The Matrix: Re-Envisioned

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This is going to be a thread on ideas and plots for a possible fourth Matrix movie. I'll come up with a plot soon, but someone start the trend while I'm thinking.

I think it should start with the coding going backwardsthumb up

another thing is.....u can't have a Matrix movie without Neo, so since (in my mind) neo's spirit is still alive......couldn't he come back in another form? or have kid be the next one......

i think it should be that Neo takes over the Architect and he becomes the Architectthumb up

neo cant be the architect because neo is not a program

Sati should be the new oracle

well we can show that the peace is contd and what happens to all the other impt chars like morphy weds niobe,a temple created 4 neo.....
and a new religion is estd called (any ideas).......this is just a fun post but mayb they can start off with waht happend to the other major chars much like a prologue and then they can go on to showing the future of sati. the mero....

then we should be given the ans. to the most obvious question raised in revo. what happens to neo.,.....

Neo is a 14 year old kid. You can tell it's him cause he can fly, and he knows it already, and he's trying to keep it a secret. His girlfriend (Trinity) feels strange too.

All the while the machines are plotting a way to destroy the newly rebuilt Zion. And the new city, Zito or something like that.

Then Smith comes back. I want a big scene in like the place where Neo died in the first movie. And it's night, and you're looking up at the window, and the sky behind. Then I want there to be screams BIG screams. Then we go to room 303, to see Smith shaking on the floor screaming. Then panting, and grabbing his hand, then smiling evilly, while still shaking.

Morpheus and Niobi are together in the NEB II, and their are rumors of The One's return. Morpheus beleives in the rumors, and tries to get Niobi to help him find Neo.

Neo and Trin have talk.

Then Neo keeps having dreams of a men in suits killing him.

Then Smith finds the kid Neo, after exploring the new changed world. He starts choking the kid Neo, wiht kid Trin screaming.

"You took it away! You took it away! I'll kill you, Mr. Anderson! I'll kill you!"

Smith says, choking him. Neo wraps his hand around Smith's, and then gives him the finger. Smith gets angry, and starts choking him again. Then Agents come. Chase Smith away, cause Smith still isn't as strong.

"Agents!?" Trin yells.
"I thought you guys were deleted." Neo says

Agents take Neo and Trin away, and word gets to humans. But Agents were supposed to be deleted, so there's an agurement.

Soon the machine's plan to kill humans is stated, and they rage a new war.

Morpheus and Niobi get Neo.

And Neo and trin are being held captive in the interigation room, with the Agents outside.

"Trin....I have to tell you something..." Neo says.
"We're going to die....The machines are going to kill us...." Trin says.
"My name....Trin, you're Trinity! I'm Neo! I keep having these visions...I keep dreaming of these things....Trinity...I can't...I can't do this..."

So there's your story. Neo could be like Eon or Oen as a kid.


all i know is...they need another burly brawl!

Of course!

A kid Neo, Vs. Smith!

they need to make an "Animatrix Burley Brawl"

there isnt gonna be a fourth.. so dont do this... this was the end... there is no further comment

uh, this is a fan thread, therefore, we can make fan fiction......

4TH matrix going past a trilogy BLAH! taking the Biscuit Now mad

Actually A trilogy by definition could be up to 6 things not only 3


no expression

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