The Book...

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Uhm... has anybody read the book?

There is a book that details everything that will happen in Episode III,
you know? It was written a long, long, time ago. I remember my
friends talking about it long before Episode I even came out... roll eyes (sarcastic)

you mean that thing written in 1988 by a fan?

No, I think it was George Lucas... eek!

No such thing I am afraid.

the only book there will be, will be by Matthew Stover, the novelisation of EpIII wink

I've heard about this crap too, my boss seems to think that there was a novel with 9 parts, each referring to an Episode in the Saga. I know someone else who believes this too, probably just some crackhead EU story gone too far.

especially cause there are only 6 episodes

The proof that this book does not exist:

The man that brings it to us is a Hillary Duff fan. I rest my case.

Hillary Duff is extremely hott...

No, she just has marketable breasts.

Hey, now I was a Stars Fan long before I was a Hilary Duff fan okay!
Also, I was a Natalie Portman Fan, long before I was a Hilary Duff fan.
Can I help it if Hilary Duff is a hundred times cuter than Natalie Portman?

Natalie probably has the advantage of her massive cranium though,
she's really smart... She speaks Hebrew, Japanese and bunch of
other languages, I even remember what the other ones are...
but I guess being the gentleman that I am, I have prefer blondes,
you know what they say, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! laughing

When Hilary Duff came along, I couldn't help but jump on the Hilary
Duff bandwagon... she's so cute! eek!

Why couldn't Natalie be as cute as Hilary, or Hilary be as smart as
Natalie? If we could throw in the voice of Celine Dion too, we would
have like the world's most perfect woman... she'd be like that one
song, "Super-Chick!" big grin

Star Wars Rebel Assault was one of the first games I got for "Fully
Loaded" 486 with double speed CD-ROM Drive... at least back then
it was just about the best computer have to play the game... smile

The Stars Wars Games have come a long way since then, the
graphics are actually good now, and with a Nintendo GameCube,
I don't have to use a floopy disk to boot into DOS so I can play
Rebel Assault... Now, I can just turn on my GameCube after
inserting the teeny tiny little disk! cool

Oh, by the way, here's a link to some of the pictures from Episode III...

Chances are, I'm probably the only idiot who hasn't seen these
pictures yet, but just in case somebody else hasn't seen them,
I figured that I would post a link.

Darth Jello
Are yuo talking about the Journal of the Whills?

The links are appreciated... but are we done with this particular topic?

I didn't know where else to put it... roll eyes (sarcastic)

Can we ever truly ever be done with a particular topic? confused


"Is Owen really OB1's brother as said in the ROTJ novel?"
-"No, he isn't, watch AOTC again. period."

"Has anyone read the book?" (see first post of this topic)
-"No, the movie isn't even finished, there will still be pickup shots and stuff, the book is not even out. period."

see, you can big grin

Yeah, he pretty much said it!

What is this Journal of the Whills thing anyway?

the prologue to the Star Wars A New Hope Novel


Darth Jello
also the prologue to the first few drafts of the script, it is essentially the prophecy for epsiode 1:
"... and in the time of greatest despair,
there shall come a savior, and he shall
be known as The Son of The Suns."

Journal of the Whills, 3:127

According to Lucas, Star Wars (meaning the six films) is just a small chapter in the journal of the whills

well, it's not in the movie nor the novels, so how does THAT qualify as canon or not?

Darth Jello
this isn't a question of canon, it's just one of Lucas' reused rejected ideas

The book you are asking about is called
Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker
by George Lucas
you can buy this book for about .25 cents on Amazon used. Here is a link.

if it's EXACTLY reused is still a question, it APPEARS to be a phrophecy

Oh... okay, that might be book I was thinking of... I remember
one of my old friends who was a bigger Star Wars Fanatic than
me say something about a book that detailed events prior to the
first movie made about Star Wars, and why it was also known as
"Episode IV," eventhough it was the first one released.

The One Part 2
Has anyone read this book? I'd like to buy it, but some of the reviews were less than flattering.

Darth Jello
it's the ANH novelization with a very brief and somewhat outdated retelling of the prequals. the quote I put up is not in the book, it's the intro to the third draft of the ANH script. this intro is in every edition of ANH so don't break your balls trying to find it. just get any edition from a bookstore or library

Pinnacle, here is an excerpt from a reveiw some one that read it wrote about the book he says this book leads right into the opening scene of ANH.

Star Wars begins with a short prologue that, with a few "special modifications" in the text, is really the outline for the current Prequel Trilogy. In the form of an excerpt from "the first saga -- Journal of the Whills," we are told that the once-powerful Galactic Republic, protected by the Jedi Knights, "throve and grew. But as often happens when wealth and power pass the admirable and attain the awesome, then appear those evil ones who have greed to match." Insidiously, like a house under attack by termites, the Republic rotted from within until "ided and abetted by restless, power-hungry individuals within the government, and the massive organs of commerce, the ambitious Senator Palpatine caused himself to be elected President of the Republic....Once secure in office he declared himself Emperor...."

The novel then segues directly into the famous opening scene of Star Wars: an Imperial Star Destroyer (called here an Imperial cruiser) chases Princess Leia's Rebel Blockade Runner and captures it over the desert planet of Tatooine. After a brief battle, Imperial stormtroopers take over the ship, and Leia is taken before Lord Darth Vader, who wants to know what she did with secret data "transmitted by Rebel spies."

whoops my bad I think that was from another book.

Huh? What do you mean from another book, I just ordered the hard
cover edition of that book you mentioned... confused

You ordered the right book. I had to go back and re read the review sorry I got confused for a second becuase it says the book I told you about was later revised in a fouth draft . Once again sorry for the confusion.

Okay, cool... when you mentioned the book the first time, it sounded
like the one I vaguely remembered. A preface entailing roughly
what the first three episodes prior to Episode IV. Also, vaguely
remembering a discussion about why the movie, Star Wars, was also
known as Episode IV, A Hew Hope.

big grin Thanks once again! cool

Yes, that is just the preamble to the start of the ANH novel, there is nothing special about that. There are millions of copies of the ANH novel floating about! Most fans have read it.

And it was written by Alan Dean Foster, not George Lucas. I know it SAYS it was GL but it was not; ADF wrote it for him.

For that matter, it came out before the Star Wars film, which was long before that film was called Episode IV or A New Hope.

Came out before, wow, didn't know that, thanks! smile

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. Some of the other forum members
didn't believe me when I mentioned it. I guess, they held the fact that
I was a Hilary Duff fan against me, and just assumed I was wrong
because of that... roll eyes (sarcastic)

What's this about ANH, is that an abbreviation for something?

A New Hope.

Yup, it actually came out before the film, though that shouldn't be a surprise as they still do today! Annoyingly...

Sorry I was thinking that it came out as a standalone novel first then they made the film. Low-forehead moment, novelisations...

I just realized that after I made the post, that ANH was the abreviation
of A New Hope, but it too late to edit my message by then! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Well, that is usually how it works, but not always.

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