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how would things be diferent if boromir hadn't died?

by the way, my name is Smodden, but i used to be username39120jo, does anybody remember me? any way i'm now Smodden. and i'll rock your world!

hmmmmmmm i dont think so......the uruks would have still attacked them at amon hen and frodo and sam would have left on their own.....
but i do regret not seeing Boromir in any more bettle scenes

i mean the man fought with heart..........i would have loved to see him dishing it out at helm's deep

yes and i know i can see something like that in TTT EE

yeh it would be cool to see boromir fighting at minas tirith.

i thought Boromir was so annoying so i was kinda glad when he died.
oh that makes me sound like a horrible person, doesnt it? confused
im not, really! i just didnt like boromir...i like Faramir though...

Yah, things would've been different, I think...
He'd surely manage to get the Ring to Minas Tirith, somehow... and Denethor wouldntve killed himself... perhaps Aragorn wouldntve become king after all.

Here's what I thought of his death: NOOOOOOOOO! no
*wraps arms around legs and rocks back and forth*
"B-man's not dead... he survived all the battles... he still gets to betray the Fellowship... Middle-earth has fallen to Sauron... everything's okay..."

eek! eek! I'm still sane?!

i was abit bumped out when he died, but after i read about faramir, i thought better him than faramir.
i think he would have to die at some point, he was really taken in by the ring. if he live, he might have killed frodo for ring, and then have to be killed by the other fellowship. i think that's a possiblity.

no, not at all, i cheered when Denethor died

YES me too! i HATE him so much!!!

Borormir's death was soooooooo sad I wiped when he died, He was so well played by Sean, with emotion and everything, he would have fought well for hes country in Minas Tirith, WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!

I would have followed you my brother, my captain, my king..........

soooooooo sad...sad

You people are mean... I cried when B-Man died. Things would definetly be different. Like... The Rohirrim would be less hostile because they knew Boromir.
And he'd kick some serious a** in Helm's Deep.

Uhhh... you wiped?

i cried the first time i saw it whne he died...he was such a cool character... sad

i love boromir. i think he was a good person, but was taken by the ring. eventually though i think that it passed and he earned his redemption with his death. if he had survived the story would be quite different. he would have let frodo go (in his death he was very repentful which i think would have carried over if he survived) i dont think he would have gone to rohan but straight to minis tirith (although he probably wouldnt want to condem merry and pippin as well). denethor would be worse off in my opinion, because aragorn made a beleiver out of boromir and denethor would not be.

P.S. props to sean bean (i think thats his name) for being in my opinion one of two or three roles that were cast perfectly

if i'm in a sad mood when i watch the fellowship, i'll cry... and orli lover... his character deserved that... i want to see that in the movie

you mean Boromir deserved too die?

no... see the spoiler i posted up there... i don't think boromir deserved to die at all... he was an awesome character, very human

nah he was very orcish. just kiddin'lol boromir would have shurely track'd the hobbits down and tried to persuade the hobbits to come to his city, than taken the ring...

Galadriel:"Men are Weak"

drunk_nazgul:"And women make them grovel."

what? no woman would make me grovel...............unless she was really hot, lol

i'm kinda glad boromir died, because he was really ugly, and i wouldn't have wanted to look at him through the rest of the movies

Faromir is ugly too

Sean Bean was THE man for that role and everyone knew it. And everyone who had seen him playing Sharpe- which is how he got the tole- knew it before we saw him as well. When my brother told me it was Sean Bean for Boromir, I thought for a moment, thought of Sharpe, and thought...

"That is bloody PERFECT..."

And yup, he played him JUST like Sharpe.., replacing French with Orcs.

Anyway, if he hadn;t have died... well, that depends whether you mean Merry and Pippin still got captured or not.

boromir had an ok part in the movie, h just had a real ugly face

Wha? Though I am heterosexual and male, I would have to say he's handsome. They make him look grungy in LotR, because that's the way things were. Sean Bean was, totally, the BEST person for the job. I loved him especially in Goldeneye (James Bond movie) where he played agent 006 and stuff. That was awesome! smile Anyway, I agree that Boromir would not have tried to take the Ring again. The mere thought of what he'd tried to do to Frodo would have been more than enough to knock some sense into him the next time he starts acting funny. I also wish he could have been in other battles... Though he's no Aragorn, Boromir's still an excellent fighter, and I would have loved to see him in the Battle of the Pellenor.

i'm not saying he was a bad fighter, i thought it was pretty cool that he got hit w/ 2 arrows and still fought. He just ain't very handsom.

