Been here for 7 months, so here's a belated description

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Lord Soth
Hi, I'm Lord Soth (most of you might know me already). My official internet name is Raven (I only give my true name to good friends). I love movies, books, watching TV, and playing with my 2 little brothers. In my spare time, I read, write (stories and poetry) and I post here! big grin

I'm a sophomore in high school, where I take (among the required stuff): Japanese, Creative Writing, and Ceramics.

I have a laid-back personality, almost limitless amounts of energy, and perpetual good mood (and I'm not exaggerating; I was once taken into the guidance office cuz they thought I was on drugs. I'm not, btw)

So, there's me

Happy Birthday! happybday

yay LS! so nice to have meet ya!

welcome to KMC!............wait

BOPRecruit 16
they thought you were on drugs?! eek! hang on, let me go into the next thread/forum...*moves away* laughing laughing laughing rolling on floor laughing

Lord Soth
If you've ever seen me at my craziest, you wouldn't doubt it either stick out tongue

Darth Revan
hey Lord Soth

BOPRecruit 16
you should see me when i'm really sugar high! i act like a freakin' lunatic, drunk, and allie thinks i'm on drugs. laughing

Lord Soth
I don't get sugar highs anymore, I've built up a tolerance

This is the New New Newbie forum not the 7 month member forum stick out tongue

Lord Soth
Yes, well, I always wanted to inroduce myself officially stick out tongue

way to be late... at least i was only a week late.hahah

Lord Soth
Yeah, I always meant to do it earlier, damn myself....

stick out tongue

I like pie! I mean... uh... hi, Mr Belated Description! And Mr. Pretty boy, that there isn't a girl out there that don't want him... and several guys I'd assume... OH, and HIDDY HO Mr. Goat!!! So cute... Happy Dance

BOPRecruit 16
i love gettin' sugar high! eek! it makes me happy and entertain my friends. laughing

welcome, sothy *hugs* i think i should start a thread here too... still didn't do it big grin

neither did i!!!!

Belated Welcome.

Lord Soth

No one's commented on my description of myself yet, theyv'e just scolded me for being late! stick out tongue

yea he is posting a newbie thread and he has been here almost as long as me laughing out loud

Lord Soth
Shut up laughing

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