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As the moonlight shined down on number five Privet Drive you could see the shadow of a figure moving around upstairs. It was just one week from the end of the summer holiday as a dark haired teenage boy with eyes the color of emeralds began to pack his trunk with robes, books, a wand, an invisibility cloak, a small mirror that had been given to him from his godfather and finally his photo album which contained a picture of three very happy people. He turned over to his snowy owl and gave her a treat.

"There you go girl" he said to her in a soft voice.
"You need your rest." He told her.

He sat on the end of his bed, his mind was drifting off to what this school year would have in store for him and what his friends had been doing this summer. He hadn't talked to Ron or Hermoine since he had visited the Weasley's last month.

His thoughts were interrupted......

**CRACK** The boy spun around on the heel of his foot and saw a very tired and dreary looking Albus Dumbledore.

The old man looked up at Harry with his baby blue eyes. "Harry, I am afraid it is time." He said.

"I will explain it all to you on the way, but we really must hurry." Prof. Dumbledore stressed to him.

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Harry didn't need telling twice. Over the years he had learnt to trust whatever Dumbledore had said, but even he had to admit that there was a twinge of suspicioun in his mind.

"What do I need?" he asked quickly as he stood up with no real conviction.

"Everything you would be taking to Hogwarts, and also...hold on to this..."

Dumbledore handed Harry a long thin parcel. There was no twinkle i his eye, and so Harry knew no to ask what might be contained within it's brown paper. Instead he placed it into his trunk and closed it.

"I'm afraid, Harry" he began "that Voldemort is moving. We think he is moving all of the giants and dementors...he will be looking..."

Harry nodded. Dumbledore didn't need to finish the sentence. Voldemort was looking for him. To destroy him once and for all.

It didn't take long for Harry to get ready. Dumbledore stood patiently, casting a wary eye out of the window. When Harry was ready, he placed an envelope on Harry's desk. It was adressed to: EVANS

"Where are we going?" Harry asked, feeling more a sense of numb than anything.

"Grimmauld place."

Harry stared agape. He could not - would not go there...back to his memories of all he had lost, with the man who had been a part of their loss. A man he respected, and admired, and yet resented all at the same time.

"Proffessor Snape is waiting for you there."

Harry closed his eyes not caring that Dumbledore could see his openly hateful expression.

"I won't go there." He said defiently, waiting for the counter arguement.

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"Harry I know you are troubled with the death of your godfather, but you must learn to overcome this obstacle in your life." Professor Dumbldore told him.

"You MUST focus on your ENEMY!" He said sternly.

"What do you know about the pain I am going through." Harry screamed out. He could feel the tension boiling up inside of him.

"Harry please calm yourself, Lord Voldemort has sent troops to look for you, this house is no longer safe for you to remain in." He told Harry.

"Now come, we must get to Grimmauld Place fast." He added. "I think you may be quite intrigued on what you will learn."

Reluctantly Harry grabbed his trunk and followed Prof. Dumbledore out the window.

"We must fly there." He said. "We also must hurry, daylight is coming soon."

Harry attatched his trunk and mounted his broom then he headed for the sky.

They rode fast and soon they came to Grimmauld Place. They landed just outside and quickly got out of the street and into the house.

When Harry walked through the door to his surprise he saw..........

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Proffessor Lupin and Proffessor Snape deep in converation at the kitchen table.

Harry felt his stomach drop. Snape and Lupin? Wasn't that like a betrayal to Sirius?

Lupin looked thin, and ill. His skin was a placid grey. Snape looked as ever, greasy and arogant. As soon as Harry entered, he turned and his lip curled.

Harry didn't hide his feeling. They bubbled over and he swallowed.

"Harry!" Lupin cired, jumping up. He seemed to completely unaware that Harry was coming. "Proffessor...What-"

"Later Remus." Proff. Dumbledore said calmly, holding up his hand. "Severus, would you please take Harry into the back room and explain what is to be done."

Snape nodded.

"Remus, you and I will talk. There are two people I'd like you to fetch..."

"Severus...Harry please." Proff. |Dumbledore gestured to Harry.

"Potter." Snape stated, as if he had said something that Harry should understand to be a request to follow him. Snape made to reach for his shoulder, but Harry pulled away violently.

"Don't touch me." He whispered and went through the doors into the back room.

Harry looked back through the swinging doors and caught sight of Dumbledore helping a weak-looking Lupin into a chair...

NOTE: The people I thought Lupin could be going to fetch could be Petunia and Mrs Weasley - Harry's guardians - kind of.

Snape turned to Harry sharply.

"Sit down."

Harry stared and his expression was colder thatn Snapes'.

"No. Why don't you just get to the point."

"Mind your manners, Potter. I am still your teacher regardless of what you might think."

"It's news to me." Harry replied sarcastically, but, to avaoid open confrontation for now, he sat in the nearby rusting chair. It squeaked ominously, and sweyed with Harry's weight.

"This year is going to be a little different. Hogwarts is no longer safe for you. You will be given all of the information we have as Dumbledore feels it is his restriction of information from you last year that lead to -" Snape broke off, and Harry saw him swallow slightly.

"Since Sirius died." harry said defiently, though the words stabbed at him.

"Yes, since Sirius died." He paused. "Occlumency will continue, but on a more regular basis. It will still be with me, until you have blocked Voldemort out sufficiently to allow your mind to be weakened in front of Dumbledore. You will be attending outside classes in Aurorism. The basic skills in dark detecting and defense will be taight to you. It is also advisable that Hogsmede trips are banned, though Dumbledore has left the choice up to you."

"I'm going to Hogsmede." Harry said determindly

"Be it on your own head then Potter. However, keep in mind, that it is no longer a simple case of an external threat to you...or your friends. The thread is you on top of that. Try not to get them killed."

Snape's lip curled and Harry swallowed a burning retort inside of him.

"Proff. McGonnogal has informed me of your plans to become an auror, and has advised me to give you extra schooling in potions. Since you recieved an outstanding in potions, you may continue my class, although I rather think I should have the papers remarked."

"Can I leave now?" Harry asked, furiously.

"One more thing. Famous as you might be, and true you have done a lot of good, but do not forget, that without you, Sirius would not have even known you. Would not have died."

He stood shrply and strode out of the room. Harry picked up a class near him and threw it at the door, in the place where Snape had been. He felt such hate for Snape, but what was worse is that...it was all true.

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"Now Remus, I know you are weak, but I need you to go and fetch the Weasleys but not the children, and Petunia Dursley. They are vital fot Harry, especially when it comes to making his choice..."

Lupin nodded determindly and made to stand up.

"Another thing...the Weasely children will want to come. It is out of the question. They will see Harry at school. Do not tell them anything for now. It is best."

Lupin nodded and in a spark, he was gone.

Snape was in the room a second later. Dumbledore had missed the sound of crashing glass. It was disguised by Lupins dissapperation.

"He is informed in as much as you wanted Headmaster."

Dumbledore nodded and turned to the door where Harry stood.

"Why don't you take your things up stairs, and then I can explain to you. Explain it all."

Lupin arrived at the Burrow and rapped on the door. Strength was failing him, and he neededto sit down. He was looking languide and undermotivated.

Mrs Weasely came out of the kitchen, and as soon as she saw him, she cam bustling out to the door.

"Remus! Oh Remus!" She wretched open the door and he stepped inside. "Has Dumbledore sent you? What is it?"

"He is safe - Harry I mean. He is with Dumbledore. I have been sent to get you, and from there we will need to go somewhere else."

"Oh poor Harry! How is he! I haven't written, poor poor boy!" She seemes close to tears. But before she could erupt, the Weasley boys came running in followed closely by Mr Weasely.

"Proffessor Lupin!" They all exclaimed in conjunction.

It took several minutes to convince them to all settle down and when they did, Lupin resubmitted what Dumbledore had said.

"What! He won't let us see him! TILL SCHOOL?!" Ron had shouted, closely followed by "Rediculous" and "unelieveable!" from Fred and George.

"We're going to see him." Ginny stated defiantly, and there was a distinct blush in her cheeks.

"No Ginny, you can't." Lupin said softly, and he patted her shoulder.

"We really have to be going. Kids...be good. And, send Percy a card will you? He has appologised and appologised. Come on." Mrs Weasly pleaded. The twins and Ron scowled, but Ginny sighed and nodded.

"Be good!" Mr Weasely called, and then he, Mrs W and Lupin were gone.

The Dursely household was dark. And when Lupin knocked on the door, nothing happened for a minute.

When the door opened, it was Vernon.

"What is this Sir! You Again! what do you want?! My worthless nephew I dare say - WELL TAKE HIM AND BE OFF!"

"Um, we already have him. I need to speak to Petunia." Lupin said politely.

"You most certainly cannot!"

But Petunia had appeared in the doorway.

"What is it? I kept my word! I did! He's here isn't he?! I remembered his last!" She was almost hysterical.

"Calm down. We need to talk about the prophecy, with both blood," he gestured to her "and love." He gestured to the Weasely's."

"Very well. Come inside."

The talk lasted for ages. But by the end, Mrs Wealey was being consoled by Mr Weasley. snuffled sounds could be heard from her, squeaks and sniffing.
"Oh, Harry! One must die at the hands of the other! OH Harry!"

"Molly, please." Mr Weasely kept saying, over and over.

"I don't want to lose him Arthur."

"You wont. But Harry has obviously decided not to tell Ron, so we cannot say anything, and you can't go on like this, or they will know something is wrong. Come, come Molly dear, come, come."

"Petunia, you understand that you need to come with me, don't you?" Lupin asked.

"I do."

Mrs Weasly scowled at the woman and uttered something inaudible under her breath. Bu it sounded suspiciously like, "don't even care for him..."

Harry sat in his and Rons rooms at Grimmauld place, staring at the open door. He started when the picture frame seemed to move. Harry realised at once...Phinnius Nigellus.

"Harry Potter. What blackness sends you here again?"

"Excuse me?" Harry replied, confused.

"Destroyer...villain..." Nigellus taunted. He sounded drunk, which Harry thought impossible.

"Leave me alone." He muttered ad=nd lay on the bed. He was so far beyond taunts it wasn't funny. When would he feel anything but anger?

An hour later, Harry was to be seen kneeling on the floor of Grimauld place, holding his hands, and his head breaking in pain.

"Up, get up." Snape ordered.

Dumbledore had left to go on some errand, and Snape was doing as Dumbledore said - teaching occlumency.

"Your memories are tiring me. Not so much as a shielding charm."

Harry had just relived Sirius' death several times, and the moment of Cedircs death.

He was on the floor for the tenth time when Mrs Weasely, Lupin, Mr Weasely and Aunt Petunia came in.

"Oh! Harry! Oh Harry! You're all peaky! And covered in sweat! what are you doing Severus!" She cried, running to Harry and lifting him up.

"I am doing as Dumbledore suggested. Occlumency."

"Oh, I see." Mrs weasely turned away as she started to sniff again.

"What is she doing here?" Harry gestured to Petunia who stepped back as if mortally offended.

"She is here for Dumbledore. I think you should know Harry, that you are not alone. We all know about the prophecy, and we want to protect you - help you."

"Can you teach me to kill? Because no matter how much you want to help me, you can never teach me that."

Everyone stood in silence. It was true. Harry would need to kill or be killed, and who could live with death on their cinscience?

"Don't worry. Dumbledore will be here soon. He's bringing Hagrid I think." Lupin said, and they all stood with an avid anticipation...

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Harry looked around at them all and his disgust deepened. Who did they think they were that they were worthy of his presence? An upsurge of nausea caused his throat to constrict as he took in their physical imperfections, Lupin's prematurely lined face, the Weasley's mottled skin, that hideous old mare that had made his life so miserable - why wasn't it in the cornices, whyever not?

Worst of all was Snape, he would never change, what was wrong with Dumbledore? Snape would never vary his dour outlook, his continuing insolence! It was Snape's fault that Sirius was dead, hadn't he goaded Sirius? called him a coward? The urge to strike at them all, to hurt them in whatever way possible rose inside him stronger than ever. He could not contain it, why should he? He hissed, breathing harder poised to attack, but at that moment a commotion downstairs interrupted his reverie.

"Filth! Weeds! Abominations! Spawn of evil and darkness! Leave this place! How dare you contaminate the house of my fathers! Take your infection elsewhere! " Mrs Black's shrieks cut through the air and caused everyone to glance towards the stairwell.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry," wailed Tonks wringing her hands. Her pale heart shaped face and dark twinkling eyes were the same as Harry remebered them, but her hair was a vivid electric blue and close cropped in spikes. "I'm really clumsy, I couldn't help it. Wotcher Harry," she said, bounding over and clasping his forearms and trying to pull him into a bear hug.

Dumbledore, Hagrid and Tonks had entered the house. Apparently Tonks had once again tripped over the troll leg umbrella stand and awoken Mrs Black's portrait. Harry wrenched his arms away from her and stood dazed, his eyes stinging and his scar throbbing. Tonks stepped back looking hurt as Dumbledore sailed into room holding a roll of parchment.

"The deed to No 12 Grimmauld Place," he said beaming, his eyes twinkling. I make sure that every member of the Order makes their will under my personal supervision immediately prior to initiation. Sirius left everything to you Harry, with his blessings." Sirius. At the recollection of his godfather, Harry's head cleared. He took the deed from Dumbledore and spoke. "Where's Kreacher?"
"Kreacher has gone Harry." Said Dumbledore, surveying him down his long crooked nose.
"Lucky for him." Said Harry.
Once again, the powerful urge to strike Dumbledore, to sink his fangs into his side arose in Harry's breast, but he quelled it. The old fool had worn his heart on his sleeve that night! How dare he show such contemptible sentiments? Well, he could look out if he chose to be manipulated like that!

"I'm afraid that foray into occlumency may have left your defences low Harry." Said Dumbledore. Severus, I did warn you - "
"Indeed headmaster." Returned Snape, surveying Harry malevolently throguh a curtain of greasy black hair.

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Harry was in a long low roughly carved underground cavern lit by flickering torches that bathed them all in a bloody glow. He glared down at the goblin from his great height, his wide mad eyes piercing his mind. "That won't do," he hissed in a voice that caused the shadowy around him to shiver as though caught in an icy gust of wind. If the eldest isn't with us he is against us and Lord Voldemort will have to remove him."

"Remove him." Chimed the goblin in a hollow voice.

"Yes, Go," whispered Harry. As the goblin scuttled out of the cavern three figures swept inside, or rather two Dementors dragging a squat toadlike figure behind them. The Dementors deposited the figure at Harry's feet and glided out through the cavern entrance. The shape on the floor quivered like a sour mouldering jelly. Harry surveyed it in supreme disdain. "The destroyer of half breeds has paid us a visit." He said softly. "They say what you hate about yourself you hate about others!" Umbridge whimpered, grovelling on the rough stone floor. "Silence!" Said Harry contemptuously, the Dementors won't rend your soul, you would need one to begin with! I have a use for you - you will act as my eyes in the ministry for a brief spell. Thanks to Malfoy's bungling I no longer have a hold on the meddling fools." Umbridge croaked acquiescence. At once, the Dementors glided into the cave and dragged her away. Harry turned to one of the wizards standing by the cavern wall. "Macnair, tell Golgomath to proceed immediately to the underground station and cave it in. Tell him to kill all the Muggles above ground. We will need the distraction."

Harry turned to a burnished bronze mirror on the cavern wall and his reflection suddenly loomed out of the darkness, the terrible face, whiter than a skull with gleaming red eyes that flared in the torchlight...

Harry awoke panting, his scar burning. He shivered. He had felt it again. He had been Voldemort. The memory of feeling Voldemort's thoughts that evening caused a rush of shame and nausea. How could he want to hurt the only ones he had left? "Get a grip." He told himself sternly. "You didn't want to hurt them. Voldemort did." But he wasn't convinced all the same.