LOL, I'd make you grovel... wink

But seriously, I think Sean wanted that part... I mean he's almost always a bad guy in every movie he's in... And he always dies (which really sucks). Take Don't Say A Word for example and Patriot Games.
I think he's extremely handsome too.
He rocks!!!

Boromir: "It is a gift; a gift to the foes of Mordor. Why not use this Ring?"

ok i have a few things to say to that
a) i dont think hes all that bad looking...
b) who freakin cares how he looks--hes a great actor who rocked that part!! i cant imagine anyone else as boromir

and what does looks have to do with anything......i think Sen Bean did a good job of portraying Boromir.
Yeah he was a bit annoying but the man could fight. Its too bad he died right after he realised his mistake with frodo...
ah well
hmmmmmmmmm i want to see him in TTT EE

you think if he didn't die his father would have been different?
i still think he would have taken the ring, there was lust in his eyes ( so to speak) from the day he saw the ring. it's different when u're about to die and another when u're still living. imagine all the reputation he would get if he could use the ring to destroy sauron, and if he found out that aragorn is to be the king, you think that would go down easily with him? no way would he relish the power to rule gondor. not that he's bad or anything, but he's just human and i just don't see the inner quality and maturity, that aragorn have, in him. and many great man have been seduced by the ring to do bad things.

his death is oscar worthy, he's the man!!!

fine then, but famamir is ugly

Why did he die. Nooooooooo. Faramir is butt ugly and boring.

faramir is retarded

I don't like Boromirs character but Sean Bean portraied him really good - imho one of the best actors in the film.

But I'm somehow glad that he died - dont want to know what he wouldve done if the fellowship wouldntve travelled with him to Minas Tirith. I dont miss him in the Two Towers.
But he made FoTR far more interesting.

I like him dead its better for all

only some make me grovel.... wink

i meant mankind can fall to the ring.

yes! boromir is dead! I agree w/ corlindel!! boromir is dead!
corlindel - weren't you the one that thought it was funny that i talked to myself?

I felt cheated, in the books the remaining Felowship spend a day gathering all of the orcs weapons that Borimir killed and placed them into his raft along with Boromir, then they went downstream with his body singing and praising him before sending him over the falls. In the movie its a 2 second clip of him falling over the falls,,,,Weak

Definitely! That was weak.
They only gave him his sword, looked sad for one second and then leaved again... and never mentioned him again. Thats not fair.

if they would have made it like in the books, they sure would have brught tears in the eyes of the odience, but the scene in the movie was also good but not as good as it could have been

I also really missed the songs who are really an important part of the book.
At least there shouldve been something more sad in the background.

yeah! give the guy respect he saved the hobbits, I thought pj would put more of it in the ee fotr, but when he fell over the falls it was prety much the same. the book was beter

I agree; they didn't sing in the cinema edition 'cause of time limits... but I agree with Smodden, they could've put them singing in the Extended Edit. Who knows, maybe they can't sing... At least when he died, they played heroic music...

Boromir is my favorite character. He fought bravely and died with honor, weak on not he was possibly the second greatest warrior of Gondor (next to Aragorn). Faramir is a jackass, he sucks so much. Oh yeah about Boromir Sean Bean he played Boromir perfectly, every little line, every laugh every swing of his sword was perfect, the man should have gotten more credit. Also I think that he should have lived in FOTR, but died at Helm's Deep, just for the sake of the story, if he died at Helms Deep he the story would'nt be different, and it would have made the battle more epic, I mean honestly who really cares if that Haldir Elf dude (Is that his name) died, no one cares, I did'nt. He did'nt have a big enough part to make use of his death scene. Boromir would have gone with Aragorn to the end, he saw as he was lying on the leaves crying that he knew that he did wrong. Only if he had taken his shield he would have lived...

very well said Smithy, anyway one thing I don't understand is why Boromir did'int have his armur on (The one we see in the prewiew of TTT Extended) then those arrows wouldint have killed him

smithy, a strong body and a great fighting skill doesn't mean he's a strong person inside.
i don't how you guys think but i feels that faramir is much handsomer than boromir. how can you say that faramir is a jackass? he's one of the most sensitive charator in the story, and he's also a great fighter, second only to his brother in gondor, and an interlectual too.

ps: do agree with you on the the scenes of boromir's death, it wasn't as grand as the book.

