own advantage. But this is just a story.

Dooku is Palpatines apprentice, and he probably just expects to be Palpatines Right hand man. Perhaps he underestimates Palpatines aspirations, thinking they are out to start a revolution to REPLACE the corrupt senate, not destory it. He probably over-estimates how valuable he is to Palpatine, not realizing he is expendable. Dooku obviously does not know who anakin is, or he would not have tried to execute him in EII. that certainly was not part of Palpatines Plan. Palpatine wants anakin as his Apprentice from the get-go. If Dooku knew this, he would not have joined Sideous, because it would mean he was doomed for death from the start.

im not sure whats in for him well just have to see next year when it comes out.

but Dooku knew that Palpatine is Sidious and that he's a Sith
so, ... he must be pretty darn sure about his case if he goes on

Darth Jello
if you look at the executive and commanders of the armed forces a pattern emerges...
Count Dooku of Serreno/Darth Tyranus-Chancellor of the Confederacy of Independent systems. Feels the Jedi should not serve a corrupt republic, joined the sith when the Jedi would not listen to his pleas, blames the Jedi for Qui-Gon's death. Truely believes that the Sidious has the republic's best intentions at heart, though this may be due to the dark side of the force. Had a facination with the Sith as a Jedi.
General Grevious-Vice-Chancellor of the confederacy, supreme commander of confederate forces, desciple of Dooku and Sidious. Holds a grudge against the Jedi that has not yet been revealed, possibly related to the loss of his body.
Commander Assajj Ventress-Sith adept, former dark Jedi. Trained by a marooned Jedi, blames the Jedi for not rescuing him. Considers current Jedi to be false Jedi and the true Jedi to be the Sith. Aspires to be Sith despite knowing nothing of their code.
Commander Durge-Former bounty hunter. Has a vendetta against the Jedi for unknown reasons. Also, hates Mandelorians and wishes to destroy them all, hence his hatred of clone troopers. Considered mentally ill and sadistic by his pacifistic race, the Gen'Dai.

Any patterns?

I wonder what Dooku does when he realizes Palpatine is eager to have Anakin kill him.

I really hope that they DONT actually SHOW anakin becoming vader. This is because for somebody watching all six movies all the way through for the first time, it would ruin the cliffhanger ending at the end of "empire strikes back". They would not be as shocked that vader is lukes father unless they were led to believe that vader was actually dooku in episode 3. This would also be a justified reason as to why dooku was introduced as a new character so late into the prequel trilogy.

I always thought that in episode 2, Dooku acted and dressed a lot more like vader than Anakin, so they might imply (but not actually show) that DOOKU becomes vader, and not many non jedi know that anakin is vader. After all, if the whole of the alliance knew that vader was anakin, wouldn't luke have found that out BEFORE episode 5 (or one of his friends would have told him-after all, he did have the same last name and come from the same planet)

what the ... ? of course it will VERY clear that anakin will be vader!
last I heard they even have a few scenes purely for his transformation

Darth Jello
this is a supposed design sketch of that scene I found on T'bone's site, stolen from TF.N at the same time as the crispy photo and the other stuff. TF.N kind of pisses me off cause they never cooperate and keep things from other sites. like all those recent photos, no one can truely confirm if it's real or not (though chances are fairly good that it is). It does match spoilers quite well. I'm not sure if this is the original version or the one that's been enhanced for color.
well, here it is...

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