There was a soft rap on the door and it opened. Light flooded onto his bed and he saw Tonks silhouetted in the doorway. "Harry?" She whispered. "Are you OK?"
"No!" Muttered Harry sullenly, wishing he could be more gracious.
"It's OK Harry, I know you're upset." Said Tonks, bounding across the room and seating herself down on the end of the bed. Harry saw that her hair was jet black and glimmered with a silky sheen.
"It's worse." Said Harry. "I wish I could keep Voldemort-" Tonks winced "out of my head, but sometimes I feel like I'm going mad..." Tonks put a finger to his lips and gently whispered for him to hush.

Mrs Weasley had made it her personal vendetta to make sure that Harry was well fed at all times. At the moment however, he hadn't felt less like eating that he did in his life.

Petunia, his aunt had been sent home with instructions that Harry hadn't heard. He actually couldn't care less. He was glad she was gone.

It was not until the last week before term that A knock came at the door. At forst Harry thought nothing of it. Most likely it would be Kingsely, or someone new. It felt like last year all over again...

He was - yet again - kneeling on the floor, his deepest memories been flown at Severus Snape. He was swaeting, and had gone grey at the lips from exhaustion. He looked at the clock, they had been going at it for eight hours without breaks.

Harry stood, and heard Snape mutter;


He saw Snape, and he saw out of the corner of his eye the kitchen door opening. Suddenly, he stood and roared;

"Protego! Crucio!"

Snape had no time to react, Harry's mind saw flashes of a cryin boy, greasy and peaky, floods of pain from Snape, and anger. He looked at Snape and saw that he had projected the Crucio away.

"Potter!" He shouted, his nostrils bared. "You could have been arrested - "

"Harry!" It was Hermione. She looked shocked. She simply stood there staring, uncomprehending what she saw.

Harry looked at her, and an emotion filled him. He swore under his breath and thought, 'bloody filthy mudblood!'

Downstair he could hear Mrs Black screaming the same thing.

Harry pushed past Hermione, she fell sideways. As he passed Mrs Black he muttered,

"Shut up."

And she did.

Behind him Hermione followed.

"I need to talk to you" he called at her.

She followed, and Harry heard Snape call to Tonks. As he climbed the stairs to his room, the kitchen door was flapping to a stop. He saw Tonks and Snape ver close, and muttering furiosly.

Harmione ran up behind Harry and spun him around.

"Harry, he's been in you. I can see it."

Next Chapter: the hated ones

Harry dreamt of Sirius. The flowing vale. Why was nothing simple anymore!

Harry was suffolcating, in his own skin. From the picti=ure frame in his wall came a soft laughing.

"Phinnius. What do you want? Spying on me?"

"Oh no dear boy. Simply wondering how you are coping with the loss of my dear Great Great Grandson?"

"Jst fine thank you."

"Oh good...tell me...how is the hate going for you? Feeling a bit self hating lately? I suppose you are feeling Voldemort more that you know...he hates you too. You are the hated ones. Weall ahet you you know. Bringing this down upon us."

Harry stood up and walked to the frame.

"Dumbledore." He said smiling. "He sent you to look after me."

Slowly Phinnius nodded.

"Well, tell him to mind his own business," Harry felt the serpent, "and be sure to mention the mudblood being here. I wouldn't want he to get hurt..."

Phinnius was gone is a flash.

Whithin two minutes he had returned.

"Albus Dumbledore says remember that there are worse things than death. He also says, Harry, remember Sirius..."

Suddenly Harry's heart cracked and tears fell down his face. The serpent was gone.

Phinnius too was gone, no doubt off to tell Dumbledore how he cried like a child.

"Damn it." He muttered and went towards Hermione's room.

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"Whats up with you?" she asked, spinning around to face him.

"I don't know." He said seriously, going to her bed and sitting down.

"Hermione stared. She had hoped to rage on at him, but that was when she expected him to fight her all the way. Suddenly, she felt an unexplainable urge to comfort him, and she went to her bed and hugged him.

"I wish I could help you. The only way I know how to even begin is to simply listen, and understand."

Harry felt a weight lifted from him.

"Do you remember the Department of Mysteries?"

Hermione would usually have made some comment about how she could possibly have ever forgotten that place, but she simply nodded. It was the shock of seeing him disclosing this information after months of his silence that made her pull away and listen to him intently.

"When Neville smashed the prophecy, I thought I had lost my chance, but I didn't care. I was glad only that Voldemort hadn't gotten hold of it. But what happened after all of that is much more than anyone except Dumbledore, me and some of the Order members know."

He paused to catch his breath.

"I ran after Bellatrix to kill her. I really wanted to. I used an unforgivable curse on her."

Hermione gasped, but Harry held up his hand.

"It didn't work, she simply stumbled and laughed" he recslled resentfully.

"Voldemort turned up right there and he tried to kill me. But, Dumbledore saved the day. I was then possessed by him and he (through my lips) coaxed Dumbledore to kill me. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor. Then I was in Dumbledores office. What I did there was unbelievable - Hermione, I almost attacked Dumbledore! I destroyed his office!"

Hermione looked horrified, but he had to finish.

"My point is, I heard the prophecy...I know what it says, and Dumbledore and I knew, now Mr and Mrs Weasely know, and Snape and Lupin.

"what did it say?" Hermione whispered, her voice high with fear.

"That one of us...must kill the other. Either I die, a victim of murder, or I live as a murderer...My life must either include, or end in murder. I am a marked man. I can't afford to build relationships and form attachments. That is the reason for my distance from you, Ron, everybody."

Harry looked up, Hermione was crying.

"I'm sorry. Sorry for bringing this burden upon you." He said pathetically.

"N-no, Harry, I am sorry for not being stronger, and I am sorry that you have to be in that skin, that you have to be you...I am sorry."

Harry sighed.

"Me too."

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"Hey, I'm flad you're here you know." Harry said nudging her.

"Me too."

"Harry..." It was Mrs Weasely "time for your lesson dear. Proffessor is downstairs..."

Harry groaned, and stood up.

"Oh Harry! Please couls I watch? Maybe try some of the things you are learning?"

She looked so magically intrigued it was hardly possible to say no.

"Sure, come on. Maybe you could do occlumency for me."

As HArry entered the large room downstairs, the billiards room equivelant, he saw Snape standing, hplding his wand ready. Instinctively, Harry withdrew his own.

"Potter. Stand here." He indicated a point in front of him. He curled his lip at Hermione. "Want to watch him make a fool of himself? Very well. Now, Potter. We will be performing some Occlumency, and dable with legilimency too."

Harry inhaled.

"Alright, one...two...three!"

Visions filled Harry's mind, and he could see Sirius falling through the vale. Pain blinded him, and his knees threatened to collapse but a movement in front of him caught his attention. Snape had winced, and had to hold onto the chair beside him. Sirius filled his mind again, and again the emotional torture returned. Again, Snape winced and collapsed slightly. Harry saw Hermione staring, but also saw Voldemort, felt the pain of being possessed by him...

"Protego!" he yelled, and Snape waved his wand. The shield charm vanished in front of him.

"It took too long." Snape was panting. "You let me get in too far, you are handing me weapons again! Now, legilimency. Let us see how you fair in that." He said, his lip curling.

Snape explained that with legilimency, you needed to look into the persons eyes, and keep eye contact. Utter legilimens and start projecting your mind into theirs.

Harry couldn't wait to get into Snapes mind.

"Miss Granger, since you are here, I am sure your mind will be easily breachable."


"Harry will be breaking into my mind. I daresay Harry has seen enough of my mind, and I can't take any more of his. I will supervise."

Hermione shot Harry a glance as if to say, 'what! you've seen Snapes mind!?'

Hermione stood in front of Harry, looking worried, and Harry focused.

"legilimense." he spoke clearly, and he started to see colours and flashed. Hermione winced, and suddenly, Harry's mind was full of her parents, her being picked on...books...children...love. Lots of love."

Harry blinked, and the thread was broken.

"Woah!" Hermione screamed. She had hit the floor. Harry looked at Snape. Even he couldn't hide his astonishment at Harry doing it for the first time, on his first try.

As a means to save his pride, they did some more occlumency training, and Harry found himself exhausted by the end of it.

It was only a visit later from Lupin that cheered him up.

"Hi Harry." said Lupin as he came into the house. Good news, they have filled the DADA possition at your school. It's not me." He added as Harry began to smile.

"Oh." Harry said, sounding obviously very disappointed. "Who is it?"

"Well you will be glad to hear that it is not Professor Umbridge." He told Harry pleasantly.

Harry waited.

"I do think you will be pleased that Nyphora Tonks will be teaching." Harry's face seemed to brighten up.

"Nyphora, but she's not as experienced." He said.

"Ah, but dear Harry she has been through more difficult battles than you know." He said with a wink.

Harry was so excited for his classes this year. Knowing that Tonks would be there made him feel more secure.

"So have they placed her there since she's a part of the order?" Harry asked inquisitively.

"Well yes and no." Lupin answered, though not the answer Harry had expected.

"There are many things that she can teach you that I believe you will find helpful." He said.

"Dumbledore did feel it best to have a few other members from the order present just incase anything were to happen." He said.

"This is soley your battle Harry, but you will not do it alone." Lupin added.

Harry smiled.

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The rst of the days leading up to the return to school were filled with the knowledge that Ron was not with them.

Often Harry found himself in Hermione's room. They would just sit there in silence, wondering what their dear friend was doing. Hermione glanced at Harry. She shed silent tears for him.

She was feeling sad because Ron wasn't there, and he was somwhere else...what would she dp if she couldn't see Harry ever again? What would she do if Harry died at the hands of Voldemort, and could never return?

The day that they were to return to hogwarts, Harry anf Hermione packed their suitcases quickly, eagar to leave the house and see Ron, Ginny, and the twins.

Harry had gone to the bathroom to wash his face, when suddenly, he felt the now familiar surge as he entered Voldemorts mind. Only this time it was different...Voldemort was looking directly at him.

"Well Hello Harry potter."


"It seems we have this very nice direct link to each other. A nice little thing, don't you think?"

"Go away. You have no power over me."

"Oh but I do...I have the power to make you feel, and the power to possess."

"Not me."

Harry felt himself being pulled into the mirror he was looking at. The glass bent, and he felt the cold covering him. Soon he was no longer behind the glass, and the real Voldemort stood before him...

Harry became all too aware that he was holding his wand. He didn't know how it had gotten there. He raised it slowly until it was chest height with Voldemort.

He laughed shrilly and turned his back towards him.

"Ah Harry, you must understand that there is something...some connection between us. I am not going to kill you. At least not right away."

"Well, then what do you want?" Harry asked sarcastically, already forming the spells for defense. His mind filled with Avada Kadavra.

"What's that Harry? Avada Kadavra?" Voldemort laughed again. "Well, I'd like to see that...go on. Do it."

Harry opened his mouth and formed the words. He was about to say the words when a voice flashed in his mind. Loud and powerful.

"Harry! No, stop."

Harry inhaled. It was Dumbledore.

"I can't locate you Harry, you need to come out the way you went in...hurry!"

"I won't kill you." harry said defiantly, searching for the mirror through which he had come.

"Ah...but what about your dear Godfather? Would you kill me for him?"

Harry turned on his head and strode towards the mirror on the back wall.

"Before you go Harry, know this...I'll be watching."

harry jumped through the glass and before he knew it, he was staring at the mirror - at Voldemort. The reflection was smiling at him. He saw flashes of his mother's death...his fathers...Sirius'...Cedrics. It was too much. Would all he ever see in the mirror be this?

He became aware suddenly that Dumbledore was in the room. Standing directly behind him. He spun, and a familiar surge erupted.

"Dumbledore!" he spat. The pain was unbearable, he was being tortured, cut open, and burned. |Red eyes were engufing him again. His mouth moved again.
"I told you that you would have to kill me..." The thig laughed, and then all was still. harry was lying on the floor, shivering and coughing. A taste of blood was in his mouth - a hot stream of it was running down his chin.

"Voldemort.." He shivered as Dumbledore helped him up.

"It is imperitive that you learn Occlumency Harry, before Voldemort learns of the prophecy. That is why, you will conduct every lesson henceforth....with me."

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Harry was weak but tried to obey Dumbledore. As he looked at him he felt the need to strike at him, his body was far too weak to do so though.

"Harry we wont start the lessons until you've had some sleep." Dumbldore told him as he took a blanket from the corner and wrapped it around him.

**The knight bus appears outside**

Harry, and Dumbledore get on the knight bus where Hermoine had already been seated.

"Ay, it's 'Arry again." The driver said.

"No time for small talk, we're in a hurry." Dumbledore told him.

"ay, ay captain!" He said with a salute and off they went.

*Crack* They had arrived at their destination.

They all proceeded inside. They walked into the dining room and saw Ron, Ginny, Fred & George all sitting at the table.

They were about to greet Harry when Dumbledore silenced them.

"Arthur, I need you to help harry with his things." dumbledore said to mr. weasley.

After they had left Dumbledore was quick to tell the others matters of importance.

"I need you to stay with Harry and watch over him while he rests. You all need to take a different shift." Dumbledore said in a shattered voice.

Hermoine had never seen the headmaster look so terrified.

"There are some things I need to look into, promise me you won't leave his side....no matter what!" Dumbledore told them.

"We won't" They all said firmly.

Harry comes back downstairs to eat with the others.

*outside the dining room*

"Don't forget what we discussed!" Albus told Arthur.

"I wouldn't forget something as serious as this!" Arthur assured him.

Dumbledore tried to smile. He couldn't. He turned to Harry and put a hand on his shoulder.

"He cannot know Harry...he cannot."

Harry nodded. He knew what Dumbledore meant. He carried on,

"I must impress upon you Harry, be careful who you tell this to." He glanced at Hermione and smiled. Harry knew he was saying it was ok that he had told her about the prophecy. "But beware of...others..." Dumbledore glanced in the direction of Ron and the twins who did not see him.

Harry nodded his understanding with a heavy heart, and when Dumbledore turned to Hermione she did the same.

"Harry! what has been going on!? Why couldn't we come and see you?" Ron burse out before he had even welcomed Harry to his home.

"Well, boys I think you'd better go upstairs."
Said Mr Weasely with a sigh.

"But Dad, we need to ge to London, the train leaves in an hour."

"No. We will not be going to Hogwarts today. And we will certainly not be taking the Hogwarts express when we do."

Harry sighed. He wanted to forget about everything, just get back to school and be a normal boy. He knoew that could never happen, but he at least wanted the distraction of some school work.

Harry was helped upstairs and awoke on his bed in Rons room a couple of hours later, feeling very much alive and refreshed.

He went downstairs to find Sanpe sitting at the table.

"hi.." Harry said to the Weasely's who were all sitting around the table looking very sad and mortified. "What's happened?"

"Bellatrix has been found. They want you to go to her trial and talk about...about what happened...that day..." Hermione whispered.

Harry stared.

"The trial is tomorrow."

Theywanted him to face her? That woman who took away Sirius? How could he bear it? How could he manage?

He nodded and left the room. Swinging open the front door, he walked briskly out into the Weasely's front garden.

Tomorrow he would find out just how much self-restraint he had...because if today was any sighn, he was going to kill Bellatrix right where she stood.

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"potter, dont talk nonsense" snapped McGonagall
"you would not survive without magic, you cannot deny who you really are"

"well you can't tell me to forget sirius" harry snapped, once again feeling the anger bubble to the surface.

"im not telling you to forget him, but just to stop giving *she took a deep breath* Voldemort amunition to use against you, you are making yourself weak" she looked athim, and met his eyes, and for once she didnt look strict, but in her eyes, there was kindness, understanding and sympathy.

harry sighed "i hate feeling like this, i just wish that my life was simple"

they stood still for a while, neither talking, both imersed in their own thoughts. harry wanted to just curl up and sleep, and never wake up but he knew he had to face things.

