LOTR 3 line Carryon Fanfic

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Haldir let his platnum hair blow in the wind as he stood on the branch of a mallorn tree. He looked down at the other elves walking and conversating. This made our dear marchwarden sad.

Another elf had been watching Haldir for sometime now from a nearby tree. To her, he was the most magnificent elf that had ever lived. A gust of wind blew fiercely and knocked her out of her tree.

Haldir turned towards where he heard the crash. Sliding down the tree he sprinted over to the elven lady that had fell. He tried to wake her.

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She stirred and finally opened her eyes.

"I'm so-so-sorry to ha-have b-b-bothered you." She said nervously.

She was embarrassed by her speech towards him, but she was so nervous.

Haldir took her hand in his and helped her to her feet.

"Bother!" He said.

"Why miss you are no bother to me."

"You shall be glad you did not break your neck from the fall."

She was silent, but still managed to look at him. Then after having made eye contact she looked away quickly.

"Don't be afraid fair lady." He told her.

She looked from him to the ground.

"Might I ask for your name?" He said to her.

"My n-name i-is Feora." She told him.

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"Lady Feora, may I ask what brings your fair face to our woods? We are not often graced by those as beautiful as yourself."

Feora blushed and looked at her feet.

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Tela took aim on her bow. She did not want to do this. She really didn't, but it was the only way. She let the arrow zoom just missing Haldir's head. Tela's eyes widened.

She looked at Turi and they both began climbing further into the tree's bough. Knowing they would soon be found. Why had Tela miss?

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"Lord Haldir, I am honored to be in the presence of your forest." She said still blushing.

"I have traveled to here because my elven Kingom is in trouble......." She was caught off by an arrow that zipped by between the two of them. The arrow had barely missed the top of Feora's head.

Haldir's eyes pierced and looked keenly around for the culprit.

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Haldir's eye's set on two melves jumping from one mallorn tree to another. Then one disappeared.

Tela ran tripping and falling to the ground. She pulled herself up and sprinted hoping the galadrihm wouldn't follow. They had to have that marchwarden dead and proof of it before a month was up.

Haldir's loud voice filled the forest.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?" His voice was ferocious.

This was the second time he had seen an arrow headed his direction in the last three days.

Feora flinched at the sound of his voice. But yet it was full of power, and that she admired.

Tela hoped this distraction would work, but he wasn't chasing her. She cursed fluently in her native elvish language. "Come on comeon." she said trying to will Haldir away from her brother.

Haldir jumped up. "Excuse me my lady." he said then ran after the runaway. He came to a clearing where the even lighter than normal elven prints stopped. He looked up and grabbed the ankle of the strange elf. He had never seen her before. The dark brown hair was not that of his realm. He yanked her down by her ankle.

Tela let out a yelp that followed by a sickening thick thud as her body hit the ground harder than Haldir wanted. He cringed at the sound.

Feora was running after Haldir, trying to catch up to them.

"Where are you from and what business have you with me?" He said in a hostile voice. His grip was tight on her leg.

"Who else was with you?" He asked again......... he was getting annoyed with silence coming from her mouth.

Tela looked from tree to tree and along the meadow for an escape route.

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Maen, a small male Elf, heard the disturbance and quickly ran to the clearing where he thought the noise was coming from.
When he reached the place, he frowned. "Lord Haldir, why are you brawling like a common Orc? My lady Galadriel does not abide such disturbances here."

Haldir sneered. "I'm sure, Lady Galadriel, will want to know why two of her people were almost killed by this elf." He said finally pinning her. "She tried to kill me." he explained.

Tela squirmed but he had an weight advantage. She knew that they knew she wasn't one of them but she didn't care. She gave up fighting.


"Then she must be brought to trial - we do not give out our own justice, only the Lady of the Wood can pass jusgement within these lands."
Maen had an obvious quaver in his voice - he was small and skinny for an Elf, and was much more of a Scholar than a Warrior. Although he would never admit it, he was scared of Haldir and the Marchwardens.

"A trial I suppose is the FAIR way." He said as he looked at Tela through winced eyes.

Tela stared back but did not speak, she did not show a single sign of fear.

"Lord Haldir, why don't you give her a chance to explain." Feora pleaded. "Is is not fair?" She asked as she looked from elf to elf to elf laying her eyes on Haldir. Her cheeks became rosy red as her eyes met his.

Tela sneered, "You're lady already knows. She knows all does she not?"

Haldir jerked her ankle making her head hit the ground. She groaned. "Do not mock Lady Galadriel." he said.