Yes your little nazgul speaker stick out tongue

If bow, arrows and archer are perfect arrows even can get through a thick wooden shield -
But Boromir WORE his metal armor, you can see a bit of it when he jumps around so funnily.

faramir is cool, it is so shady on him because his father thought that boromir was the best and treated him like a true warrior but faramir was shunned away.

I totally agree.
Yet Boromir was always friendly to Faramir, they really liked each other (nice scenes on the TT Extended)

don't like boromir. I like the ringwraiths!

yeah to bad deneathor wasn't friendly to faramir, faramir was the beter person, but deneathor said:that he wished faramir had died and not boromir.

Boromir was a better person in my point of view

no...boromir was too emotionally weak. he was a good fighter, but faramir was still good, just not quite as good as his brother. alos, it says that the blod of numenor runs in faramir's veins, but someho whtese traits did not pass on to boromir, so overall i think faramir is better....

back on topic...i think it was really sad when boromir died, but i thinkit needed to happen...he was corrupt and only would have brought evil to the rest of the journey.

Agrees with Agent Smithy on the Boromir part! thumb up

I liked Boromir. I think Sean Bean played Boromir well!
It was sad to see him die and I am glad he died the way he did. I cannot remember the dialogue between him and Aragorn, but I thought it was a good way to end his character in the movie. stick out tongue

I think he was very human and with the burden he carried, you can almost understand what he was feeling (remembering the early scene in FOTR when he was telling the council why Gondor should have it).

still don't like boromir

Boromir was cool but Farimir in the books was definately better. from the time he meets Frodo, Sam, and Golum and tells frodo "If I found the Ring on the side of the road I would leave it were it lay". All the way to the Pyre of Denathor Farimir remains good hearted, strong willed, and never has one evil feeling towards taking the Ring. not to mention he is Boromirs Mental superior.

Yes he was definitely better in the book.

But I understood Boromir better in the film, I think. Bean really did a great job.

I think it was not bad that Boromir died - and Tolkien chose exactly the right moment, I think.

I agree. The way Boromir was in the movie made me understand his character more. Althought I didn't think so when I first saw FOTR, I appreciate the way Sean Bean portrayed his character alot more.

And I cannot wait for the extended TTT... more on the relationship of this family thumb up

ok some might be surprise to see ME hosting this but the truth is i DON'T hate Boromir....He's great, i just have a few problems with him...I even have his action figurebig grin

I absolutly think he kicks ass, so much infact that every time I am playing Goldeneye for the N64 I am always Travellin (006), he rules and trust me he always wins

Discos - janis!

awwwww cool action figure thingy! I want it! I have the Legolas and Frodo ones tho big grin The Leggy one rocks!! rock Boromir rocks too big grin

one of my fav actors

Boromir rocks! stick out tongue Hehe I'm sure Kit and sauron and all Boromir-lovers will ADORE this thread smile

Happy Dance We love Sean! We love Boromir! YAY!!! love

*bounces around* woot! love "GAH, it's Bean...He's put...he's put my boat in the wrong direction!"

"It's still Sharpe..."

I love him too!!! love Sean is one of my favorite actors and Boromir is a really interesting character and also one of my top favorite LOTR characters! big grin love Thanks so much for starting the thread!! big grin I'm sick of people who are always insisting that Boromir is an evil person and should burn in hell!! mad

Who said that??? mad

Hey Kit, your picture didn't show.

Last wk i was in love with Dom but i'm in the Boromir/ Faramir mood this week love i even got some avatars of both of them

It's showin' for me....

hey i am guy and i like Boromir.
He was great in the movie and in the end redemed himself.

