POTC Trivia

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Who here is the ultimate POTC fan? Everyone here's where we can ask questions and see how many you can get right!!!

First question: Name the three woman who slapped Captain Jack Sparrow

Feel free to ask to your own questions because I'm no good at question askingstick out tonguestick out tongue

Scarlett, Anamaria, and Giselle

i knew them you beat me grrrrrrrrrr

in order...Scarlett, Giselle, Anamaria

How many times did Jack say savvy?

Hmmm.... huh

1-In Port Royal to Gilette as they tried to take the Dauntless
2-To Will on their way to Tortuga
3-To Will while walking through Tortuga before Scarlett appears
4-To Gibbs in the bar
5-To Barbossa in the cabin aboard the Black Pearl
6-In the cave near the end when Jack is telling Barbossa about the Dauntless floating outside.

I think that's all of them...not sure though blink

pirate love Happy Dance

hum question question question that isnt something ive made up about Jack something that people would know is Will really a eunuch? no again my own ideas um..... damn I've created my own little world of Jack I don't remember what I made up and whats in the movie ugh

Here's a piece of trivia: How many days, after being out on the venture to the Isla de Muerta, did Barbossa go to Jack and ask him about the treasure's location?

Happy Dance Dance, dancing banana, dance!! Happy Dance

three days! i got one its mine mine i tell you mine!

sry i'm getting high off the ask Jack stuff so keep asking me I mean Jack questions do it or I'll hurt you!

hey, umm here's one. i asked it in another forum an nobody got it but i think its pretty easy:

how many years before the attack on port royal did elizabeth and will meet?

14 years

no..it was something to do with 8 or 18.....

8 years ago! big grin

yep, 8

Heres one
What is Govenor Swann's First name?

i have no idea

Governor Weatherby Swann. That's the name!

weatherby! wow. i never would have known that!! i didnt even know he HAD a first name!

Its not that big, i dont like that guyyes

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.