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I was reading an article and it said that the UK will stop funding movies??? I had no clue they funded movies...maybe our UK friends can better explain this...well the article went on to say that Johnny Depp's The Libertine and Keira Knightly's Tulip Fever maybe shut down due to the fact that 1/3 of the budget for these films comes from this fund...

wow sux for them

Well Comcast is trying to buy Disney and then I got scared what's gonna happen to POTC! What if Comcast screws it up somehow! Then I was thinking what will happen to Disney World will it become Comcast World. Come to Comcast World and ride the spinning satalite dishes and flying remotes. Then will it be the Comcast channel and Comcast Family and like COM instead of ABC? I have a strange mind and it just took me like 5 trys to spell strange right and I probly still spelled it wrong. Ha I'm weird!

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry i found that hilarious...ewwww comcast's potc jokes would be like.
"Hello Will..."
"hello Jack." and then nobody would laugh because Comcast would flash it's name across the screen for the remaning time.

ew then we can sew (I can't spell at all) them! and then we can get Johnny and Orlando to sew them with us and then after we get a lot of money and Comcast sells back to Disney they can be like "hey thanks for helping do you wanna be in POTC2 with us?" then I'll scream really loud.
I just saw on TV Disney didn't sell yet and it will affect the parks and channels Comcast World NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm not riding on your "satalite dishes" that are really teacups that you painted gray cause your cheap!


mmmmmm_ob :) and tell me wot wood happen 2 ol the animals in animal kingdom....come and see the elctrons?

that is really funny, i dont think that diseny will sell becuase i mean disney is world wide! they have thier own station(radio and tv), clothing, amussment park etc..

yea itll take them like a year and a half to sell if their going to

I hate disney

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