"come on potter, lets go to the feast"

it was the last thing harry felt like doing, but reluctantly he followed professor McGonagall up to the great hall. he took a seat beside ron and began to eat in silence, dreading his occlumency lesswon that evening. his mind was full of worry for Hermione... he hoped she'd be ok..

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Harry followed Proffessor McGonogal down the long main hall. It's enormity when empty was only magnified further by the dull clomp, clomp of Professor MoGonogals shoes.

Harry sighed, walking in silence until Professor McGonogal stopped and informed him that she would be going alone the rest if the way along another route, as she had some business to attend to.
He watched her go and saw her looking back several times to make sure that he had gone into the hall and was no longer looking at her.

Opening the huge doors, he saw a familiar sight. Everyone was there just as usual. They were sitting and laughing and eating and joking. How could they be doing these things? How could they be living lives of such joy when there was only pain and death?

Ron was sitting calmly at a table, laughing and joking with Seamus. This annoyed Harry.

his eyes fell upon Neville, and he smiled. Neville was looking as sombre as he was. Maybe Neville could understand what he was going through...

harry, seeing them all there, closed his eyes. He could not bear to see anyone, to talk. To answer frivilous questions.

He hads just resolved to leave quietly, when a hand landed on his shoulder.
"How'ye doin' 'arry!"

It was Hagrid. Harry's stomach churned.


"Well, I still know yer no' but I thought I migh' try to cheer ye up a bit."

Harry followed Hagrid into the gorunds. When they got closer to Hagrids hut, he saw, standing in the middle of the pumpkin patch, Buckbeak.

"Buckbeak!" Harry couldn't hide his joy. It was something that was left of Sirius."

"I wan' you ter look after 'im for me. I 'ave to go away again for a while."
"Harry would have protested, would have tried to diswade Hagrid from his intention, but he really wanted this opportunity. It would allow him to escape and be left alone.

"Ok, I'd like that."

"There is one other thing...Grawpy."

"Sure Hagrid, I'll wath him."

Hagrid left Harry there talking to Buckbeak.

"Hey boy. Have you missed me?"
The Hippogriff bowed his head in reply.

"I wish I could go for a ride boy, but I can't. I have to get to lessons."

Harry took out the time table he had been carrying in his pocket, and looked at it. His stomach lurched with anger. Potions. Snape. shit.

When Harry arrived, he was late. Everyone was there, and when he entered, everyone turned.

"Harry!" Ron called as he saw his friend.

Harry could not manage a smile. He simply turned his glance from Ron to Snape.

Snape made no move. For a split second they just stared. Harry's face he knew was an icy cold stare. Snape held one of uncomprehendible emotion.
Snape didn't even ask him to sit down. Harry simply did.

The lesson consisted of producing potions for secrets, diguised and confusion. Harry mastered these with ease.

He finished up and left the lesson and proceeded towards Defense against the dark arts.

He would need to master that one, he knew. To stay alive.

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he wandered along the corridor towards defence against the dark arts in a daze. ron spent the whole way asking him what had happenned, and why he hadn't been allowed to go to grimmauld place. harry barely heard him... he was too busy trying to sort out the turmoil that was his emotions. he wished he could just get on buckbeak and fly away.
before he knew it he had reached the classroom. he wandered in, and took his seat at the back... he glanced beside him, and felt his heart sink even more when he realised that Hermione was still in the hospital wing.
he got out his books and resigned himself to another lesson where he would barely be able to concentrate.
the door opened and he glanced up... there stood Tooks, with bubblegum pink shoulderlength hair..... harry smiled for what seemed to be the first time in days... he had forgotten that Tonks was to be his new teacher.

"morning class.... my name is professor Tonks.. and i will be teaching you defence against the dark arts this year"
the class were staring at her with anticipation.... harry could tell that she wasnt what they were expecting.

"right... where shall we start... i assume that as you are all taking this subject for NEWT that you are all sufficiently accomplished in it"
"i think we will begin with going over some of the things you have learnt, we will begin with what you know about dark creature, then next lesson we will go over curses, then we will go onto counter jinxes. then i will start to teach you some more advanced spells"

the lesson went quite smoothly, harry found that he knew alot. for a while he had something to take his mind off things... the lesson seemed to end way too soon..... the class departed still discussin their new teacher.
harry took a short cut to the main hall, and wandered out to hagrids hut to visit Buckbeak.
he lost track of time, and just stood there stroking buckbeak, and telling him how he was feeling... it felt good to have a release from everything
"what am i going to do Beaky?" he wondered out loud.

he became aware that someone was stood behind him... he turned around to see dumbledore stood there, looking older than he'd ever seen him before........ once again he felt the anger, and the snake surge up inside him, and the desire to sink his fangs into him was almost too strong to bear.
"Harry, come, we must continue with your occlumeny, otherwise voldemort will have won ,and he will use you as a weapon"
harry forced down the hatred he was feeling, and followed dumbledore back towards the castle.

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The session went better than any of the others...ones with Proffessor Snape. But a laps in concentration found Harry once again on the floor, panting. He had seen images of his childhood flash through his mind. Dudley and his cruel tricks, being always alone in the dark...hunger, cold, and solitude. |Dumbledore had seen all of these things.

"Harry, here, let me help you up."

Dumbledore reached up and lifted Harry.

"What were those images, if I might ask?"

Harry looked at Dumbledore, and tried to read the expression on his face. Was it remorse? Regret? Sadness?

"Which one?"

"All of them. What and when were they."

"The first one (I think) was my cousine putting me into the rubbish bin at my primary school, the next was...um..." Harry paused, feeling ager rising. He hated the fact that he had always been the sad old victim "...um I don't know!"

He snapped and turned away.

"They were all memories of pain, weren't they?"

"So what."

"Is all you have pain? Did I not give you some pleasures when I sent you away?"

Harry felt tears rising. He hated that.

"No, not only bad things. I discovered a lot. I know a lot. And, despite the bad, I would rather have been close to my mother through her sister who hates me than to have no contact at all."

Dumbledore smiled.

"Let us try again. One two ...legilimens!"

Harry could not put up a fight. He gave in and soon he felt the floor beneath him. Dumbledore had come over to lift him up, and he was aware of that. But it was like he was looking through a disjoiinted tunnel. He had felt like this before.

Dumbledore bend low and stretched out a hand. Harry put his into Dumbledores...and then it happened.

The force took over him. It was blindingly hot, and Harry felt tears of white pin stain his cheeks.

In one quick movement, he had Dumbledore's throat. Dumbledore still had his hand, and did not flinch when attacked. Harry felt his feet lift off the ground along with Dumbledores.

"ha ha ha ha ha ha" Harry felt the low silent laugh of Voldemort penetrating his mouth. "Ah, cannot kill me again Dumbledore...?"

Harry noticed (in all of his agony) the sound of footsteps approaching. He noticed out of the corner of his eye, Snape and McGonogal in the entrance way. And he clearly heard an audible gasp from McGonogal as she watched the two above her.

White fire had erupted from both Harry's hand on |Dumbledore's neck and DUmbledore's hand on Harry's arm.

"I will never do it Tom. Give up."

"ha ha ha ha ha....learnt nothing Dumbledore?"

Harry felt pain, and suddenly for an instant he had control of his body, he yelled and looked at Dumbledore in agony. Dumbledore looked grave at this. Then suddenly, Voldemort as back.

"I can hurt him Dumbledore. You know I can."

Harry knew he had only to think of Voldemort to break free, to feel emotion and the thing would loosen his hold, but he had become numb. He could not will himself to feel anything.

The battle must ontinue he knew, only, he hoped the agony owuld not kill him.

"Proffessor, what shall I do!?" Cried McGonogal, but Snape had already jumped forward, and casting a levitation charm, he was not level with the two.

Snape made a flashing movement with his wand and Harry broke from |Dumbledore and fell to the ground. Snape flicked his wand and Harry landed gently.

Dumbledore landed soon too, and whispered somthing to Snape who stepped back agast.

In a fit of pain, he passed out.

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Harry lay on the floor shaking...... he hated feeling this way... so helpless.
Dumbledore turned his tired face towards professor McGonagall "Minerva, please take Harry to the hospital wing" he needs rest, and i dont think it would be wise to allow him to sleep in the dormitory tonight"

Professor McGonagall nodded, helped Harry up, and led him from the room.
Inside Harry's head, he was goin over what had happenned that evening. He hated being so alone. He hated the fact that he couldnt be near his friends because he was a danger to them.

before the knew it, they had reached the hospital wing, and there was madam pomfrey bustling over him.
she took him inside, and put him to bed, still fussing over him.
Harry noticed the curtains at the end, drwan around a bed, and realised with a pang that Hermione was there.

Professor McGonagall caught him looking "She will be ok, don't worry aobut it, madam pomfrey has been looking after her, and says she should be waking up tomorrow"

Harry layed back on the bed, he hadn't realised how tired he was.
he felt sleep over taking him.
Professor McGongall and Madam Pomfrey stood for a while looking at harry, and discussing what had happenned with Dumbledore.

Harry was walking along a corridor. it was a large dark corridor, which smelled of damp.
there was an open door to his left. a hissing sound was coming from inside. harry walked in
"Nagini, i have a gift for you"
Harry turned around and called to MacNair who was waiting in the corridor which he had just left.
MacNair entered the room, and threw down at harry's feet a ministry worker.
Nagini slithered over to the man.
Harry became to laugh. a high cruel cold laugh.

he awoke, soaked in sweat, the pain in his scar incredible.
he had been voldemort.
he knew that it was more urgent than ever for him to mastwer occlumency.... he needed to be able to block his mind.
Hasrry lay awake for hours.
he was terrified to sleep incase he sould become voldemort again. instead he spent the time trying to remeber everyminute he had ever spent with Sirius.

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Harry realised with a shock that he had been staring at Hermione and thinking about a completely different topic, but now, Hermione's eyes had shot open.

"Harry" she croaked. "I am so happy to see you..."

"Hermione!" Harry jumped from his bed and ran to give her a hug. "I was worried."

"Where is Ron?"

"I don't know. I haven't had much time to speak to him."

"How is the Occlumency going - wait a second, why are you in here?"

"I got hurt during Quidditch practice."

Harry looked down as he said this and fumbled with the bed covers.

"Mr Potter!" Came Proffessor McGonogal's voice. "The headmaster wishes you to see Proffessor Snape at once." She said curtly.

"May I enquire as to what I am supposed to go there for?" Harry said as curtly back as he could, though it came out very snappish and waspish.

"That, you will find out when you get there."

Harry stood, spunaround to Hermione with an angry stare. She smiled sypathietically.

"Better get going Potter."

"Ok, Ok."

Along the corridor, Harry ran into someone he had not seen in a while. Someone he hated. But seeing this person did not instill hatered as it had done before, it instilled pleasure.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Draci boy." he said with a snearing laugh. He felt like some power was holding him, making him stronger and he liked it. Draco stared. He looked worried.

"What have you been doing with yourself...?" Harry continued.

Draco reached for his wand, but Harry made a flicking movement with his hand, and the wand flew away.

"YOu freak!" Draco cried at once.

Harry laughed and reached for his own wand. "Run away bug...run away."

Draco suddenly gained osme of his old expression back.

"Oh, but I wouldn't do that if I were you. What would your precious Godfather think of that...Oh hang on - he's dead isn't e...Hmmm..."

Harry formed a curse in his mind and was about to shout it, when a voice brought him to his senses.


It was Snape.

"COme inside, for you remedial potions lesson. Now."

Draco stalked off, looking more happy than ever.

"Sit down."

"Why am I here." Harry demanded.


"Why am I here. I don't have to do Occulemncy with you anymore."

"That is true. No, I called you here because I wanted to tell you something that may help in your fight. See, Dull and dim as you are Potter, I don't want the Dark Lord looking thorugh your eyes, even if they would make a better impression."

Harry stared and smiled.

"So then. What is it?"

"It is about your mother..."

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"what would you know about my mother?" shouted harry, rising to his feet.

"sit down potter" said snape quite calmly "i am beginning to get tired of these sudden tempers of yours"

harry looked at his feet, he felt so angry, he hated snape, but he was feeling even more hostile towards him than normal... slowly he sat donw, keeping his gaze to the floor

"right potter, your mother died to save you, did she not?"
he waited for harry to respond, but when he didn't, snape carried on regardless "and it was her love for you, which protected you for so long,"

"so?" mumbled harry

"so.... maybe we could use her love for you to prevent the dark lord from being able to control you fully" said snape with the air of talking to a two year old.

"ok then, how are we supposed to do that? shes dead incase you'd forgotten" snapped harry.......... how dare snape talk about his mother.... harry felt another surge of anger well up inside him. what if he liked having voldemort inside him? what if he enjoyed feeling powerful?

almost as though snape had read his mind..... which in the past harry had often thought him capable of, snape snapped "potter, you will listen to this, and you will try it, or had you forgotten that your dear godfather died because of the dark lord?"

almost as instantly as flicking a switch, harrys anger was replaced my a mind numbing grief. harry knew that dumbledore had been right with what he had said the previous year. Harry knew love, voldemort did not, it was this which would be his protection. he had felt voldemort leave him, as the sense of loss had flooded back. once again, harry had the urge to just curl up and give up. whyhim? why was his life so complicated?

snapes voice broke through into his thoughts. "well potter, what would you do?. you wouldn't want your mother to have died in vain would you?"

slowly harry looked up, resisting the urge to start shouting at snape, he nodded "i will try"

"ok potter, the headmaster asked me to give you this", snape handed harry a small black velvet bag. "it was your mothers."
"the headmasters instructions were to keep it with you, and when you feel voldemort inside you, to hold onto it, and remember your mother, your father, and sirius" said snape "he feels that your love of these people should drive voldemort out"

Harry nodded again, holding the bag tight in his hands.... this had been his mothers... he wondered what was inside, but decided not to open it until he was alone.
he looked at snape "does this mean that i dont have to learn occlumency?"

snape looked stern "no potter the headmaster has no idea if this will work, and if it does, how long it will be effective for. therefore you MUST learn occlumency. it is essential"

again harry nodded "i understand" he said "can i go now?"

"yes" answered snape, so quickly that harry was sure he didnt want to be in his company for a moment longer. he left the dungeon feeling determined. he could do this.
he walked up the stairs and along the corridor, stopping when he reaced an empty classroom. he went inside, wanting to see what was inside the bag.

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In the dormitory, Harry opened the bag. Inside there was a scroll, and a pendant. The pendant had a green orange tint to it. He looked at it, trying to see what the stone was to have such an odd tint.

He opened the scroll and began to read.

"When the way is dark and you cannot go on
think of all of the ways you have shone
be a star, be a king
be all that is within you be everything

Be a man be a boy
then no one evil will destroy
be strong be and feel
be safe and warm and always real

do not shut away
grief and ill will
sorrow and sadness
can forfill

be stong be strong,
be the one
love and be happy
son of sons."

Harry closed the scroll and closed his eyes.

Suddenly a feeling of determination filled him. He got up and took out his wand. He spent hours doing all of the defensive spells he could muster, until fatigue and hunger forced him to go to the great hall.

As he was walking dowm the corridor, he felt the locket that he had put around his neck glowing. It was burning hot against his skin.

All was turning white...


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Harry felt as though he was spinning uncontrollably. he squeezed his eyes shut tight.
when he opened them he seemed to be floating right in the middle of a cloud. he was surrounded by a white mist, so purely white that it took a while for his eyes to get used to it.

the odd thing was that although harry had no clue where he was, he felt perfectly safe. it was as though he knew that someone was there watching over him.

"harry, harry" called a soft voice

harry looked around trying to locate the person calling him. then he saw her... he recognised her from his photos..... his mother


she wasnt real, she couldnt been .she had a kind of glow to her, and he could see through her faintly

"yes harry it's me."

"but how?" he managed.... he could feel emotion builing up inside him, but htis time it wasnt hate or anger, it was love.