Tela closed her eyes. Her head punding. She couldn't reach up to rub her temples, because Haldir had her wrists pinned.

Haldir sneered. He stood up and yanked Tela up. He held her arms behind her back so she wouldn't escape. "Let's go then." Haldir wasn't really angered that this stranger tried to kill him, it was the fact she almost killed Feora.

Haldir, Feora and Maen began toward's Galidreal's. Haldir was dragging Tela behind him.

Tela squirmed and tried to wriggle her way free.

"You are best to not fight." Haldir told her.

"I have no business with the Lady of the Forest!" She pleaded.

She did not fear Haldir, though she did fear the wrath of Lady Galidreal.

As they reached the winding stair, they were halted by Faeg, a surly Elf who was tired and nearing the end of his duties.
"Lady Galadriel does not wish to be disturbed."
Maen hurried forward, standing on the tips of his toes to whisper in the Guard's ear.

Haldir waited patiently with Feora and Tela who he was still gripping tightly.

"Please your lord I have no business with Galadriel." She said sneeringly. "My business is with you."

And Tela spat on Haldir.

Feora was silent, she did not know what to think about all that had happened. This had been a very un-normal day for her.

Halir threw Tela down at Faeg's feet.

"Guard her. The Lady will see me..."

When Faeg blocked his way, he raised an eyebrow and said, softly, "Do you really wish to challenge the Marchwarden?"

Tela stood. She arrogantly dusted her tunic before sneering at the Faeg. She jumped back but didn't sprint away. She had to face the consequences. She could not let them find Turi.

Turi watched his sister from above. He cursed silently. The mallorn trees were great cover, and the Lady of The Golden Realm had not visit him in his mind.

Tela smirked and walked right up to the guard.

"You aren't allowed to pass!" The guard told her.

"The Lady shall tell us if you can freely pass, though you aren't free are you." The said sneeringly to her.

Feora waited patiently for Haldir to return.

As Haldir walked into the Lady's chamber's he stood taller and adjusted his clothes. He did not dare walk in and look sloppy in the fair lady's presence.

"Free enough i would kill you where you stand." Tela sneered. "But what fun would that be." she said smirking. Noticing that he hadn't really taken a hold of her, this confused her even more. Was this jerk so confident he didn't think he needed to.

Why do you disturb my slumber, Marchwarden?

Haldir jumped. He was used to Galadriel's abrupt intrusions into his mind, but that did not make it any easier.

What is so pressing it could not wait?

Tela forwned. She waited. Her kind had heard much of the lady of the golden realm and all was good. She didn't like the way someone could be so perfect.

Unknown to Tela she was being watched. Baby blue eyes took her in completely. A smile appeared.

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Fair Lady I regret to inform you that I believe we have an attempted assassin on our hands.

She was reading his thoughts. Her eyes became cold as ice and hard as a stone.

How dare anyone bring evil into my lands!

Tela squirmed. She felt as if some stranger was prodding her ming as if someone would a dead thing with a stick.

Cal could here Lady Galadriel's rants. Her thoughts as clear as his. "Mi'lady. it would be wise to know their side of the story before sending her to be executed. he reminded her looking up from his book.

The wind stirred as the upper canopy of the forest swayed. The darkening cloud held sway above at the waning of the sun. Galadriel stood motionless as a stone statuary, her brows pinched, her mind deep in thought.

And evil has entered in our presence. Not of the Dark one, but of a new evil. One that has penetrated the hearts and minds of our people.

Tela sighed. What more could happen? What could she do? Her brother had gotten away safely but all it takes is one arrow and she's dead. She would not go out like that.

She looked up at the Noldor Queen. Her eyes narrowed as her heart turned cold. Ice water runs through her veins.

For what seemed an eternity, Galadriel stood as she turned her eyes at the would be assassin. A thought came to her mind:

She seemed so young, but there is in her eyes a deadly venom.

She spoke. "It is said that amongst our kind betrayal is as foreign as ice is to fire." Her voice spoke with authority yet plaintively.

The assassin said nothing, but her firm demeanor in her heart quaked though she showed nothing of her fear.

"You say nothing," the lady of woods continued sensing the assassin's fear. "But your lack of words belie what lies beneath you."

Tela glared. SHe was an Anuylen warrior on a mission which would becarried out no matter what. This Noldor was just a minor. . .er. . .major setback, but Turi would finish the job. The marchwarden would be dead and when they discover his body his head would be gone. Everything that aweful traitor wanted. As long asit meant that their queen would remain safe and released from her imprisonment.

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