POTC: Voyage to the Bermuda Triangle

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(another carry-on fic for you POTC lovers!)

As the sun was setting on the horizon a man stood tall on his boat as he overlooked the waters admiring the coming sunset. He had long jet black hair, deep black eyes and smile that could last a million years. Upon his head he wore an old tattered pirate hat and around his body was a long black cloak.

"For many years I have been yearning for a taste of the great Bermuda, now it can be ours." Said Captain Jack Sparrow to his crew.

As he continued to watch the daylight disappear he noticed a ship ahead in the distance. It was rather blurry looking under the moonlight.

Nk a member of the crew looked into Jack's watery eyes. Nk sighed and started to twirl her dirty blonde hair which she does when she is nervouse. Nk blinked and stared into Jack's brown eyes. She had a raggy old pirate hat on and she bowed towards Jack.

"Bermuda! Bermuda! Bermuda" Nk started to chant and sighed staring into Jack's watery eyes.

Can I join???

My charries a orphan/pirate.

Unknown to Jack and his crew,a young girl was hiding on the ship.SHe was clothed in pirate garments but these were so tattered they showed her half starved frame.The slight wind froom between the wooden boards of the ship blew her dark hair gently and she clutched the tall wooden staff at her side.She shievered slightly.Maria was different from most pirates,as she was blind.Her staff was not only her guide but her weapon which she wielded with a power.

R u guys there???)



Another member of the crew named Bongo decided to object!
"No We can't go there ITS CURSED I SAY"
B4 any1 can calm Bongo down he leaps off da ship and is lost at sea!
"Meh Let him drown I didn't much like him anyway", said Bongo's wife Bingo!

Every1 looks at Bingo in surprise.

"Where did u come from?", asked Gibbs!
"Ive always ben here"
"I don't believe U! Cap'n I say we get rid of her. It's bad luck 2 have a woman aboard u know!"
"Oh yeah and what does that make me", Annamaria snapped.

Ana stomps off angrily and still none of them have realized that the other ship is heading 2wards them.......................

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.