Lily poter smiled at her son. "i cannot explain harry, just know that as long as u carry that necklace with you, i will never leave you, i will be here, looking down on you"

harry had so much he wanted to say to her, but he couldnt, insted he just smiled and nodded.

once again, he felt the necklace heating up, and the spining snesation began again.........
"noooo" he didnt want to leave her. he wanted her to sweep him into her arms, and hug him forever.

with a bump, harry found himself back in the corridor. he sighed sadly, but knew that his mother was somewhere watching over him... this thought comforted him. he made his way on to thhe great hall.
when he reached it, many students were already there, talking happily. harry put on a brave face and walked over to where Neville was sat alone.

"hiya harry" said neville.
harry sat down and looked up at the enchanted ceiling, tonight it was clear and dotted with stars, he didn't know why, but this sight gave him hope.
harry knew that likehis parents he must fight Voldemort, and if it killed him, then he would at least be back with them and Sirius.
he determined to go and see dumbledore after he'd finished eating.

he felt that now, with his mother there with him, that he would be able to master occlumency.

at that moment Hermione walked in, she saw harry and walked straight over. "harry" she said breathlessly. "how are you?"

"im ok" he said, and for once, he meant it.

"dumbledore wants to see you when you've finished eating" she told him

"dumbledore?" he asked. he wondered if it would be about his mother "ok"

Neville was looking between them in interest.

"well i'd better go then" said harry, he got up from the table, and left Hermione talking to neville. he wandered to wards the doors of the great hall, taking a final glance up at the starry ceiling. he was feeling decidedly more cheerful.

he wandered along the corridor to dumbledore's office, thinking about what the parchment that came with the necklace had said.
before he knew it, he had reached the stone gargoyle that hid the entrance to Dumbledore's office. he muttered the password and mounted the revolveng staircase.

he knocked on the door, and the familiar voice invited him in.

"ah, Harry," said Dumbledore "i expect you are wondering what i wanted to talkto you about this time"

harry looked into dumbledores kind old face, and his twinkling blue eyes and realised he did wonder what dumbledore wanted.

Dumbledore took a deep breath.................

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"I wanted to hear what you thought of the gifts your mother left for you."

"I love them."

Dumbledoire smiled and asked Harry to take a seat.

"Now Harry, I am going to try to teach you another new skill. It involves complete concentration - " he broke off "and I would like you to continue your DA meetings. Just another point I thought you should remember." He smiled.

Harry smiled back and nodded. "Alright."

"Now, this is not hard to do. You are a parcelmouth. All this involves, is casting spells in parceltongue. It has an odd effect. You will see. Now, stand up."

Harry stood

"You won't need your wand for this Harry. Parceltongue needs no wand. Now I want you to disarm me in Parcemouth."

Harry said the words "expeliarmus" in parceltongue.


And suddenly the wand that Dumbledore had beeen holding vanished, and instead appeared in his hand.

"Good!" Was his reply.

"That will sufice. Go and practice other incantations."

Harry left feeling wonderful.

He was marching happily down the hall when Snape confronted him.

"Mr Potter. Working in Parceltongue are you? Well, I have to see this."
He extracted his wand and proceeded to ask Harry to disarm him. Harry thought he might as well give it his all, did it in a flash.

"Well done. But I wonder what you would do if I did this -"
He made a flash with his wand, and suddenly his han burst open with the words "i will not lie"

Harry uttered another charm in perceltongue (although this felt less in his control) and Snape was knocked back a few steps.

Harry left, wiping his hand on his robes as he did so.

As he rounded the next corner, he took out his fake gold coin and burned the time and date for the next DA meeting into it.

With a defiant smile, he left to go to Qidditch.

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out on the quidditch pitch his team were waiting for him.....

"harry, where have you been, practice started ages ago?" said Ron

harrry shrugged, "i had to see Dumbledore"

he turned around, there was him, Ron, and some new members, because of course, most of the team had now left. in fact of the original team, he was the only one still there.

The new beaters were two burly 5th years, who harry wasnt sure of their names. the new chasers involved Ginny, a friend of hers, and Seamus. and of course Ron was still keeper.
Harry looked around, wishing that the team was still the same as when he had joined it... why did everything have to keep changing.

"right, come on everyone... lets get practicing!!" shouted Harry "there is no way that we are going to lose to Slytherin!!!!"

the team mounted there brooms and took to the sky.
as the wind wipped Harry's face, the worries which he had been harbouring for he didnt know how long all seemed to leave him.
he was back on his firebolt, in the air, where he belonged.

Hermione let out the balls, and the team slogged through their training session.
When they eventually landed, feeling tired but happy a couple of hours later, Harry got changed, and then pulled Hermione away to talk to her in private.
he wanted to tell her about the parseltongue spells.

She listened in a shocked silence.

"wow, harry, you are really powerful" she said in an awed voice.

harry smiled. she was right, he was powerful. maybe he stood a chance. maybe he could be the boy who defeated the greatest dark wizard of all time!!

he wandered back to the castle in a daze.

he climbed the stairs to the common room. and after placing his firebolt carefully back in his dormitory he returned to his favourite chair by the fire to begin on his mountain of homework. he finished his potions, and began on his transfiguration. he sighed and put his hand to his head. his scar was tingling again. he ignored it and worked steadily for another hour and a half. the common room emptied steadily untill there was only him and a few others in it.

he decided to give up. he would do his charms another night. he was too tired to do it now.

harry walked up the stairs to his dormitory. he climbed into bed, and shut his eyes with relief. today had been an interesting day. before he knew it, he was asleep

suddenly, as if someone has kicked him, harry awoke
he had been dreaming once again of sirius' death. something had woken him, he knew it.
he reached across and put on his glasses, squinting into the darkness. he couldnt see anyone, but he was sure that there was someone there......

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Harry opened the curtains to his four poster bed and stood up. The presence he had felt was there still. Harry was not afraid.

He walked slowly and searched the room. Going to the window, he felt a sudden surge of grief wash over him, as though some form of sorrow itself had crossed his heart. But then it was gone again.

Harry spun as the sensation wooshed past him. He let out a tiny uncontrollable sob as pain cracked his exterior.

The feeling passed, and he was fine again. He went to the stairs and slowly decended. When he entered the common room, he went to his seat. The feeling of grief and mourning had driven him to the fire. SLowly he lit the fire and sat back. As Harry sat watching the flames, something happened that made him bolt right up in his seat.

For an infintsimal amount of time, Harry saw Sirius' head.

He gasped.

Harry did the first thing he could think of, he lept towards the fire, sure it would take him to Sirius and relief. But he got there and the fire went out.

"NO!" Harry shouted. He didn't care how loud it sounded - Sirius had been there, right there!

Or had he? What did Harry see? He was tired. Suddenly, and idea came to him. He ran upstairs and grabbed a piece of parchment.

On it, he wrote:


Come back


He tied it to Hedwigs leg and opened the window. Hedwig left, taking all of Harry's hope with him.

He sighed, and sat down by the window, waiting for the reply.

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Harry had waited until just before sunrise. Hedwig came flapping into sight, carrying (as Harry saw with elation) a letter.

When Hedwig landed, he tore open the letter.

It was his own...but there was something else. Another piece of paper. It was blank. But Harry knew he had not put another piece of paper into his own.

Harry stood up carefully. He didn't know what to do. Suddenly an idea came to him.

"Hedwig, take me to where this came from."

Hedwig cooed and then hopped onto the windowsill.

"Wait for me in Hagrid's pumkin patch."

Harry got dressed and ran to the portrait hole. A noise ehind him made him spin. Standing there was Ron and Hermione, arms folded and eyebrows raised.

"What -"

"We're coming too." said Hermione. "I saw you send Hedwig out from the girls windows, and Ron doesn't sleep as soundly as you think."

"Well..." Harry knew he couldn't change anything. "fine. COme one, get your brooms."

IN twenty minutes, Harry, Hermione and Ron were gone. The run would rise to find them missing. On a journey to find something...anything...anything at all.

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Harry, ROn and Hermione ran out of the castle, into the pupkin patch to where Hedwig was waiting and Buckbeak was tied.
Harry untied buckbeak, and decided to bring him too.... he couldnt leave him here on his own.
the three of them mounted their brooms, and soon they were high in the air.
they flew and flew, leaving the castle far behind. they flew over mountains, lakes, great expanses of moorland. they reached beaches and still they flew, following Hedwig on through the day.
The sun burnt down on their necks as they flew. Hermione and ROn trailed behind harry, whilst buckbeak flew along slightly ahead, but never far off.
They knew better than to try and persuade Harry to turn back.
none of them knew what time it was, but it semed as though they had been flying forever. they arms were locked and their hair was knotted, but in each of their eyes there was cold determination.
Harry's mind was in turmoil. what would he find at the end of this journey? where was Hedwig leading them?
his hand strayed to his brest, where the pendant that had once been his mothers sat. his thoughts drifted to her, he wondered whether he would see her too.
Suddenly he realised that Hedwig was descending. he flew lower following her, and behind him Ron and Hermione went into a dive.
he alighted soflty on the grass beside a run down wood cabin.

it was extremely isolated, in fact harry couldnt see any other signs of civilisation, all he could see was woods, for miles and miles.
Hermione and Ron landed beside him, hoermione fell off her broom.
she looked exhausted, harrry realised she wasnt used to flying, and looked gratefuly at her for coming with him.

there was smoke rising from the top of the cabin.
harry walked cautiously towards the door.... he knocked and waited a few moments before pushing the door and going in.

Inside there was a high backed chair, facing the fire

the figure in this chair rose slowly and turned to face harry ron and hermione who were still stood nervously just inside the door.

"hello harry" said a tired voice. "i wondered when i would be seeing you. come in, come in"

Harry entered the room, followed by ron and Hermione
"lupin?" he asked slowly....... he had been expecting sirius.

"i know who you came here looking for harry" said Lupin in a kind, understanding voice "he is not here harry, you must accept that he is gone"

"NNOOOOOO!!!"""" shouted harry, sirius couldnt be gone, what did the blank parchment mean?

"calm donw harry, there is something i wish to show you"

Lupin led Harry outside to a wishing well. "look inside" he said and stepped back.
Harry bbent over the edge of the well ,and squinted into its depths, he couldnt see anything. this was so stupid. what was lupin playing at?

"concentrate harry"

Harry turned back to look at lupin. he was watching him confidently.

once again, Harry leant in towards the well........ that was when it happenned.........

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Harry stared into the well. Black mist filled the well, and images of darkness.

"I hate it - I have to go." Harry ran outside. Ron and Hermione follwed.

"Harry, are you alright?" Asked Hermione

Harry didn't say anything.

"I think Harry, maybe we should say something about...you know."

"About what?" INterjected Ron

"OK." Said Harry reluctantly. "but not here. not today."

Harry had led them on a fruitless mission again. Who would die this time.

Harry was about to mount his broom to leave when he heard \Sirius's voice. loudly and distinclty. He ran into the house to find it...

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harry ran back into the smal cabin, he was sure that he had heard sirius... he had to be here.....

he ran round the back of the cabin to the well, inside the mist, he saw a face, sirius' face. it was smiling at him.

"not going to leave me again Harry i hope" the face said

harry smiled... he knew Sirius would come back... he knew that he wouldnt leave Harry.

Hermione and Ron came running around the back of the cabin to find harry.

"Harry, i am sorry that i had to leave you, believe me, it was the last thing that i wanted to do""

Harry tried to reply, to tell sirius that he wanted him back, to tell him that he was sorry, but there was a lump in his throat which was preventing him from saying what he wanted to.

"Harry, you have to go back to school" SIrius' face was saying "you have to fight Voldemort, i know you can do it"

"but..." began Harry.. now that he had found Sirius again,. he didnt want to leave him

"harry you must" said sirius sternly "it is not only you at stake here, it is the fate of every1 which hangs upon you. this is not your decision"
"dont worry about leaving me, you still have the mirror i gave you?"

"it, it broke" stuttered harry......

"oh," said sirius "well, if you repair it, it will still work"

harry looked blankly at the face of his godfather.. did he mean that harry would be able to talk to him?

"harry, to contact me again, what you need to do is something called scrying....... you look intothe mirror, and think of me, but you have to relax, and let all other thoughts leave your mind..... let your eyes relax, so that they are barely open. that is when you will see me. "
"i warn you, it probably wont work first time, but with patience and perseverance you will manage it... i know you cando it" smiled sirius

harry looked down into the face of his godfather which was beginning to whirl around as though made of mist, then he was gone.

harry sank to his knees and sat there, wondering what to do now.

Hermione and Ron walked over to him

"come on harry" said hermione carefully "we have to go"

hgarry nodded, and rose slowly. they walked together back into the cabin to say goodbye to Lupin. Hermione thought that they should leave buckbeak there, but Harry didnt want to lose him as he was a powerful reminder of sirius.
he stopped hermiones protests by saying that if Lupin transformed, then there was a high chance that he would eat buckbeak. this made hermione rapidly change her mind.

Lupin gave them each some home made stew and said a sad farewell to him

once again they mounted their brooms, and began the long flight back to the castle. harry looked back to see lupin waving from the doorway, he was lookin more tired than ever, and as they got higher he looked very small and vulnerable.

Harry ron and Hermione flew on through the night, following Hedwig, and followed by Buckbeak.

untill eventually, when each of them was so exhausted that they were beginning to wonder whether they would fall off their brooms before they got back, the castle loomed up infront of them.

they looked at each other and smiled as they began their descent.

they landed heavily on the grass infront of the castle to find a very angry looking Snape waiting for them......

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"Oh Shit", said ron

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"And what, I ask myself, are three young persons such as yourselves doing here. Landing from a flight no less."

Harry strode past Snape. He was feeling hate more powerful than was normal, especially since he had seen Voldemort.

Snape grabbed his arm and pushed him back.

"You will answer me Potter!" He roared.

"I was speaking to someone." he said shortly.

"You two, go inside." Sneered Snape at Ron and Hermione.

Ron nudged Hermione and they both went inside. As prefects, they could not and would not refuse.

"Potter, where did you go?"

"I went to see someone I told you that."

"You are not permitted to go anywhere. Nowhere, understand Potter?"

"Yes. Sir."

"Who were you seeing?"


Snape Stared. His faced drained of all colour (however little colour that was).

"And how is my dear old friend Lupin doing?"

"He is fine."

Suddenly Snape stepped forward. "You are lying - maybe not fully,but you are hiding something....who were you going to see besides Lupin?"

"I believe," said Harry smiling "that I have a right to keep that to myself. Good day."

Harry spun around and headed towards Hagrids cabin. He saw Snape heading for DUmbledore's section of the castle out of the corner of his eye. He sighed, he would have to tell Dumbledore about Sirius, but somehow, he knew he wouldn't.

He smiled and knocked on Hagrid's door. There was someone he would tell though.

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he waited for hagrid to open up, but there was no answer.
harry knocked again. stil there was no reply

what was hagrid playing at, why was he ignoring harry?
Harry pushed the door open to find Hagrids small hut empty, except for fang, who at harrys appearance launched himslef at him, determined to cover him in kisses.

suddenly harry remembered that hagrid had said that he was going away. harry sighed and went to the cupboard to get fang some food

he sat down with fang, and after absent mindedly stroking him for what felt like hours, he decided it was time to leave. as he was rising the door opened.

there, framed by the doorway stood Dumbledore.

Harry sat down again. he was feeling angry. why did people keep interfiering, why couldnt they just leave him to it.

"harry, professor snape told me that you had only just got back. i know where you went"

"whats it to do with you?!" shouted harry. he was feeling the familiar urge to sink his fangs into Dumbledore.

Harry took a step towards dumbledore. he was going to put an end to this fools meddling............

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Harry stepped again, and Dumbledore stood firm.

"I don't want to fight." Said Harry eventually, taking a backwards step and turning away. "I am tired of this life. This thing - what am I doing? Why does it matter?"

"Ah..." Said Dumbledore nodding.