'i would follow you to the end my friend, my Captain,my king'

that was a great line sad

From several different sites and different forums. They're just looking at the qualities that they want to look at. They just keep on going "Boromir is evil! He didn't contribute to the Fellowship!" without even stating why. roll eyes (sarcastic) sad miffed

That's not true at all! Argg stupid people. Boromir is awesome! big grin

Boromir is THE Captain of Gondor, whether you like it or not!!! mad

Yeah smile finally a thread for the best of the men of Gondor smile

Long live the captain of Gondor!

YAY!!! Long live!! big grin

I'm very glad the filmmakers gave us some flashbacks of Boromir in TTT and ROTK..He's very alive in all three movies. big grin love

boromir threaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

*claps hands* whooooo

boromir was great big grin THE captain of gondor eldest and fave son of denthor and future steward big grin

also a quick thinker.....when he realised they were going to destroy the ring he offered to he could get them near gondor (on carahdras "we couldtake the western road... to my city "

he tried and failed to take the ring...because his father needed it to protect gondor...the city he loved and also it toyed with his mind...he wasnt in his true state

which can be proven by "curse you...and all the halflings" if he hated hobbits then why die protecting two big grin


Yeah that's so true big grin How DARE people be horrible about him - he just wanted to do what he thought was best for Gondor as his father wanted PLUS he did die trying to save Merry and Pippin sad

and im sure aurora will agree dying for merry could redeem even sauron lol

LOL! yeah Merry rocks lol smile sorry that's not relevant - Boromir rocks! rock we need more subjects to talk about not many people have said stuff


Dude, Boromir's Minas Tirith cloak is so much better then the stupid elvish cloak......

Oh my god Kit that is such a nice pic! Thanks for that!! big grin eek!


stick out tongue *cries*

The best pic is definitely the black-and-white-portrait love that kit posted

great pics exa!!!

here i downloaded this, it good i think for a sig maybe...

btw...... how do you upload lots of images in one post?? confused

great pic ... somehow sad sad

I didnt upload them theyre uploaded elsewhere and I just used the links with -codes stick out tongue

Boromir is the greatest of all time....
He is my favorite one of them all...
One Captain to rule them all.... One Captain to Find them..
One Captain to bring them all, and in the Darkness bind them...


lots of boromirs all rolled into one big grin

Exactly my opinion, Sauron big grin

Go Boromir of Gondor! he protected Pippin and Merry, so that makes him one of my favorite characters. lol.

i was just watching the fellowship which i havent seen for a few months and what go tme thinking was that Boromir was so human so normall he had a weakness what all humans have.

It was just amazing watching it again it made me sad again when he died he died better then Theoden.

'I would have followed you my brother, my capatain, my king' sad

sorry i just actually felt for Boromir then i have with any other character


My friend hates watching Boromir die, she honestlt does cry everytime, ha hz my other m8 brought the fellowship to school and so my friend and to leave at the part when he died ha ha ha. Don't forget to vote now.

sean bean was fantastic,

It is a strange fate that we should suffer so
much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such
a little thing.

LOL...yes!! yes!! big grin Another Boromir appreciator!! big grin I believe I've also posted something in this forum supporting this I've found it, (sauron have already read this..LOL) stick out tongue

Boromir isn't perfect! He's a brilliantly complicated fellow. Brilliant because his complexity is so natural-seeming. He's only a human and it's so beautiful!

He's proud yet modest.

Bold yet cautious.

He's slightly bossy, but honest and fair.

He's mighty but caring of those weaker than himself ("He was always kind to me," Frodo says, "We cannot stay here! This will be the death of the Hobbits!"wink. You will also notice that Boromir actually cares about the overlooked characters in the Fellowship. He's closer to Merry and Pip, and it seems like he's always carrying the responsibility for the safety of those two. He's teaching them how to swordfight. He's supporting them in Caradhras, he was the one who carried them when they jumped across the bridge in Moria, etc.

He's compassionate and sympathetic. Calming and supporting Gimli outside Moria when Gandalf fell. Then saying ("Give them a moment, for pity's sake!"wink. He was also the only character to approach Frodo and talk to him about Gandalf's "death" in Lorien when all else ignores him and look at him like everything's his fault.

He is unswervingly loyal to his country, his ruler, and his family. Boromir is accepting of praise, but lavishes it also upon his brother. He shows devotion to his lord and father, but defends his brother against Denethor's unjust scorn. He eagerly takes on the task of going to Elrond and bringing the Ring back to Denethor and Gondor, and shows not the slightest inclination to sieze the Ring for himself.

