Famous Pirates

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This thread is to list and talk about famous pirates!

Samuel Bellamy

Maurycy Beniowski

Stede Bonnet

Anne Bonny

William Dampier

Francis Drake

Thomas Jones

William Kidd

Jean Laffite

Henry Morgan

John Rackham

Mary Read

Bartholomew Roberts

Edward Teach

Thomas Tew


Anne Bonny was by far the coolest person in the world. She sailed with Calico Jack and was dressed as a man. Jack and her were in love but she fell in love with "Jupidter Jones." who turned out to be Mary Read dressed as a man, so she wanted Anne to stop hitting on her and confessed her womanity. So Anne and Mary were best friends and Anne and Jack were...ahem...together. And they sailed the seven seas merrily. Of course they were eventually caught and threatened to be hung. When they were on trial Anne and Mary pleaded not to kill their "BABIES" wink. So they were spared on account of their false pregnancies and Jack was hung but before he died Anne cursed him and his family. Which would be a fasinating plot for the sequel, or, prequel big grin

Edward Teach was Blackbeard. He was very mean and did a bunch of disgusting things to people (i.e. fire their limbs out of a cannon sick ) He also crashed his own ship and bailed leaving his crew to die.

Captain Kidd was cool. He was a little well....... Happy Dance rolling on floor laughing mad....ya....he was crazy. He started the Pirate fad of burrying treasure but he never really went back so he had over 100,000 maps but no treasure, lucky him.

Bartholomew Roberts was Black Bart....i'm sure he copied Blackbeard on that one.

lol you sure do know your pirate stuff hehe stick out tongue

kewlies big grin

take care

luv AS!!!

Yeah..I am getting lessons from the all knowing MissesDepp! hee hee big grin

heheheheheheheheeh i like pirates


dont you think it would be AWSOME to be a pirate??? omg i would love it stealing loot and sailing seas ah amazing!

Captain Hook? Has he been mentioned under any other name.. I don't know. Just know him as Captain Hook and he's famous right? Mythologically of course, but still well known!

hey missesdepp i thought Anne bonney and Mary Read were lesbians. yeah...wait...yeah they were i saw this awesome 1 hour special on pirates on the discovery channel

yeah i love pirates too!! love

i swear if i wasnt an actor i would be like an expert on pirates!!!!

I'm going to be a pirate when i grow up. And speak elvish. and have one of those pet dragons that they have in China on new years. They weren't lesbians, but i'm sure Mary would have liked that...hehehe.

hey im just goin by what the discovery channel said but i wanna be a pirates too hehe. that would be so fun

AYE AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe this is fun AYE AYE MissesDepp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone else know any famous pirates?

ummmmmmm..... Captain Loom, he was perverted... don't want to get into this. Captain Kidd was the funniest, not all the lights were on upstairs...savvy??

captain loom? who the hell?

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