"I simply, don't wish to be anymore. When I said I wanted it to end that day in your office, I really meant it. There is something dividing me from everyone else."

"I understand. Nothing has a meaning..."

"Exactly. I don't care."

"Harry, go and fix the mirror. Perhaps it will fix some part of you."

Harry's head shot up. He had forgotten the mirror...he ran straight past Dumbledore through the doors.

"Thank you!" He shouted back.

"SO what is up with him?" Ron was saying as Harry entered the room. He hid in the shadows, though he did not exactly know why.

"I don't know." Said Hermione, who was writing what looked like another letter to Viktor.

Ron looked livid.

"What is it?" he finally asked.


"Why do you like him? What is it?"

Hermione smiled.

"He is genuine."

"What? Is that all?"


"oh, well you know, I can be genuine too.."

"OH come on Ron."

"COme on what? Don't ypu believe me?"

"No, not for a second. Listen, Vik and I are friends. Nothing more."

"Oh...right." Ron smiled out of the corner of his mouth, an Hermione nudged him playfully.

"COme on, do your homework, I'm not doing it again."

"Ok ok." he said with a smile.

Harry smiled and left. He would come back later in the evening when they had gone to bed. |He wanted to go for a little walk. He wandered to the womping willow and pressed the branch so it froze. Then carefully he climbed inside and dissappeared...

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Harry walked along the passage which led to the shrieking shack. he barely noticed what was happening and was suprised when he suddenly came out in the empty shack.
his mind was buzzing with all that had happenned, speaking to Sirius, attacking Dumbledore, avoiding Ron and Hermione.

he wasnt sure what had drawn him to the shrieking shack, he supposed it could have been because it was the first place he spoke to sirius in.
he sat down on the floor, and lets his thoughts wander.

it was like watching a film. he felt strangely detached from himself. his thoughts ran from when Dumbledore had arrived in his room in privet drive telling him that they had to leave immediately, to the trip that he had just been on. so much had happenned, the previous year, when they had been to the department of mysterys seemed a lifetime ago.

Harry yawned, looked at his watch and decided he'd better head back to the castle. he walked slowly back along the passage, which seemed to take forever. eventually he came out at the womping willow. he froze it using the knot and slipped out.

the grounds looked eeiry, lit by the moon, casting silvery shadows everywhere. harry quickened his pace.... he didnt know why, infact he was probably being paranoid, but he felt as though someone was watching him.

it wasnt a nice feeling.

unconsciously, his hand reached for the orange amulet that had once been his mothers. as his fingers closed around it, a sense of safety and protection descended over him, and the feeling of being watched left him.

harry finally reached the common room, after having taken many detours to avoid peeves and FIlch, and once he'd had a close call with snape.

he climbed in through the portrait hole to find Ron and Hermione sat in the empty common room waiting for him.

"Harry!" said Hermione.... "where have you been? we looked everywhere"

"oh, um, just walking around, thinking about things"

"what things?" said ron in a frustrated voice.

Harry and Hermione exchanged a glance, then harry sat down opposite Ron and began to talk.

they sat for hours, while Harry went through everything, and then while Ron asked questions about what he had been told.

he wasnt very impressed that Hermione had been told and he hadnt.

Suddenly Harry remembered the mirror....... he ran to his dormitory to get it. he brought in the pieces and placed them on the table.

"Hermione, would you be able to fix this for me?"

"sure" she said. she pulled the pieces towards her, took out her wand and muttered a charm. instantly the glass was perfect again, there was no sign that it had been broken at all.

"thanks" smiled harry.

he leant back in the chair and yawned. he still had potions homework to do, and after his encunter with Snape when he had returned, he didnt think it would be wise not to do it.

"you two go on to bed, i will go up when i have finished this"

"ok Harry" said Hermione "see you in the morning"

"yeah, nite" said Ron

Harry watched them go, then pulled his work towards him.

Finally, after hours of working, he was finished. he laid down his quill and leant back, thinking of nothing except falling asleep.
Suddenly the pendant began to glow.
harry gripped it in his hand.

the room was spinning again............

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Harry closed his eyes and let everything happen. He was holding something in his hands, and he realised that he had grabbed the mirror.

The spinning stoppped, and Harry felt his feet hit the ground.

"Harry." Said a voice.

"Who's there?"

"Harry, look at me, I'm here."

Harry opened his eyes and he was face to face with his parents and Sirius.

Harry stood agape at the sight.

"There is a way Harry to reunite us." Said Sirius.

"What is it? WHat, I'll do it, tell me."

"We need to find - you need to find Wormtail. He is the key. He is carrying something...we don't know what, but we need him and whatever it is he has."

"Why? I don't understand!"

Sirius stepped closer, but Harry's parents held him back.

"Harry, whatever you do, odn't kill him, we need him alive Harry! Bring him back!"

The figures started to fade, slowly at first until they were mere reflections.

"Remeber Harry! Remember! Tell Snape and Lupin to remember! They were there when we were at school! They were there, they saw, they were involved in it - all of it! Harry please!"

Harry's parents were smiling at him, but his mother was silently weeping.

"Wait, I don't understand! Wait!"

Harry opened his eyes and frabbed the mirror.

What did it all mean? What was he supposed to do? What did tey expect?

Harry jumped up. He had to see Dumbledore. He had to know what it meant, and to find the man who got his parents killed.

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harry ran through the corridors, not caring who he woke up. the sun was just beginning to rise. he reached the stone gargoyle that concealed Dumbledores office, muttered the password, and mounted the revolving staircase.

he climbed off it at the top, and entered Dumbledore's office. he was slightly suprised to see Hagrid, Mcgonagall, Snape, and Lupin already there.

"ah, Harry" said Dumbledore, extracting a thought and putting it into the pensieve.
"i have an idea what you re here about"

Harry loooked from face to face, they all looked grave, and he couldnt read what they were thinking.

"you knew that i had spoken to Sirius, and my parents? " harry asked. he couldnt believe this.

"yes harry, i knew. and i also have a pretty strong idea what they said to you too..... they asked you to tell Lupin and Snape also didnt they?"

"well, yes, but i dont understand, why do i need Pettigrew? what does he have? will it bring my parents back to life?"

"no harry, nothing can do that, they are gone. but however, it will allow you to speak with them."
"it will also aid you in your battle against Voldemort"

harry looked at his feet. he could feel tears stinging his eyes, but there was no way that he would allow snape to see him cry. he swallowed hard.

that was when he felt it, the familiar surge of hatred that signified the arrival of voldemort.

harry looked up at the people around him. Fools, all following this muggle loving crackpot. they had no clue. they would not win!!

he met Dumbledore's eyes, and felt the urge to strike him. he held himself back

"harry, you cannot let him win. remember those who have died for you, think of your parents"

harry felt voldemort get ripped from him. he sank to his knees, gasping for his breath. he had a sense of loss so big that it was like an aching hole inside of him.

why was it that every1 he got close to got taken away from him? he determined not to get too attached to Ron or Hermione. he could not make them die for him also.

Dumbledore stepped towards him and helped him into a seat.
"harry, wait here for a while. fawkes will keep you company. meanwhile i have some business to attend to. i will be back soon."
dumbledore flicked his wand, infront of harry appeared a hot chocolate and a plate of scrambled egg. he flicked his wand again and a blanket appeared.
"have something to eat harry, and then have a rest. you need your strength."

at that he turned and left with the others, leaving harry alone with his thoughts...................

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Well, here goes...))

Harry looked at the plate, and with a grimmace, flicked the plate to the floor where it shattered.

"Damn them. They have no idea! NO IDEA!" he shouted at noone.

Hadtily, Harry ran to the door with the intention of leaving the office. The door was locked and would not allow him admission.

"Damn it!" He screamed again.

"Now, now." Said a wizard portrait near him.

"Honestly!" said another.

"Please, a friend needs me. Tell me how to get out of this room." Harry walked around the office and looked into each painted face one by one.

"Please! A life is at stake!"

"I'll help you boy." drawled a voice behind him. It was Phinease Nigellus.

"Phinease, thank you."

"Is this life, by any chance my Grandson's? The life that you inadvertantly stole?"

Harry swallowed. Phineas was right of course.


"Very well. Go into the back room there - " he pointed to a shadowed room in the back behind Dumbledores desk "go inside and say take to outside in Parceltongue."


Harry ran to the door and said the words.

In a moment he was outside, and running down the drive. IN a second he had enetered the woods and was running towards the threstrals. Maybe they would help him again.

He ran and ran, vowing to bring his parents killer to justice and bring Sirius back. And since Harry had been Sirius's killer in all, he vowed to either bring him to life, or avenge him...

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The Ones

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harry ran untill he reached the forest. from a distance it looked dark and menacing. he reached the first trees, but didnt slow his pace.

it was deadly silent in the forest, as if every living creature knew of harrys anger and was hiding from him.

harry paused. how was he going to find the threstrals, he remembered hagrids words the previous year, about them being attracted to the smell of blood.

without thinking, harry ran to the nearest bramble and drew it along his arm. instantly the blood welled out of it, its colour contrasting with the darkness of the forest.

within a few minutes, although it felt like much longer, the first thestral had appeared. it looked its head out from behind a tree, shy at first to approach.

harry walked steadily towards it and mounted its back.

he took a deep breath to tell it where he wanted to go, and realised he had no idea where that traitor pettigrew was.

harry sat for a few minutes lost in thought, wondering where he should go. suddenly a vision of the graveyard in which voldemort had returned to his body flashed into his mind.

harry didnt know why, but he resolved to go there........... for some strange reason he felt it would give him a clue as to where to find voldemort,. and his pitiful servant wormtail.

he told the thestral where to go, and obediently it took to the air.

the wind wipped harrys face, and he wished he was on his broom. his mind raced though all the curses, jinxes and defence spells which he knew. he wanted so much to find voldemort and kill him, but knew he wasnt ready... yet.

a noise behind him made him turn in his seat on the back of the thestral.

he was being followed. not far behind and seated on another thestral was someone he didnt wish to ssee.

"harry, come back to the castle. this is not the right time for this. it is for your own safety"...................

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The sun hid the figure from view. He twisted and wriggled, trying to see who the shadow was - but it was to no avail.

He simply whispered for the thestral to soldier on - flying faster and harder than Harry had been ready for.

Harry held on with all of his might. He willed the thestral to go faster, until a faint scream compelled him to stop....

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harry twisted around sharply............. he strained to see where the scream had come from, but could see no-one except his pursuer, who was gaining on him.

once again, the faceless voice reminded him to turn back, and once again harry ignored it.

he was determined to reach the old mansion............. he was going to find voldemort and his servant, and he was going to find out what sirius had meant!

harry flew on, with the wind whipping his face, until he heard the scream again, this time it was much louder, and its shrillness pierced the air around him.

he realised it was a warning, and slowed down, allowing his pursuer to catch up.

he was very suprised to find professor Mcgonagall following him.

he had been sure that it had been a male voice telling him to turn back. but here was professor McGonagall looking very flustered, flying on another thestral.

harry turned his thestral around and told it in a resigned voice to take him back to the castle.
he flew in silence with professor Mcgonagall, and after what seemed like hours, landed on the grass next to the lake.

the walked slowly back to the castle, and as they reached the front doors, they opened to reveal...........................

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The doors creaked ominously as they opened. Harry had never noticed it before...
Behind the doors, perched oninously was Mr Filches cat.

He gave a long hiss before running futher into the school.

"You cannot keep doing this! YOU COULD HAVE PUT SOMEONE IN DANGER!" proffessor McGonogal had exploded.

Harry smiled. He hadn't meant to do it, but id Proff. Mogonogal was this worried...then she obviously cared a little about what happened to him. He realised how much oressure he had been putting on everybody, and decided that no matter what happened, he would nevr let anyone he cared about know how much pain he was in.

He had formed a mask to cover all that was inside. He couldn't let any of it get out.

Proffessor McGonogal strode of silently. "You have detention for a month!"

Again, Harry smiled.

The next day Harry found that his fisrt calss was going to be Skrying.

Each if the students was now in their first year of NEWTS, and were allowed to drop one subject and take up another.

Harry let go of Divination and decided to try his hand at Skrying.

Proffessor Rykes was there waiting, when he arrived.

"Right, now class, as you know, it is your first year of NEWt level studies. Although you may think you do not have exams this year, you are wrong. Half of your exams are taken this year, and the other half next year. We must prepare....take out your crystals and your wands. We will be focusing on anyone that you wish to find. You may not know exactly who yet, but we will focus one family members."

He sighed. "Great." he muttered.

Soon, everyone had an ancient map, a crystal hung from a string and their wands. Harry muttered "family, sekaro!" along with everyone else in the class. Everyine elses charm began to twitch or shake. Hermione's found her parents right away. Rons had jumped once, and then sat still.

Harry's did nothing...as he expected. But then suddenly, it was pulled downwards onto the map and slowly, it began seeking out something on the page...........

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Harry leant in closer to the page, desperate to know who it was searching for.
ron peered over harrys shoulder, and muttered something about harry not having any family.
harry glared at him, and he blushed the same colour as his hair, and went back to his own map.

harry continued to watch his crystal as it slowly moved across the map........... he became oblivious to everything else that was going on... it was as if this was the only thing that mattered

slowly, very slowly, the crystal came to a halt, and rested at one point on the map.

harry carefully looked to see where it had stopped. his heart was thumping so hard, it felt as though it was going to burst from his chest. his mouth was dry, and his hand was shaking as he lifted the crystal to see where it had stopped.

harry looked at the point on the map......... all the excitement he had felt drained away. a bitter dissapointment taking its place.

the crystal had gone to privet drive. where his aunt lived.

of course... she might be horrible, and hate him, but she still counted as family.

harry leant back in his chair, and felt like throwing his crystal accross the classroom, instead he sat up straight again, and muttered "family, sekaro"

he wasnt sure what made him do it, he didnt expect anything to happen, in fact he wasnt even really aware that he was looking for anything.

even when the crystal began to move again he wasnt really watching it, he knew that it would just search out the dursleys again.

however, when it began to slow down to a halt, harrys attention suddenly snapped into action.

he was sure that wasnt where the crystal had stopped the time before.

he leant in close to check.

it wasnt the same place,
it was somewhere different he was sure

yes, he could see privet drive on the other side of the map.

harry leant in close to the old map.

inhaling the old dusty smill that was coming off it.

the excitement was building again.

he had more family......... but who, and where.............

harry looked at the map, and shook his head in disbelief. it couldnt be, there must be a mistake.

the map had gone to the place where hogwarts lay. even though it wasnt plotted on the map, the students had been told whereabouts the castle was.

harrys mind was numb with disbelief. he had relatives here? how come he didnt know about it.

almost as instant as flicking a switch his mind started buzzing with possibilitys.

slowly harry rose and walked to the door, he needed to be alone, to think.

he told hermione and ron that he had a headache, and left.

without thinking, he wandered out of the castle and across the grounds. he stopped facing the womping willow..................................

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It had to either be a student or a teacher....parhaps there was someone hiding out in the school. Maybe the mirror of Eriset was stilll here and the crystal was picking up on the things Harry wanted...

Harry gazed up at the tree while thinking of these things. The possibilities were endless, and he saw only one way to fix it.

He turned towards the lake and sat down. The sun wasn't even at high noon yet, and most of the students of Hogwarts were inside learning. Harry had been sitting for five minutes when he heard a busstling behind him of robes and a high pitched scream.

"I knew it! I knew it would be you! Always getting yourself into danger like that!"

Madam Pomfrey had come bustling out of the castle carrying a basket of medicinal herbs and bottles full of all sorts of magical concoctions.

"Oh - I - " Harry scratched his head and smiled meekely.

"You should have come straight to me if your scar was hurting young man!"

"But it's not - It was only -"

"Nonsense! Delicate creatures like yourself!"

"I am not -"

"COme along!" She pushed him all the way into the castle and from there he was escorted to the hospital wing.

"Now drink this up, and then you can go."