Boromir had a rare thing that most flawed characters don't have: He knew he was flawed. As a great leader of men, he knew his weaknesses.

Boromir actually have his reasons why he did the awful thing that he did to Frodo and you can actually sympathize with him.

I am so touched by Boromir's character. I can't tell you how much I cried when he died in the movie though I already knew it was coming. One of his touching quotes for me was "I would have followed you my brother, my Captain, my King."

There...I love Boromir!! love big grin

if you like sean bean, then plz vote at my KMC LOTR AWARDS. deadline soon.

OK...I'm there!!! big grin

Oh, well, Boromir was always my favourite Fellowship member... he is sadly overlooked on the Troll fight at Moria. Kills enough Orcs at the end though!

enough big grin i think there were more extras there than in the pelennor fields...ok i lied but so I LOVE BOROMIR

Mind you, being a Sharpe fan- which is bacially how Sean Bean got the job- I was a fan of the Bean-meister long before ROTK. When my brother told me Sean was playing Boromir my first thought was- what a fantastic idea, that's dead right! Same thought my brother had had when he heard.

Hence, of course, Boromir saying the line 'Still Sharp...' at Rivendell... that was a pun to his fans... something Bean mentions in interview but is not mentioned on the FOTR DVD, sadly.

Muwahah! Sean Bean! Sauron should we tell them our theories of how Sean Bean'll say 'sharpe' in Troy?

boromir was def the best of the steward's family...big grin

Definitely big grin

But Finduilas' was sad sad (his mother)

boromirs death!!!

it wasnt in the books!!!

*maybe if i lie that often...and that much pj will change the film*

big grin
well at least it didnt corrupt the fellowship's peace in fotr but in tt... but... he actually didnt die as sauron already showed big grin stupid aragorn

yeah he just stayed there

and was later killed by gandalf who thought it was saruman

no suprise there then

thats definitely Doom

a doom shared by this one middle earth none can escape it DOOMED WE ARE DOOMED

the quest will take his life

arwen theres only death for you here

i cant talk about anything happy!

What do I think of Boromir's death?

Well, he died.

stick out tongue

Nah, seriously, I think I lost count of mentioning how much I love him and why and what I felt about his death. big grin

i think that you should come to tig party SB

also are you on invisible mode or something

its Saruuuummmmmmannnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

sory sauron had to say it...big grin

I go there, and "try" to fit in with the conversations, but I'm afraid I don't "get" what you guys are talking about. sad stick out tongue Random things are the topics and I can't see anyone to talk to. stick out tongue I should have been posting there earlier at the first place, so bad. sad

And yeah, I'm in invisible mode. I'm wearing The One Ring. big grin

*ok, that was corny* stick out tongue



anyways back to topic at hand, I think Boromits death was a noble one. Agreed his the the greatest of the stewards and whatnot and lef his people to victory many times.

His death could not of came better though, withstanding 2 arrows (long ranged) to defend the 2 young hobbits, even after all the grief he withstained from Frodo

at least he didn't kill himself like his father...

agreed!, lol Denethor was supposed to be dead on his throne!

god i hate denethor, but i'm not going to get into that, i was crying when i was watching fotr the other day and b-man died... i had a bad day myself tho so that might have had something to do with it
What's up with all of the Faramir hating in here? i think that david wenham is really hot, sean bean is really attractive too. Boromir was a great character, i didn't like him at first but after i started thinking about it i realized i liked him

WOW What brought THIS back up?! I haven't seen this one in ages!

Don't hate Denethor just because how you see him now, you should think about how he was back before all of this.

Agreed Kit. Thanks. big grin I don't hate Denethor at all. It's just that the way he was portrayed in the movies, it's like he's really, really evil and an extremely cruel father. He was not originally like that. He just became this cold when Finduilas, his wife died. That has been the starting point. And also because he had some childhood "dilemma" concerning Aragorn and his own father. Don't even forget the palantir and the death of his first born. I really hope some people will realize these things and not hate a certain character just because the others do. The same case with Faramir.

