Good Star wars episode 3 websites

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What are some good websites anyone?

Darth Jello -good for concise information and plot summary

you mean for news?
well, if we're throwing away urls like frisbees, why not mention than?

These ones have cool pics:

Thanks guys.

Darth Jello
dude, Yerssot, your site needs work

That's not his site.

That's Glenn's, aka Catch-22.

Yerssot does some reporting though, and I used to also.

that's why it's semi-half-promotion


Try! Happy Dance

darthyorktown i think you posted that on the wrong thread, this thread it titled "good star wars sites"


And yet another thread has fallen to the SS trap.

someone please explain the supershadow thing to me

is he for real or not

and if he isnt than why isnt lucas goin after him

he isn't
and lucas can't do anything about it


Sith Master X
How do people know that Supershadow is not real?

The Ones
because it has plot lines for episode 7, 8 and eventually 9 when lucas said he wont be doing a third trilogy. and the episode 3 script is completely fake, it dowsnt even feature mechanical vader when lucas also said "vader will have about 5-12 minutes of screentime" so i declare super FAKE!!

Sith Master X
Yeah, now that I think about it, SS does seem cocky.

If you read the discription about himself, it says all info regarding SS is above top Secret, and yet, there's a fricken picture of him right underneath! Now according to me, If I wanted my identity to be top secret, releasing a picture of myself would be that last thing I'd want to do.

The Ones
True True

Darth Venom
This is a good site for pics

OK here's the deal, I know of an excellent site for EP 3..........and because of the idiot level some people I can't post it. They boot immature people outta there left and right and I dont want to get booted for giving the address to a bunch of fools Those of you that fall under my idea of mature (you know who you are) can pm me and I'll give you the linkage. You may or may not know about it but I havent seen it posted here.

yikes! being inundated here for if you have ever been involved in a childish argument on these boards without factual backing please don't even ask

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