Harry took the glass she was holding out to him.

"Madam Pompphrey? How long have you been working eher?"

"Oh, many many years it seems. Been here nearly thrity years myself."

"Sounds like one hell of a job. You must know some pretty amazing things."

"That I do, that I do. Well, you had better be off. I know the Headmaster is most anxious to see you."


Harry made his way to the spiral staircase. He said the password (which Dumbledore always made sure he had) and soon he was standing on front of the big doors.

"Come in Harry" said Dumbledoor from inside.

Harry entered.

"Sit down please. There is something torubleling you. I wish to know what it is."

"Do I have family still living. Apart from my aunt or Dudley. Do I have magical family living?"

"Iam unsure Harry."

Harry saw a twinkle in his eye as he looked away.

"Listen, I have to go." he said, standing up. If |Dumbledore wasn't going to help him, then he would just have to help himself.

He had a feeling that family would be very close by soon...

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harry left dumbledores office and wandered back to the common room. the bell went, signalling that it was breaktime. ron and hermione came tumbling in through the portrait hole.........

"harry.... where have you been?" asked hermione looking concerned.

"oh...um... nowhere, just thinking." he replied.

"oh, ok" she said. harry could see that she wanted to ask more, but was resisting, for that he was grateful. he didnt fancy trying to explain what was goin on inside his head.

"hey harry, are you coming to defence against the dark arts?" asked Ron "we've got tonks...." he said blushing

hermione turned to look at him with an amused gleam inher eyes

harry mumbled that he was, and the three of them rose together and left the common room.

halfway along the corridor to their classroom, they bumped into draco.

"potter" he sneered "you getting all upset cuz u have no mummy and daddy?"

harry glared at him, wishing that moody was here to turn him into a ferret, he preferred him like that.

"well at least he had decent parents." retorted hermione "id rather have my parents dead that anything like yours"

malfoy paled, the snapped "stay out of this you filthy mudblood"
he turned to pansy parkinson and they walked away together laughing.

"come on" said ron, and led them into the front seats, where he sat grinning up at Tonks.

"harry are you alright?"mouthed Tonks.....

he nodded, and got his things out for the lesson.

they spent an enjoyable lesson practising hexes..... the only problem was that after being hit by the jelly legs hex so many times in a row, harrys legs still werent right, and he kept wobling slightly.

his mind drifted back to his skrying lesson, and he wondered who here was his family. as he did so, his hand unconsciously reached for the pendant that was around his neck.

he wasnt watching where he was going, and he suddenly realised that he was in a part of the caslt which he didnt recognise.....

he looked around him, wondering where he was. he had thought that after 5 full years at hogwarts he knew the castle quite well....

where was he.....................

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Harry let go of the locket and spun around. He reached for his wand as he did so. It was his instint to react as quickly as he could. A penetrating cold had taken over him and the darkness grew thicker. He felt somethiiing trying to pry into his mind...trying to get inside.

Remembering all that Dumbledore had shown him...all that he had learned, he focused on subduing his emotions. It wasn't hard. He hadn't seemed to have very trustworthy or reliable emotions since last year.

Six yers at Hogwarts had made him wary. Every curse, every incantation he had ever learned was running thorugh his mind. The penetration was getting stronger and he felt as if he were about to break.

"No." He said. Not harshly, but cooly. In such a cold manner that (were he choosing to feel at that moment) would have surprised him.

It stopped. He felt no pressure on his mind at all. And suddenly, he had become aware of a murmering sound down the corridor into the dark. It was someone talking. He followed the noise - insinct telling him not to turn on his light.

He was getting closer. There was a door, open a smidgent, and light spilling forth through the opening like some noxious odour.

"I understand what you are saying, but it is almost as if there is something more." Said a deep slow voice. Harry recognised it as Snapes.

"Severus, you cannot do what you are thinking of doing. ave you thought of the implications at all?" this was Lupin.

Harry sucked in air in shock.

"Both of you now, stop this." said the new voice. The voice of Dumbledore. "There is more at stake than either of you are considering."

"Proffessor, I am close to Harry, I can do this," said Lupin.

"Ah, and that Remus, is exactly whay I want Severus to do it. Will you make sure that everything is kept a secret this time Tonks?"

"Ofcourse," she replied

"We would not want the same thing to happen this year that happened last year..." he continued.

"Well it couldn't. He doesn't care for anyone anymore does he?" she fired back but not sarcastically.

"Have oyu forgotten about the Weasleys?" asked Proff. Dumbledore "and Remus here?"

"Proffessor, please don't -" interjected Lupin.

Dumbledore must have raised his hand, because he stopped talking.

Harry thought he should try and hide as there was bustling noises, and they should surley soon be exiting.

Harry spun around , trying to get away, when he came face-to-face with Mrs Norris...Filtches cat. And who was standing behind her made Harry's heart sink and leap at the same time, and he felt like at any moment, all life would leave him...

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in a split second, mrs norris made a loud mewing sound.
harry jumped and spun around on his heel to see professors dumbledore, tonks, lupin and snape all standing in the corridor.

each of the had a look of cold fury on their faces, all except dumble dore, whose face, as usual appeared impassive.

harry trembled slighlty under the cold stares, but stood his ground. he hadnt chosen to find them, it had been accidental.

"Potter, what were you doing sneaking around outside rooms and listening to other peoples conversations?" snapped snape

"i wasnt" said harry, trying hard to keep his voice level.

"harry, how much did you hear" said dumbledore slowly.

"enough" harry snapped, he could feel the old feeling of anger rising within him. he hated these people. they didnt care,they were only out to protect their own backs.
his chest heaved as he took deep breaths in an effort to control his anger. it was no use, it was getting stronger

harry reached inside his robes for his wand. without realising what he was doing, voldemorts voice issued from his mouth......
"avada" he began......

"Harry, NO!!" shouted tonks, with desperation in her voice.

he began to laugh, and through his pain was mildly aware that it wasnt him laughing.

"i have him dumbledore, i am more powerful than he or you. you wont win. join me, before its too late"

dumbledore met harrys eyes, he was looking old and weary again.

for an instant voldemorts hold was loosened, and harry managed to cry out, but almost as quickly he was back.

at that moment mrs weasleys voice could be heard at the other end of the corridor.

"oh harry, we have been so worried"

he spun around with his wand raised..........

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The stakes were up. She was coming towards him with her eyes down, focused on somethin in her hands..something for him.

In a split second, the words "Crucio" had been shouted.

"NO!" shouted someone else as Mrs Weasley fell.

Silence followed the enterage, and soon every eye was on Harry. He was alone now as he had started. Nothing was troubling his mind, no one was there..

Within sven days, the severity of her condition was found to be minimal, but enemies had been found with everyone. With Ron, who could not stand to look at him, and all of te teachers were utterly astounded at it all. Mrs W. had refused to see him, and so he had taken to walking the grounds.

It was Dumbledore who found him first.

"Don't." Harry began

"Don't what?"

"I could have killed her!"

"I can't afford to be around people I am going to hurt. I want to be transferred...."

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"No" came a cold reply. "I did not trvel all the way from Norway to have you transfer."

Harry whipped around. It couldn't be, but sure enough it was. Standing in front of him was Courtney Jamessen. Her brown hair was so dark Harry could have sworn it was black. Her blue eyes seemed to be holes. There was no emotion in them.

Dumledore smiled. "Ms. Jamessen, I am glad you are here."

Courtney sighed. "Mr. Dumledore, Personally both you and I know that is only half true. You are only happy that I am here to help Mr. Potter." she replied. Her voice was colder than Harry could imagine.

He would never had pictured her like this. When Courtney had been a student at Hogwarts just a year ago, she was fun-loving and always nice to Harry despite her being a Slytherin and the fact the cold Professor Snape was her uncle and caretaker.

Courtney was dressed in royal blue robes. She wore a black cloak over them. "So Mr. Potter wants to be transfered?" she asked more to Harry than Dumledore. Her eyes seemed to bore into his very sole.

Harry stared back dumbfounded.

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Harry, seeing her like his caught the look of Snape in her somewhere, and his brain boiled with anger. She had changed so much, it was untrue.

"Yes. I want to be transferred. I don't hurt people and stand by doing nothing about it. I'm not Voldemort!"

Harry hadn't meant to shout the last sentence, but it had erupted out of him like a volatile lava flow.

Something like understanding flickered in Dunbledores eyes before they became calm and impartial again.

"Miss Jamessen, harry and I need to discuss what options are open to him when he decided that he needs to transfer."

"Dumbledore, I have come from Norway to discuss something with you and ofcourse, with harry. He had increadible skill as you know, et he is a threat. If we cannot contain the danger, then we will be forced to take firmer action."

Harry stared at her in awe.

"Courtney, what happened to you?" he asked dumfounded at the change in her.

"Mr Potter, you are a student here, and you will address me as Miss jamessen."

Memory flashed in harry to last year, when Snape had insisted that Harry call him 'Sir' at all times.

"Miss Jamessen, Harry has studies that are blocking influence from him, and he needs to keep going with them."

"He is a threat. he almost killed a woman last week, and I will not have his filth contaminating our world any more!"

She had gone red int he face, and everything about her reaked Snape. Harry couldn't help it. He through down the books he was carrying, as well as his wand, and headed for the castle. he had to talk to Lupin. He needed to get away fomr the wizarding world. The barrier that seperated him from everything else last year had become inpenetrable. He touched his scarred forhead and grimaced. He hated it.

He needed to make it to Grimauld place at the very least. Normally, Sirius would have been a comforting thought, now it just made him angry. he was beyond the pain of grief, and now was angry that he had been taken away.

Storming through the castle, he was only vaguely aware that people were looking terrified, and that thye were all clearing a path for him thorugh the middle.

He reached Dumbledore's office and knelt by the fire. Grabbing some floo powder, he thorugh it in. When the emerald flames were at their highest, he got in and shouted "Grimauld place, numer 12!"

Soon he was spinning in the grate, seeing Dumbledored office spinning and dissappearing. When he was about to go flashing towards Grimauld place, he saw quite distinctly, standing in Dumbledore's office...Voldemort, smiling back at him.

"Voldemort..." Harry chocked as he dissappeared from sight.

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harry tucked in his elbows, as he went whizzing towards grimmauld place. eventually, when harry was wondering how long he had left untill he threw up he crashed out of the fireplace in the kitchen and landed on his face.

he looked up to see moody and lupin watching him from the table.

he rose to his feet unsteadily and looked towards them.

"well well, potter, fancy seeing you here" growled moody

"i, i um, needed to speak to professor lupin" stammered harry.

moody understood, and got up and left the room.

lupin looked to harry. in his prematurely lined face harry could read worry, and something else, for a moment harry wondered what it was, untill he realised it was fear. lupin was afraid of him.

suddenly it all became too much. the guilt hit him like a physical blow and harry sank to his knees.

he couldnt hold it in anymore, much as he tried to prevent them, the tears came.

harry knelt there on the floor, with his face in his hands, sobbing. he felt arms around him, and looked up to see lupins kindly face.

"its all right harry," he said softly "i know it wasnt you that attacked molly, that is why we need to find wormtail, we need to stop this."

harry looked at lupin with wide eyes. "but, how will i find him?"

"you dont need to"

harry was puzzled. lupin seemed pleased about something. slowly the sobbing in harrys chest subsided, he got up and took a seat at the table, lupin followed him. he was now overwhlemed with a sense of curiosity.

lupin looked to the door, and called moody, who appeared bringing with him peter pettigrew..............

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Harry was on his feet faster than he was aware.


"Harry!" shouted Lupin, as Harry lunged forward. "Your decision was the right one. It might have been easier had you killed him perhaps, but nothing about what happened to Sirius would have changed."

"Don't even talk to me about that - not now."

Lupin nodded as Moody pushed Pettigrew into a seat.

"Here" he drawled, handing Harry his wand. "Finish it now."

Harry took the wand and raised it slowly. "You should have died that night..."

Harry formed the words in his mind...Avada Kadavra. He caught a glimpse of Lupin iin the corner of his eye and saw a smile there that did not belong...

Harry changed the words forming so that ropes pored from the wand when e spoke. Once Pettigrew was secured he did the same to Moody and Lupin.

"I want to know what the hell is going on -RIGHT NOW!"

"Harry, what are you doing?! You would betray Sirius like this! KILL HIM! KILL HIM!"

"Shut up and tell the truth! Who are you!"

Lupin began to laugh, and soon Moody and Pettigrew was laughing too.

"Do you think I would have made it that easy for you?!" The laughter continued.

Harry suddenly saw a vivid flash before his eyes. A flash of |Dumbledore, and a flashof pain.

"Harry!" Shouted the image.

The thing in Lupins shape smiled and vanished, along with Moody and Pettigrew.

Harry opened his eyes, not aware that he had sweat on his face. Snape was leaning over him, apparently applying something under his nose to wake him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" he shouted and Snape stood up, raising an eyebrow.

"Harry, you ran here to go to Grimauld place, is that not right?" Dumbledore asked to his left.

"Yes." Harry said, teeth clenched.

"Voldemort was here?"


"Well, you passed out, and we have not been able to wake you for twenty minutes. We need to focus on something more than Occlumency. I will need the help of Courtney for this. Please come with me Mr Potter."

Harry got up and threw Snape his filthiest look as he passed.

"And when you are done, come and see me Mr Potter, we have something of great importance to discuss."

Harry raised his eyebrows. There was no trace of vulger snidety in Snape. He was being sincere....

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Courtney sat at her new desk. She was five seconds from passing out from pure exhaustion. Make no mistakes. She didn't mind her adventurous lifestyle. Not getting any sleep for the past five days had really taken a toll on her nerves. She was a little it more cray than usual.

Courtney held a hand-mirror up so she could check her appearance. She gave a small laugh. She now knew why Harry reacted the way he did. she looked almost exactly like a younger female version of her Uncle Snape or Professor Snape as she now called him. She let a small smile appear.

What had happened over the years that made her change. She used to be a carefree Slytherine who got along with everyone except Granger and Weasley. She chuckled as she remembered how she and Draco pulled millions of tricks on the two. It was out of the love for fun of course. Then there was Dumbledore. This made Courtney smirk. McGonnagal would always bring them in. ALthough she pretended she despised him, Courtney far from despised Dumledore. She held him in highest regards, but did not let anyone know. She still didn't like the fact her uncle wasn't Professor of D.A.D.A. And yet she was extremely happy he hadn't been when she attended as a student. She had hated Defense Against the Dark Arts. She and the professor would always argue. it normally was about the dark arts, but no matter the subject, she always came out on top and sent to the headmaster's office.

When she graduated, Courtney was sad. She would have to look for a job and leave her only family (Snape) and friend (Draco) in London. She had traveled to Norway and applied for a job. Snape hadn't een to happy with it. He had commented that it was too far beneath her, ut it was the only employer that would have her. She had had many invitations from the ministry of magic, but turned them down repeatedly. She was not going to sit behind a desk and fill at forms. It was not up to her standards.

Courtney's mind drifted to the train wide to Hogwarts. It would have been faster had it not been stopped by Dementors. She had sighed as everyone else freaked out while she, as usual, remained calm.

Courtney was shaken from her reveree by the creeking of her office door opening. She glanced up from the paper she had been writing to See Dumledore. Harry will e next. she thought. She was right. Potter walked in behind him. He seemed shakened up pretty badly. She stood. "Headmaster? Mr. Potter?" she greeted. "How may I help you." she feigned ignorance. Of course she already knew why they were there.

She sighed then added. "Voldemort?" Her question was directed to Harry.

Dumbledore smiled. Courtney Jamessen always knew what was going on. Her job choice had pained him. He would have gladly offered her a job, but he couldn't come up with one that suited her abilities.

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the task which tonks had set him was difficult. he hadnt had any warning, he had just suddenly been transported, by means of a portkey to an obstacle course of a kind. he had to reach the end before he could get the next portkey back to school.

he faced grindylows, boggarts, kappas, and hinkypunks, there were also a number of curses and charms to overcome. but he made it in one piece, and beamed in pride when he landed back in tonks office, and received a good deal of praise.