Denethor mainly blames Faramir because he thought that it was his fault that Finduilas died, which is slightly true. After Finduilas gave birth to Faramir she became strangely weak because she was away from Dol Amroth and all (having been from a distant line of Elves). And she died, Denethor saw her as...his little sanctuary, she's always supported him but she had problems of her own that she didn't bother him with.

She had always been but having her die suddenly, he grieves and blames it on Faramir. And Even though Boromir has spent more time with Finduilas, Faramir was the one that was more close to her, so Faramir took it pretty badly and also kinda blames himself.

So there are always two sides to the same story wink.

That's all true, but the problem is, people most of the time generalizes that Denethor is purely evil and nothing but a cold, cruel, and unworthy person (let's put being a "father" and a "husband" aside) without their own reasons. People hate him just because they "have to" and other people do, and that's the way the movie portrayed him. Denethor is regarded as a villain in the book, and these qualities have been exaggerated in the film to the point where it seems impossible for us to like the guy. (This is one of the moments when I regret that the movies were made and when I'm annoyed by the non-book readers who don't have any clue what they're going on about. I know it's unfair and I shouldn't really blame anyone but I can't help the way I feel, the purist in me can't remain idle everytime)

Oh well, I can't do anything with it anymore, I think I'm among the "book-Denethor is BETTER" crowd (same case about Legolas). I was very likely that person sitting behind you in the theater who made all those little disgusted sighs whenever he was in front of the camera. I have no problem with John Noble, he's excellent, I just hate Denethor's characterization. For me, this is worse than the Faramir-changing personality issue. At least, in Faramir's case, even though his personality was changed, people still feel sympathy for him. But not with this guy. People actually saw him as an idiot and they actually laughed when he died.

Ooo yeah! *high fives shadowy*

*high five*

big grin

*cough* I've been too depressed with this issue. stick out tongue Let's get back to Boromir. big grin Kit, as you are the moderator, can we also talk about any other things concerning Boromir or just his death?

You can talk about Boromir, how valiant he was.

i just wrote the longest little essay on what would have happened if Faramir had joined the fellowship instead of Boramir, but accidentally hit 'new topic' instead of 'add reply' so the last 30 minutes of typing and thinking has just gone to waste, but you all really would have liked it, maybe i'll type it up again soon...

right now, i need to go and kick someone or break something!!!

it might help if you humor me and act all impressed!!!

aww sory bar....plz type again

Yeah. I want to read it too. big grin Boromir and Faramir are my favorite characters and reading an essay about them will never be very bad at all. big grin Please consider typing it again. big grin

Btw, Boromir's death in FOTR is such a incredibly well composed piece of a movie sequence, so that I am speachless when I see it again and again and again. It would be cool to see Boromir fight in Minas Tirith, but most of all see him and Faramir fight together when Osgiliath is retaken from the dark forces. (sequence from TTT:EE when Boromir and Faramir and Denethor are seen together for the first time in the LOTR trilogy)

and the last

It would be awesome. smile

long live BOROMIR!

oh wait....umm...never mind...

Just to keep this thread going, I want to talk about the valiance and coincidence and prophetic dream that came to our none other than Boromir, and of course, Faramir. big grin

Bar, I don't want to snatch your idea, but your idea fascinated me considering that the Gondor brothers are my favorite characters so I actually thought about it. Don't be mad. big grin

Supposing that the dreams that came to Boromir and Faramir about Isildur's bane came from "The Powers", don't you think that Faramir was the one who was meant to go to Imladris since he dreamt about the dream several times while Boromir have only dreamt about it once?

*woahhh!! don't attack me just yet* stick out tongue

But, I've also thought about it, and I realized a certain thing. If Faramir was really meant to go, then Boromir wouldn't have dreamt the same dream at all, right? big grin No matter how many times it was.

If Faramir was the one sent to Imladris and eventually be one of the Nine Walkers, Faramir would be unlikely to cause the Breaking of the Fellowship and without it it's possible that Frodo would not have found the courage to try to leave alone. We know that the Breaking of the Fellowship was the best thing that could have happened. If it had not then Aragorn and Faramir would have likely gone to Gondor. Gimli and the Hobbits (maybe Legolas too) would have gone with Frodo to Mordor. The latter group would not be ideal in terms of stealth, would have been unlikely to snare Gollum and therefore would not have found the secret way into Mordor. That may have left them unable to get there or they would have had to pass far to the East and come in by the back route. This would have taken so long that Sauron would have likely won in the interim.

