What what WHAT?!

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Hold on people! There's an issue here that has to be cleared up!

According to people in the Ep 3 section, another member of yoda's race was shown in the Jedi council in Ep 1 {though not in Ep 2}. Is this just a bunch of crap? There's a supposed picture of her in the thread "yoda has a younger brother" - but it looks like yoda with hair added in photoshop! I need to know people!

ahnold, that's yaddle, yes she was in EpI and is even clearly visible

but no, that's not yoda's sister, they're just making fun of supercrap

Ah - muchas gracias

yea she is a jedi master also but far yonger than yoda here is a picture of her.

Dirty Vader
There's also another jedi master at the end celebration of Ep I, with pink skin and a scar on his eye. Who the hell is he?

Even Piell

Darth Revan
her name is Yaddle and she looks like Yoda with hair and nice skin

nice skin blink

its hideus skin !

Darth Jello
I repeat my request for some hardcore Yoda on Yaddle action

I repeat my resquest for someone to defecate on your head, just for giving me that mental image.


Darth Jello
ew, now that pushes a few bounderies. come on, it's just pure clean fun Vengeance, like like that new Fox special where it's nothing but animal whoopie

There's a difference between two Zebras getting it on and YODA. I mean, can you imagine the noises they would make?

just seeing them would give you historical blindness. sick

Darth Jello
historical? I can't see abraham lincoln!!!!!!

and yes I can imagine the noises.

"mmmmm, That thing back up, you"
"crack that ass open, I will"
"Strong in the force are you"


anything more on this subject about the other from Yoda``s spieces. Something must have happen to her since she aint a part of the JC in AOTC

Darth Jello
I thought she died or was marooned or somehting in the EU

Malfoy's chick
oh I know Yaddle, doesn't she die when Anakin is 14. And he blames it on himself, because he does something wrong! I think that's how it goes because I haven't read the book for a while

Yoda : MMmmmm, judge me by my size, do you?

Yaddle : How you get so big eating food of this kind?

Yoda : The dark side, I sense IN you...

Yaddle : (to Ben, who is watching) ... will he finish what he begins?

Yoda : You MUST complete the training!

Ben : (to Yoda) Was I any different when YOU taught ME?

I could go on with this for days...


Please don't.


please don't state EU-crap as the truth roll eyes (sarcastic)

(notice how I don't use sarcasm)

Rogue Jedi
laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing

Rogue Jedi
oh my god!!!! that is too funny!!!!! i can hear yoda now...."do me, you must...a spanking, you need....my name, you must say.." laughing laughing laughing

Again with the Blech!

Rogue Jedi
"mmm.....hot, you are.....getting close, am i.....pull out, i must." laughing bunny


Rogue Jedi
mmm..aaa....the dark side, i sense in you...a minute, you must wait....me, that is!!!!!

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