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"well done harry" smiled Tonks "you did very well, i will set you your next task the same time next week, and i will give you this clue, practice levitation and invisibility spells"

harry left Tonks' office, feeling nervous but excited about the next challenge. the feeling was very similar to the way he felt when he had been in the triwizard tournament.

he thought back to then. people where always trying to kill him...... why? he hadnt asked to defeat voldemort, or to be part of the prophesy.

harry sighed and made his way to the library.

he walked along numerous corridors, occasionaly taking a shortcut through a hidden staircase.

he was absorbed in his own thoughts, and only found the way because he knew it so well. had he been paying more attention he might have noticed peeves. as it was he didnt realise he was there untill the pots of ink that peeves had been juggling with came flying towards him.

with reflexes that came of his quidditch training harry managed to avoid the majority of them.

unfortunately, the one that found its target was full, and harry was left dripping in black in, whilst peeves zoomed up the corridor cackling.

harry looked around, beside him was the concealed entrance to the room of requirement. harry remebered what dumbledore had said about continuing the DA meetings.

he produced the fake galleon from his pocket, and burned in the date of the next meeting :thursday, three days from then, at 8 o clock:

he then proceeded to the library.

hermione was there, pouring over her numerology homework.

she looked up as harry entered.

"harry" she said, and her face broke into a wide smile. "how are you?"

"fine" harry mumbled "i have to look up invisibility and levitation charms" he said, as though trying to explain his prescence.

"oh, well, il help you shall i? im getting bored of this anyway she said, gesturing to the pile of parchment spread before her.

they pulled out great dusty volumes in the hope of finding the spells they were after, and once again harry was reminded of the triwizard tournament. he squeezed his eyes shut tight, and tried to block the thoughts from his mind.

they continued to search untill it was pitch black outside, and they were ushered out by the librarian.

harry returned to the common room, and sat down to do his charms homework. Ron entered through the portrait hole, took one look at harry, and made for the boys dormitory.

harry made to go after him, but hermione held him back.

"harry, leave him. he'll come round. he just needs time."

harry wasnt so sure, he had attacked Rons mother, he could have killed her.

he shook his head slowly, trying to get the image of molly weasley collapsing out of his head. he went back to his work, he was not looking forward to tomorrow.

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"Harry, I think maybe you should go and see her...please wont you try?"

Hermione had placed her hand on Harry's arm.

"I don't think I can."

"Of course you can. COme on, I'll go with you."

The following saturday, Harry and Hermione went to Proffessor McGonogal to ask for a pass to leave the school.

"Mr Potter, you cannot leave the school without supervision and we cannot spare anyone."

"I'm 16. I think I can take care of myself."

"I'll go with them," came a voice from behind Harry. Lupin stood in the doorway with his arms folded. "I want to speak with Molly anyway."

"|Oh, very well Remus. But be careful. And take a portkey. Mr Potter needs to be back in time for an exam."

"Exam?" asked Hermione astonished. "For what?"

Harry was told not to mention the auror stuff, and since McGonogal was indicating that it should be kept that way with her eyes, Harry had to do some quick thinking.

"I have to retake a module of the potions exam."

"Oh, right..."

"Very well, you may leave now," confirmed McGonogal again

"Come on you two, lets go."

The journey took a few seconds at best. Before long, Harry had come to the door where Molly Weasley was lying. He could not bring himself to open it.

"Come on Harry, I'll go in first. When I come out, you can go," suggested Hermione.

Harry nodded. "Ok."

Hermione was twenty minutes long, and she came out looking completely impartial.

"Ok, she'll see you."

Harry entered slowly, careful to put his hands at his sides. She was sitting up in her bed, holding something in her hands. When he saw her smiling face, tears broke into his eyes. She held up her arms calling him for a hug. Harry walked over, and tears fell onto his cheeks.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as she laughed

"Harry, oh Harry dear - I know that it isn't you. I know. DO you know what I saw when you pulled that wand? I saw Voldemort,"

Harry lowered his head.

"And do you know what I saw when your eyes widened in shock? I saw James. And Lilly. That was more powerful."

Harry smiled.

"You're not angry with me then?"

"Goodness no! I never was! I don't know who told you that!" she laughed.

"Well, Ron won't even look at me."

She sighed. "Dear me. That won't do."

She smiled mischieviously and looked to a point in the room beyond where Harry stood. harry turned to where she was looking. Ron stood in the doorway with a smile on his face.


"Hey," said Ron walking forward. He hugged Harry and gave him a frienly pat on the back. "So you finally made it down here."

Harry smiled, astonished.

"This was a plan!" he laughed, "I can't believe it!"

Hermione and Lupin had come into the room too, and they were all smiled as well.

Harry gave Molly one last hug, and then He, Ron and Hermione headed back to school.

Harry was ushered staright to Snapes room for the test.

"Mr Potter, there is someone I want you to meet. He specialises in mental pain and memories. Hopefully, he will be able to teach you how to keep your little being on this planet long enough to do something useful........

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"Professor Snape..." came Courtney's quiet voice.

Snape growled lowly. "What?!" he asked angrily.

Courtney's eyes narrowed. "After you get through torturing Mr. Potter you might want to check on your ingredients. If you wait to long they may ecome lethal." she said matter-of factly.

Snape glared at her. Turning to a very shocked Harry, he said, "This will be short and it is not torture."

"That's what you say about all of your lesson, Professor."

Harry's eyes widened. Snape was not yelling. Both him and Courtney remained cool.

"Ms. Jamessen, are you here to help?"

"Him or you?"

Snape whipped around. His eyes were widened. What was she getting to?

"Are you going to be useful, or do I have to force you to leave?" he said, his voice rising.

"No, I'll help."

"Good. Potter stand here."

Harry stood where he was told.

"Now, I want you to copy these instructions and tell me what they make."

Harry looked at the ingredients and gulped. He knew he would hate this.

Harry brewed the ingredience, boiling, burning, brewing, cutting - you name it! When he was finished, he was left with a black solution that bubbled white.

"Looks like tar to me," he said, risking a telling off.

"It probably is," laughed Courtney, but she composed herself before Snape whiped round.

"It is selmmite. For homework, you will researcg what it does - without the help of Miss Granger - and then memorise the potion, to be tested next week."

Harry sighed and left the room. Everyone expected so much from him...

He left and strolled down the corridor. Draco was waitig there for him in a nitch in the wall. Harry did not see him coming.....

Draco muttered a few words. His wand gave off sparks as an invisile force repelled Harry into a wall. He smirked. Harry slumped to the floor. He barely had a chance to duck before Draco was sent flying into the wall where his head had been.

"Mr. Draco, I thought you would come up with different tricks or at least different places to attack from." Courtney said. She slipped her wand into her robes as she walked forward. She helped both boys up. "You two could be a deadly force, if you teamed up, but that would be out of the world." she had a friendly smirk.

Draco hadn't seen Courtney in a year. The last few months she had been at Hogwarts, he had seen her working, never any free time. "Court..." he stopped feeling the eyes of his head of house on him.

"Ms. Jamessen, are you having fun here at Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

Snape came forward. "She is not suppose to be having fun. She's suppose to be working" he spat.

"Professor, not in front of Mr.Potter and Mr. Malfoy."

Snape looked at the two. "Fine. I'd like to see you in my office, Ms. Jamessen."

Courtney nodded and followed him. She had graduated the year before. She watched as Snape sat behind his desk and followed suit. "Courtney." he began. He glanced at his locked office door. "I wish you would please take the Headmaster up on his offer."

"Uncle Severus, You know as well as I that I am learning to protect myself in a different wat then Harry. I choose to learn on my own, although I do not have Voldemort on my trail."

"Which is a good thing."

"Is is. I've lived through seven years at this school and have never had an adventure. when the Basilisk was released I wasn't in danger because I'm a pureblood and am fond of serpents. Dementors don't even bother to see if I couuld e dangerous because of my looks. I need something thats new and different."

Snape sighed. "You are difficult."

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harry was once again in the library. he had piles of dusty volumes in front of him.

magic potions and their purposes, special ingredients for special spells, 10000 herbs and their uses, daily potions for daily problems, potions explained..... there were loads of them.

harry scanned the titles with a tired expression. he yawned. he had been at it for nearly 2hours, and so far had only fond one mention of selmmite, and that had only been to say that if it was ingested, it would cause the persons limbs to dislocate.

harry thought that it didnt sound like a very nice potion, and wondered whether snape would force him to try some.

hour after hour he continued looking, untill eventually, he found wat he was looking for.

it was only a page long, but he hurriedly copied it out onto a piece of parchment.

there was the magical properties, the ingredients, and the antidote.

harrys eyes widened in shock. it turned out, that if selmmite was sprinked onto the skin, then it would dry clear, but act as a shield to most hexes and jinxes.

he would never have guessed that.

he yawned and lent back in his chir, now all he had to do was memorise it.

suddenly an inexplicable feeling of dread came over him. he wasnt sure how he knew it, but he knew that something was wrong.

instinctively he grasped the amulet that had once belonged to his mother.

he grabbed the parchment and ran along the corridors making for the common room.

he reached the portrait of the fat lady, and panting, he mumbled the password.
it swang forward to reveal his fellow gryffindors, sitting around, doing homework.

they all looked in harrys direction.

he scrabbled through, and ran through the room.

up the stairs towards his dormitory he went.

he knew that something wasnt right. his heart was beating in his lungs, and he was breathing hard.

he pushed open the door, almost afraid to see what was behind it.....................

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harry stood and looked at the site of devastation before him.

grawp had ripped about 30 trees out at the roots, he had also killed a centaur and some other creatures that lived in the forest.

harry sighed.
where was hagrid, and what had happenned to hermione.

at that moment dumbledore walked out of the forest, he saw harry and headed towards him

"sir, what happenned" harruy asked

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Harry watched as snape came out behind Dumbledore. His eyes widened as he saw the unconscious form of Courtney. "Professor, what is happening."

Dumbledore waited to see if Snape would answer.

"None of your bussiness Potter." he said coolly. He past by harry. Giving him a look of pity before going to the medwing.
Dumledore turned to Harry. "Let's go see if we can help Ms. Granger."

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harry obediently followed dunbledore throught the school to the hospital wing. hermione was lying in a bed at the far end with the curtains drawn around her.

after a bit of persuading madam pomphrey agreed to let them see her.

she was conscious again, but she was very bewildered.

harry looked at the vacant expression and wondered whether it had been his fault. whether he'd hurt her without realising.
he gripped her hand, and willed her to get better.

he turned to look into dubledores wise blue eyes. "whats going on? what happenned to hermione? will she be ok?"

"she will be fine" said dumbledore slowly, "and as to what happenned, im not totally sure myself, although i think that she went to see grawp, and then was looking for you. as to why she was unconscious, well, we can only speculate. the spell to stop her entering the boys dormitory was not powerful enough to knock her out"

harry sighed and looked down at hermione. he wished that everything was over.

the door to the hospital wing opened, and snape entered carrying courtneys limp form.

harrys eyes felt heavy. he felt as though the weight of the world was on his shoudlers. he knew that somehow this had been down to vodemort, and that everyone was relying on him to stop him.

harry squeezed his eyes shut tight, the weight of responsibility bearing down on him. he knew he had to find a way to defeat voldemort, because if he didnt, not only he would die, but all his friends would too.

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Dumbledore turned to speak with Madam Pomfrey, and Harry turned his attention to Hermione. She had passed out again.

Harry let his head drop onto Hermione's stomach. The rise and fall of it with the sound of her calm breathing was relaxing. But guilt was pressing down upon him, and he felt exposed. Everyone knew every little detail about him. Everyone could see him. Suddenly the thought of being looked at every day made him feel sick.

Just as he began to close his eyes, Harry felt a lurge beneath him. Hermione had jumped in her sleep. Harry raised a hand to her forehead , where little drops of sweat were making her skin shine.

He had barely touched her when eyes squeezed tightly and her face contorted in an expression of pain. She began lurching in her bed furiously as Harry tried to hold her down by the arms.

"Proffessor! Come quickly!" he shouted

Dumbledore raced towards them as did Madam Pompfrey.

"What should I do?!" he houted ad Hermione began to move so violently that she escaped his grasp.

As soon as Dumbledore put his hand on her head she began to subside, but tears had formed on her cheeks.

"There is nothing to be done yet. We have to call a meeting," began Dumbledore.

"I am not letting you keep me out of this! NOt this time!"

"Harry, you will be required to attend this meeting."

Dumbledore left without another word.

"I will send you an owl when it is time. Bring Ron along with you too."

Within an hour Ron and Harry were both sitting by Hermione's side.

"Proffessor Dumbledore wants to see you both - he send an owl," said Madam Pompfrey.

Harry got up to leave, and did not see the small kiss Ron placed on Hermione's cheek.

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Courtney slowly sat up on her bed. She held her head and groaned. she looked around to see she was in the med wing. Swinging her legs over the bed she got up. A little shaky at first.

Madame Pomphrey tried to stop her, but Courtney got pass her. "I must speak to Professor Snape." she whispered.

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harry and ron walked along the corrridors in silence. harry wanted to break it, to say something, but his mind was blank, and there was a strong tension between them.

they reached the stone gargoyle, harry mumbled the password, and silently they both mounted the revolving staircase.

they approached dumbledores office with a heavy feeling of trepidition.

there were voices from inside, which stopped abruptly as harry knocked on the door.

"come in" came the voice of dumbledore,and together ron and harry entered.

they were met by the entire teaching staff of hogwarts, and Lupin and the Weasleys (not just molly and authur, but bill and charlie too)

"harry, ron, there is something we all need to discuss, it is very serious, and its to do with hermione."

they both nodded, and sat in the chairs, which dumbledore had just conjured.

"now this is not an easy thing to explain, so i think the best thing, will be to show you." said dumbledore, harry noticed that he was looking very old, and strained.

he watched as dumbledore got up and walked to the cupboard where harry had found the penseive a coulpe of years before, although, harry reflected, it felt like another life.

dumbledore turned around, and to harrys surprise, he had the penseive in his hands. he layed it on the desk infront of them, and extracted a silvery thought.

dumbledore looked at harry expectantly and harry knew what they had to do, they had to go inside his memory.

harry stood slowly, and took rons hand, together they walked towards the pensieve. ron was very pale, and looked terrified.

the teachers and the weasleys stodd around the edges of the room, waiting tensely.

harry leant forward towards the silvery surface


there was a spinning sensation, and then they landed heavily in a deep dark, damp tunnel, that had one of those smells which reminds you of a long lost moment in your life.

harry strained trying to remember where he knew the smell from, then he knew, it had been the smell in his dream a couple of months back, when he had been voldemort, and had ordered the ministry worker be killed.

he looked around and wondered what dumbledore had experienced here, that they needed to witness....................

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ROn was leaning against a wall, he was breathing quickly and glancing all around. he was plainly terified. harry moved towards him, and opened his mouth as if to say something when a movement caught his eye.

as one harry and ron turned around. at the far end of teh tunnel, siloutted against the poor candlelight there stood a figure.

harry felt ron shrink behind him, and realised that he was trying to hide.

"its ok, he cant see us, this is dumbledores memory of what happenned. were just observing what happenned, like a film"

"a film?" asked ron, and harry realised he didnt know what it was.