Also no Hobbits would come to Fangorn, Rohan would have probably fallen since Aragorn, etc. aren't there to place back their hope. Rohan would not have come to the aid of Gondor, instead Saruman would have headed that way too. If not to Rivendell. The Army of the Dead would not have liberated Southern Gondor and the troops so released would have come to Pelennor. Basically, Gondor would have likely fell even quicker and even if the Ring had been destroyed it would have been too late.

So, having Faramir go with the Fellowship just wouldn't have worked. The Fellowship had to break. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli had to be at Helm's Deep. They had to go on the Paths of the Dead. Merry had to be with Theoden and Eowyn. Pippin had to be in Minas Tirith with Denethor and Faramir. Frodo and Sam had to be with Gollum, in Mordor. Everyone had to be at the Black Gate to divert Sauron's Eye, otherwise Frodo and Sam wouldn't have made it to Mt. Doom.

So yeah, big grin It's just the right thing that Boromir was the one to be the member of the Fellowship, and for the good of all, he had to die at the end. I'm not saying that it's good that he died, but it's the best thing for the Fellowship and for the whole quest to work. Someone has to sacrifice.

Now, I was wondering, if Boromir was meant to go to Rivendell, how come Faramir had to have those dreams too? I had read the book again and realized something. Recall that when Frodo and Faramir meet in Ithilien, it turns out to be very important that Faramir had that dream:

This is a key moment in Frodo and Sam's efforts to convince Faramir that they are not enemies. If Faramir had not had the dream, one can imagine that things might have ended much worse. So the reason for Faramir to have had the dream was probably not so that he would go to Imladris. And it's pretty clear that Faramir, rather than Boromir, is the brother you would want the hobbits to meet in Ithilien, especially during the situation they were in. wink

big grin

shadowy blue your mind amazes me

Yep kinda scares me sometimes......

whoa.....why can't i think like s-b??....

Because imperfect men like us cannot grasp the same amount of wisdom that women can for the Goddess Athena was oh so very mean.

good work shadowy blue!!! you saved me from some laborious retyping...

you covered much of what I originally had typed BUT you forget that after Gandalf returned... he went to Rohan first. which is why he knows whats happening there when he reunites with the others. so although the fellowship would most likley not seperate as aresult of Frodos boromir-induced paranoia, I do not think that Gandalf would have allowed Edoras to be taken. So a detour through Raohan was inevitable as is Aragorns trip throufg the paths of the dead!!!

on the upside Bor. would have better protected osgilliath or at least Minas Tirith, and Denathor would have had more of a grip as the palantir may of afected him but his eldest son was a scource of confidence and faith.

of course having his less favored son bring the king would have really pissed him of to no end! smile

lol i would love to have a photo of his face

faramir: hey dad, you know how you hate me...well look what i found.....THE KING!

denethor: ...

Faramir: Nyah nyah! *dances around the great hall* I'll be steward and I don't gotta fight no more, dun dun, uh huh uh huh.

denethor: not if i can help it....look son go and die at osgiliath

faramir: ok *goes and fights* charge!!!

gondor soldiers: oh when the orcs (pippin voice over: ooohh hwhhen the orrrcs bayby) get killed alot (gggetttt KILLED ALOOT OH YEAH)



faramir: shit *falls*

denthor: all those years of neglect and now he is dead i love him......i know we must have a BBQ!

gandalf: *thwack bang whollop kill him with my staff*

pippin: i smell burning....*sees* NOOOOOOOOO!

gandalf: heeeree i come to save the daaaayyyyyyy!

denethor: i would have gotten away with it too...if it wasnt for that meddling maia! *jumps* *falls*

orc number 247074036 group YDG : *looks up* whats that it *gets crushed by falling fireman*

laughing laughing

orc number 247074037 group YDG : Someone! Get it on the sieges! We've got an extra fireball we can use!

witchy: hehehe EVIL!!!!!!


gadalf: could you BE any later!

rohirrim: *charges*

orcs: ooooohhhhh **** oh **** oh **** oh **** oh ****!!!!!!

gothmog: oh big daddy coloosal ****!

rohirrim: *dun dun duuuunn dun dun dunnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuunnn duuunn duuuuunnnnn duuunnnnnnn duuun duun dun*

orcs: hey how do you know the lotr tune....isnt it just a soundover *all get killed*

Gondor: hip hip HORAY

theoden: hip hip hip!

emoer: dont you mean hip hip horray

theoden: NO! my horse just fell on me....i think i broke my hip!

