Tobey Maguire or Jake Gyllenhaal

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I don't know about other, but I HATED Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-man. He's such a emotionless lump. I mean fine Tobey can do drama, I'll give him that much I guess, but he has no RANGE. Spider-man is a energetic, wise-cracking character. After hearing about the troubles starting Spider-man 2 and dismissal of Tobey and the possible attachment of Jake Gyllenhaal to the picture I was stoked. Alot of people say he's just like Tobey, including looks, but he's shown a wide variety of emotions in his films from Donnie Darko to Bubble Boy . I think he would have been a better chose from the beginning. Also he's Kirsten Dunst's boyfriend so there's obviously chemistry there that would have been on the screen. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Note: I stole the last line from Dennis Miller

Jury Copeland
Nah.. Tobey Maguire is the right Peter Parker...

No more words.


Tobey was the obvious choice....Peter is the boy next door who happens to stumble upon super powers. Maguire's rendition was perfect! I can't wait to see how he's going to do in Spidey 2.
CAN"T WAIT! bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny

Herr Logan
You wanted Spider-Man to be played by the guy from BUBBLE BOY?!?

**SNIKT!!** **TWIST** **SHUKT**

Lousy, stinkin' rookie. Feh.

I like Jake, but Tobey's the one and only Spider-Man, he fits the character perfectly! yes

Red Superfly
Ever since watching Donnie Darko, I have always wonderred "what if" he did get the part.

Despite the fact I love the Spidey movies, I'm afraid to say that if Jake played Peter, it would have been even better.

Reborn Again
Now Jake Gyllenhaal looks the part of Peter Parker. Taller and more handsome. Tobey M is too plain looking. However I suppose that's what Raimi wanted so PP wouldn't stand out in a crowd. PP is plain and Spidey is well-known. But this is a movie, who cares really. As long as the movie doesn't suck.

gyllenhall is too much of a pretty boy to be peter parker.....maguire played and looked that part more than anybody

Appearnce wise, they are both practically the same to me... I mean the only real difference that I notice is their face structure. Miguire's face is more round, while Gyllenhall is more square

Although I have liked more of Gyllenhall's movies, so I guess I'm for him as Peter.

Tobey is a much more superior actor than Jake in my oppinion.

Tobey is better. i like Jake more, but hes not nerdy enough to play Parker.

I agree.

I agree with what thefilmprophet said.

But I do often wonder 'what if Jake played Peter?'

I would feel so sorry for Tobey, not being in one of the greatest and most successful movies of all time.


I also sometimes wonder what if, but then I realize how wrong he would be for the part.

hey tobey did a fine job in SM2 so i couldnt care.

In Spider-Man 1 AND 2 smile

Ok...a lot of people tend to forget that Peter's nerdish looks started to disappear once he got rid of the glasses, changed his hairstyle, started making wisecracks, built general, his appearance changed once he gained more confidence and comfort as Spidey. If you read the comics throughout the years, artists have turned him from a geek to someone who's pretty damn decent looking...think about McFarlane's art in the late 80s and the way Peter looks now. He does NOT look like Tobey Maguire anymore.

I actually think Jake would pull it off quite nicely. His face is more enlongated...kind of a stretched out Tobey Maguire. They have the same timid, sensitive voice when they act. Now we can argue that Peter Parker is still at his geek stage at the time of Spider-man 1 and 2, and hopefully, they will change that in Spidey 3--meaning, less stereotypical nerd, more wisecracks, etc.

Not that it's going to change anything for me if Tobey remains...I prefer the same actor when completing a franchise.

Jake is a far superior actor to Tobey... if I watch spider-man I have to fast forward through any part with tobey for an elongated period of time because he ISN'T the peter parker I'd imagine. The best PP was the one in the late 90's cartoon. He was more generic and less nerdy, which I found to be perfect considering today's culture. Even nerds nowadays would pummel the shit out of a nerd from back in the day, and the current PP strikes me as more of a loser then a nerd.


no he isnt. two words: Bubble Boy sick

shouldnt nataku signature be banned?
post a pic of this gargalahrineariel so i can see if he has body similiarity with peter parker

Two words; Donnie Darko

Was horrible.

grrr damn you!!

Wow... go like... stop drinking or smoking or whatever you were doing when you saw that movie.

Maybe you did when you saw it stick out tongue (no offense)

I own it, I've seen it many times, are you saying I was drinking or smoking everytime? Anyways it was horrible. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. It was a movie, that was purposely made to not make sence, so all of those fan boys would go discuss it over and over, and come up with theories.

It makes no sense, which is why it is awesome. My friend (who showed it to me) keeps trying to explain how it all makes sense... but I know he's full of shit.

Nothing in that movie makes any sense, cellar door, the time travel loop, none of it.

But the point isn't about the movie, its that Jake was a great actor in it.

I still say Tobey's better.

Tobey is the black guy from roots.

VERY TRUE. You don't have to be a nerd to be smart. Parker was a genius...he started off being a geek/nerd...but he ended up very confident/mature/ladies' man. Think of all the hot gals he's had...from Betty to Gwen to MJ to Felicia to all sorts of others.'s just storywriting, but Parker's character developed as well. Jake can pull off the smart and sensitive yet not loserish role, in my opinion. And I got all this just from Day After Tomorrow.... stick out tongue

Me too evil face

dbarzallo too

no, THATS the worst movie ever. my mom has the 5-disc DVD set.

I think we can all safely say that Tobey wins this one hands down.

i think tobey did a great job playing peter parker, besides he did the first one already so the fans would relate to him more than jake "bubble boy" gyllenhaal. laughing


fever red
About Darko- like Naked Lunch, I thought the "story" didn't "make sense" as a method of introducing a certain state of mind to the viewers- not to allow people to wank out a lot of theories.
And Gyllenhaal, I'd love him for Carnage- NOW I know I'm about to get my @ss handed to me...

Darth Prefect
eek! hey thats not a bad idea, Kate!!! i seriously think Gyllenhaal could pull a Kasady off!

fever red
Pull Kasady off...yes...(goes off to have happy thoughts)

But not Spider-Man evil face smokin'

Jason kinda look like kasady, yes i also think he's perfect for the part roll eyes (sarcastic)

Maybe but I'm not sure he could pull off the insane killer personality.

with director Sam Raimi, im sure he muster that killer personality out of Jason, that man's a genius! yes smart

Yeah Sam is a genuis cool

fever red
So, let's dye Gyllenhaal's hair, and I will do a scene with him (wink, wink!) to see just how he measures up.

Ohh Kate, you're scrumptious!! wink

I like Jake, he was great in the day after tomorrow. and bubble boy was funny, but i don't know about him being spiderman. Tobey was good in the first one but i the second one his heart didn't deem in the movie.

You think so?

I know he tried very hard in the second one. You know he did because of his back, if he couldn't have been bothered then he wouldn't have gone to all that trouble of convincing Sony and telling them his back was better.

I really feel that he's gotten in Pete's shoes and Spidey's outfit.

Spider-man movie;
Maximum carnage:
Peter - Jake G.
Brock - ?
Cletus - Zack Ward
Shriek - Briana Banks (BAM!)

I thought Tobey made a great peter parker. though his eyes were blue instead of brown, he had the perfect look for the role. peter's a nerd, and tobey has that nerdy look to him.

Tobey did do a good job as an everyday nerdy kinda spiderman.

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