"never mind" he said, and slowly ron moved out from behind harry.

the figure at the end of the corridor turned and beckoned to someone that they couldnt see.

quickly and silently the figure began to move towards them. it moved in such a way that it appeared to be gliding, not walking.

in the gap where it had been, a small stooped, podgy man appeared, he looked nervously around as though he didnt want to be there. then he followed the tall person.

as the tall person came closer a terrible realisation dawned on harry, this was tom riddle, a young voldemort. when he had still been at school.

the small figure got closer and harry recognised this also, it was pettigrew.

harry was just wondering what was going on, when the door behind them opened, and dumbledore walked out.

he set off along the corridor at a brisk pace, but making no noise. Harry grabbed rons arm and began to follow. he had to almost jog to keep up with dumbledores fast stride.

they came to another door, and as they approached it, it opened. lupin stepped out.

professor dumbledore looked at him and said "were they"

lupin nodded, and dumbledore set off again, this time with lupin close behind.

harrys heart was beginning to speed up with a feeling of nervous excitement. he wondered what was happenning, and what they were about to witness.

abruptly dumbledore and lupin stopped. harry peered around them.

they were in the shadows of a huge archway, and just through the arch was a wide open area, inside this area were a number of witches and wizards. harry squinted at them all, and realised that the majority of them were slitherins.

he saw lucius malfoy, dracos dad, and he saw crabb and goyles parents.

he looked at ron, who shrugged his shoulders as if to say what the hell is going on here harry shrugged back, and turned to watch .........

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Harry stepped inside with Ron following closely behind. As they entered, Lucius stood up and raised his hands.

"Fellow Slytherae! Listen to me now!" We have been hunted and our children are facing danger! We will now bring to trial the person responsible for the disappearance of the boy."

Lucius smiled and turned to |Dumbledore.

"How do you acocunt fo the dissapearance?"

"I do not have anything to say in my defence"

"Where is he Dumbledore? You cannot hide him forever. Even that fool Sirius will not say."

"I heard. You will not find Harry Potter Malfoy. Stop trying."

Lucius stood abruptly and his voice carried through the hall.

"I warn you Dumbledor. Potter will bring pain to those he loves. He killed his parents indirectly, he will kill his future associtions too. I feel sorry for any girl who gets too close."

Harry felt his knees collapse. Ron caught him from behind.

"Its a curse!" he whispered to Ron behind him. "What do I do now?"

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Ron was still holding onto Harry's arm, even though Harry was standing alone.

"Lucius, you kow that the prophecy has been made. Harry Potter is protected from you and your curses," said Dumbedore calmly.

Harry walked forward until he was face to face with Lucius.

"I will never look at him in the same way again. Ever since I saw him at the graveyard...." Harry's voice trailed off.

Suddenly the figure that was Lupin stood up and strode out of the room.

"This is finished," said Dumbledore with a tone of indescent finality. And then he followed Lupin out of the room.

Harry and Ron followed.

"Dumbledore, I am confused about Sirius. Surely he wouldn't - " Lupin broke off and turned away.

Suddeny Harry knew when this was. It was just after the death of his parents. Harry walked closer to Lupin, trying to see his face. It would be younger...

Lupin's face was in his hand.

"Remus, I do not know what tured Sirius form James and Lily.

"Let me take Harry Dumbledore. I can control the spells with potions, I-"

"No Remus. I cannot give Harry to you. It is not safe. He is protected. ONly two souls in the world other than me know where he is."

Remus lifted his eyes and sighed.

"It is so hard."

Dumbledor nodded and turned away.

Harry watched the images change around him as a new memory surfaced. Nothing explained Hermione's condition to him. The curse was a lie, so what was the cause?

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Harry and Ron felt the scenery change around them again. This time they were in a dark castle. Harry's eyes widened when he saw Malfoy knocking on the door, they went even wider when Courtney answered. What was going on.

Harry looked at Ron who seemed even more mortified. They watched eyes glued on the two before them.

Courtney smiled. "Draco, come in out of the blizzard." she said stepping aside to let him in.

Draco lowered his hood. His hair was still in perfect condition as he stepped inside.

Harry and Ron followed. They didn't know what to expect. What could possily e going on?

Courtney led Draco into the sitting room. After they were both seated they began to talk. First it was small talk ut eventually led to Draco confiding in Courtney as always.

"Courtney, My father has done an aweful thing. It had long been passed, but I do not think it is right. My father has had it planted in many peoples head that there is a curse."

Courtney looked at Draco. "Draco, no matter what your father has done, you can not blame yourself." she said smiling warmly. "This will never be known to anyone unless you say it may be."

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Courtney stood up and went to a wooden counter, encrusted in dark spot from age, to start boiling some water.

"Believe it or not Draco, despite your arrogance, your flaring michievities, and your recalcitrint manner....you can be nice to people you want to be nice to."

She heard Draco snot behind him as she poored the water onto the teabags.

She smiled because he knew that it was true.

"But....." she began.

"But what?"

"Well, when anyone ever mentions....Harry Potter...."


"...You get a lttle ansy."

Draco scowled and then laughed as Courtney pulled a face.

"Hermione Granger," he said suddenly

"What about her?"

"Well...nothing. Listen I have to go."

Draco got up, and the picture started to change again.

Harry growled in frustration as his vision blurred. And he and Ron held on again as the scene changed into a darker, drearier vision...one that Harry did not expect.

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harry and ron looked around them, the vision gradually becoming clearer........ harry was thinking about what draco had said... was their a curse?
was that wat was wrong with hermione...... he had afterall mentioned her name?

harrys head hurt from the questions, he still did not understand what dumbledore was trying to show him.

he looked around to see that he and ron were in snapes dungeon.

there was a younger greasy hook nosed version of there teacher at the back of the room. he was bent over what looked like a cauldron.

behind them they heard a rustling and as one harry and ron whipped round to see dumbledore entering the room.

he swept into the dungeon as snape looked up hurriedly.

"Severus" dumbledore acknowldeged.

"professor" he replied. harry thought that he looked quite shifty.

dumbledore lowered his voice "have you heard?"


dumbledore nodded

harry and ron moved closer, feeling more intrigued by the minute.

"do you know how...."

"i have an inclination, but that is it, a mere inclination. severus, you know how serious this is, we must get to the bottom of this"

"i know, and i am working on it"

at this dumbledore seemed satisfied, turned on his heel and swept out of the room, leaving snape to return to his cauldron contents.

harry and ron were still none the wiser.

once again the room faded

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Harry and Ron saw the room dissolve around them once more. They looked around and tried to determine where they were. "Where are we?" whispered Ron. Harry silenced him with a wild glance.

Creeping around the building they spied a younger form of Lupin and McGonagall talking. "The news about Lily and James is depressing. Anything we could have done couldn't have stopped this. It's sad Harry will have to live this way with those muggles. I can't bear it," cried McGonagall.

"Minerva, you know Dumbledore should've made me secret keeper. Maybe if Wormtail hadn't uttered that curse," began Lupin.

"Do not say that. It couldn't have been stopped no matter what you do," uttered Minerva.

"Wormatil did the curse-" said Ron. This time Harry smashed his foot so he could still listen.

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this time it settled and harry saw that they were in the slytherin common room. he looked around, knowing that as it was dumbledores memory then he had to be close by........ he heard a breath behind him but there was noone there, he thought maybe dumbledore was wearing an invisibility cloak... he wondered if dumbledore had ever spied on him before,..... it would explain how he always knew what was bothering him.

harry turned his attention back to the common room as draco entered flanked on either side by his cronies, crabbe and goyle. both were looking fatter and stupider than ever.

they sat on the sofas infront of harry and ron.

draco looked around, as if to check noone would over hear them.

then he began to talk.

he talked about harry, and the fact that his father was planning to help return him to voldemort. harrry realised that this was a few years ago, before the triwizard tournament, wich had helped voldemort return.

he took a sharp intake of breath and ron looked at him inquisitively. harry shook his head and turned back to listen.

draco was now talkingabout how he'd get ron and his muggle loving parents back.
how he would love to be the one to finish the famous harry potter. crabbe and goyle sniggered stupidly.

harry felt ron tense beside him

"when we get back im gonna get him" muttered ron through gritted teeth.

harry didnt bother telling him not to, at that moment he wanted to hurt malfoy just as badly as ron did.

it was at that moment that malfoy mentioned hermione "ugly mudblood, she's gonna get it, she'l regret the day she ever chose to befriend potter"

they looked at each other, was ,malfoy behind it?
he couldnt be

then they knew. draco had produced a quill. he was explaining that it put the holder into a bewitched sleep once they had written 666 times 666 words.

so that was what had happenned. draco had switched her quill and put her into and enchanted sleep.

"that...." began ron when the room began to grow dark, and they found themselves thrown onto dumbledores office floor to see everyone looking at them...............................

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is anyone interested in colaborating with me for a american outlaws/young guns 2 crossover, van helsing, or some other carry on? please let me know!


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Harry looked up to see Courtney. She was on her knees beside him. A look of concern on her face. She looked worse then she had when she first arrived. "Harry, Harry." she called gently.

"C. . .Courtney?" he asked. His emerald eyes were slightly dimmer than normal. He turned his head sideways to see Ron was still out. Professor Snape held his head up and put a pillow under it. Harry would have gaped if he had the energy to do so. Snape was being kind and sincere. This was definately unexpected. What worried Harry though, was that Snape looked in just as bad if not worse condition then condition as Courtney. He normally looked bad, but now it was magnified by ten times.

"Harry, do you feel any strange sensations?" Courtney asks helping him sit up just as Ron woke up.

"Of course I do." He replied coldly but frowned. "Sorry, I'm just a little stressed."

"Maybe too much." Courtney said backing up and letting Harry and Ron have room to breathe. "You both should rest in your dorms and Harry, you should come see me and Professor Snape after your rested."

With that Mcgonnagal led the two boys back to the gryffindor tower. Courtney turned to see Snape glaring. "You're bleeding heart will end up being your downfall, Courtney."

Courtney bit her lip. "I can't help but sympathize with Harry. I know what's it like to grow up with no parents."

Snape sighed. She slumped into an armchair. "Courtney, I couldn't stop them."

"I know." she said. "G'day uncle, professors, headmaster." she said before exiting the room.

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Muffled noises in a dreamless world. Silent cries that echoed and evaded the senses. Too dark for vision to aid the mind, and the ears picking up every sound, and heart beat in turn. The nose that smells it's quarry. The tiny heartbeat that follows.

Turning around, Harry felt a presence near him in the confined space. The air was warm stagmant breath, and the sounds were muffled suffolcation. Raising his ehad to the sky he cried out, but his ears did not hear his vioce. His registered a rumbling feeling in his throat as he called, and knew he must have spoken. Was it the room? Was it in his mind? Was he deaf? Never to hear life or live in the light again?

The walls loosened their grip as his mind spun and he felt himself floating upwards into space. Something smashed him hard across the face, and he sucked in the breath he did not realise he had been holding.

After a few moment he registered that he was lying on the floor. He had collapsed. Sounds were still gone, and the darkness was still there, but the walls had been taken from the space. They had been plucked from their bases and tossed away like garbage on sunday mornings.

His heart pounded and he forced himself to breath. He shut his eyes tightly counting to ten.

"....eight.....nine...." he opened his eyes as his vioce rang out "TEN!"

Sight had returned, hearing too. Ron was lying nearby snoring in his bed. It had been so real.....so real.

He got out of bed, noted that it was close to 1am, and fetched the invisibility cloak, and set out for the school grounds.

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***sorry for the interruption here, but i would like to post this notice and receive some interest for this new hp carry on:

who would be interested in doing a new harry potter carry on story with me? the theme of this one would be something like stephen king's "the dead zone", instead Harry is bestowed this great gift to see how people are going to die by contact from others or touching objects and getting that glimpse into the dead zone. i haven't thought up a plot yet, but that's the theme so far. so...if anyone is interested, please let me know if you are! then, once i get enough people who want to join, i'll start the story and/or discussion thread! the title of it would go something like: Harry Potter Carry On #8 - The Dead Zone or The Dead Zone, Harry Potter Style.***

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harry wandered through the corridors, his heart was thumping against his chest. he still couldnt believe it had been a dream, he just had this feeing that it was foretelling him of something that was to come.

he shuddered, he hoped not, it was scary enough as a dream!

slowing down he thought he heard a footstep. he pulled the invisibility cloak around him more tightly and approached the next corner as quietly as he could.

the person whom he saw he hadnt been expecting, and to harrys dismay, he walked in the same direction as him.

harry tiptoed on, hardly daring to breath for fear of being caught.

eventually after what seemed like an eternity he saw the great oak doors infront of him. he followed the person infront as they hurried towards them.

outside the grounds were so dark that harry could barely see. the clouds were low and thick, obscuring any light that the moon was trying to shine on them.

harry looked around, then for some reason unknown to him he headed towards the forest.

it was dark and forbidding, but he felt unafraid.

as he entered under its canopy, squeezing between the trees, he heard someone calling his name.

he stopped, his heart beating like a drum, he felt sure that it could be heard for miles around.

slowly he resumed his walk

"harry" there it was again, he definately hadnt imagined it. he picked up his pace looking from side to side, and walked straight into something.

his looked up from the floor where he had fallen to see dumbledore lookin down at him.

"i knew that you were following me harry. come with me, ther is something i need to show you"

harry, puzzled allowed himself to be helped up, and followed dumbledore deeper into the forest.

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"I wasn't following you on purpose," Harry said dully. He didn't have any interest in what was to come. He only wanted tyo go for a walk. Now it seemed he was getting what he wanted, so why should he feel anything extraordinary?

Together they walked in silence, until they came to the largest tree in the forest. Harry knew it was so because of the lessons Hagrid had taught him in his passion.

"The largest tree. But I expect you know that Harry,"


"I thought you might like to see the place where your parents were married."

Harry turned his head to face Dumbledore. He removed his cloak, and saw that Dumbledore had been looking at him despite his diguise.

"Married here?" Harry felt his lips curve in a smile, try as he might to change the fact.

"Indeed. It gives you strenth because of the spell that was cast that day. I am giving you permission to come into the forest this far. I have never given this kind of permission, but then again, you never did follow the rules did you. This symbol will be a kind of strength for you if you let it."

That was a week ago, and every evening since, Harry had gone down to the tree to dwell and meditate.

However, one evening something made him linger int he corridor longer than usual. He no longer needed to take his cloak with him now that he had permission to enter the forest. We was standing as though waiting for something, and when Cho's voice spoke out behind him, he wasn't surprised.

"Hi Harry," she said awkwardly.


"Um...I thought you might like to know I was free tomorrow afternoon. I'd like to see you..."

"I see," said Harry, not giving any leeway to her pleading look.

But she stepped forward and said rather haltingly, "It's...dreadfully....important..."

Then she kissed Harry briefly and left.

Harry smiled despite himself and went to the tree in gleeful expectation of the following day.

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harry slept badly that night, he kept waking up and looking at the clock. but, as it usually does when your waiting for something, time seemed to be going twice as slow as it should.

finally harry awoke to see a pinkish tinge over the forest. he yawned and stretched.

it was still too early to go down to breakfast, but there was no point in lying in bad.

harry got up and wandered to the owlery to see hedwig.

she flew down onto his shoulder and nibbled his ear affectionately

"hello hedwig, sorry, but i havent brought u anything to eat"
he stroked her back absent mindedly, his thoughts on what cho might need to speak to him about.

he hoped it wasnt going to be anything important. he hadnt spoke to her properly since there terrible realtionship the year before.

he felt a slight tingle in his stomach at the memory of kissing her.

looking out of the window he realised that he'd been stood there thinking for nearly half an hour. breakfast would be ready now.

he said goodbye to hedwig and hurried down to brreakfast, his stomach growling in anticipation.

harry arrived in the great hall and looked around, his heart gave a little leap as he spotted cho. she waved to him, and came over to speak to him....

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people! please let me know if you would like to join me for this story! if i don't get enough people interested in this story, i won't start it! if you don't know anything or much about stephen king's the dead zone, dead zone fans can help you out. (btw, sorry for the interruption again...)

Harry was anchise to here what cho was about to say but suddnely a klaxxen like sound went off. Harry and cho jumped it was just pevees. Harry looked over to Cho to see she had ran away.
Danm u peeves he said. ( sorry it was so shourt my sister has to use the phone)