*witchy* hmmmm eat him big flyy thing!

big flyy thing: hmmmm theoden big grin

eowyn who is a guy: kill him and i will kill you!



witchy: no man can kill me!

eowyn: I AM NO MAN!!

wtchy: your a cant kill wouldnt dare, you dont have the balls......hehehehe pun intended

orcs: hahahahahaha

everyone: ahhahahahahahaha

eowyn: *stab*

witchy: folds up like a cheap deck chair

orcs: oh shit!

everyone good: YEY....

*from the distance* LAND AHOY!!!!!

*a ship lands* *orlando bloom gets off...then johnny depp*


everyone: wrong film

*another shop comes aragorn gimli and legolas jump off*

orcs: AHHH!!! THREE PEOPLE!!!!

dead army: *kill kill climb pn things win yey whooooop*

aragorn: WE HAVE WON!!!!

gandalf: erm...saurons not dead frodo isnt in orodruin yet....

aragorn: well lets put a bet on......i bet i can get another 5000 men killed before the end of this!

gandalf: your on!

laughing laughing

*rolls on floor laughing*

no-one want to carry on?


LMFMFHLAO big grin laughing big grin laughing

*~*~ Sam and Frodo ~*~*

Sam: Come on Mr. Frodo, you have to do this! *drags Frodo up the slope by his shirt* I can't carry you dammit! I already carried you! My weight and your weight ain't gonna do no good!

Frodo: *in psycho mode talking to himself* Do you remember the taste of strawberries, Mr. Frodo? oooahhhhhhhh....

lmao where are you getting this from? big grin laughing

Sam: i can carry you frodo
frodo: thats MR frodo to you, and i know you wil lcarry me! i cant carry you!!! FATTY!!!!
sam: what! why did you say that!
frodo: i dont know....
sam: i do, its the ring isnt it!
frodo: will you stop talking about my ring!
sam: i can its lovely, i want to see it...OH !! you mean the golden one...erm yes of course
frodo: oh my dear sam! i want to die!
sam: dont say that big-boy
frodo: what!
sam: i mean frodo......*carries into orodruin*
gollum: nyah im alive *fights sam*
sam: dont you ever die
gollum: well gandalf has two lives i get two too!
sam: ive hated you for two films now....i have a chance to kill you, but bye bye anyway
gollum: goes free
samegol: no we must go
gollum: hehe we must get the precious
sam: where are you mr frodo....its hot in here...not as hot as you though
frodo: QUIET SAM! now that i get this far its so hard
sam: oh you know just waht to say
frodo: i mean throwing the ring away is hard!
sam: oh....of course
frodo: its mine!
gollum: nargh *jumps on frodos back*
sam: *looks at gollum on frodos back* lucky guy.....

Gollum: *bites off Frodo's finger* IT'S OURS PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS!

Frodo: SHIT! I'LL KICK YO' *beeeeeeeeeep*

Smeagol: No precious! We mustn't let you have it master, it has done wrong to master! *jumps over cliff* PRECIOUS IS OUUUURS!

Frodo: *looks down at --

frodo: *hangs*

sam:take my hand MR frodo

frodo: was YOU! gandalf told killed my father!

sam: no *cooooccchhhh (vader breathing) cooooooocccchhhhh* i am your father frodo!

frodo: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

sam: just kidding sir *saves*


frodo: im glad to be here, in your arms at the end sam

sam: *drools* ooooooh hurry up and die so i can undress you!

gandalf: i believe i can fly!....i believe i can touch the skyyyyyyy i think about every age and age! made a movie got lotr of the page!!!!!

eagles: *save frodo*

sam: leave him here, or il have you, longshanks!

eagles: we must save him

sam: *doesnt want to be parted from frodo fights viciously killing 7 eagles*