Star Wars Episode 3

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I was just browsing and I came along Star Wars Episode 3 pics. I was rather impressed and I look forward to the movie coming out because I know it's about Anakin becoming Darth Vader and the Sith Lord becoming Emperor! It's a dark movie as I can forsee and probably everyone else. Do you look forward to it? What possiblities do you think will occur? I heard a stupid rumor that Darth Maul will make an appearance again. My bro believes that but I don't message me with your thoughts!


Obi-wan dies later so its not him. And Darth Maul died in episode 1 so he's already dead.

George Lucas stated clearly that he wanted Darth Maul to be cut in two to make sure to the audiance that Maul is dead and won't return

btw, there is an entire section devoted to EPIII

i know when it coming out and i will never tell. or maybe i will

Well I know darth maul is dead and obi wan dies later and I don't think he'll kill his wife b/c i was told somewhere that she just diapeared and didn't really die, she was just missing. and so i think it's the jedi council

I think HE should kill THIS IDIOT who made this POST/POLL !!!!

he will either kill Padme or the Jedi Council ... i think ..

I'm with you

im with you also...

evil face

uh...Obiwan definately lives....

I would really, really hate to see him kill his wife.

Maybe Anakin kills Grando Calrissian after he hotwires Anakin's modified Starfighter to go to Prom night.

he wouldnt kill his wife would he? i thought that her death is why he gets driven to the darkside. i heard that sidious kills her behind anies back

anakin kind of kills his wife . it is on , and lods of other starwars sites.padme tells obi-wan that anakn has gone to the lava planet . they find anakin and he is angry with padme that she told obi-wan where he was ,they argue and anakin force chokes padme and throws her to the ground with the force.she is very very badley injurd and lets say about half an hour later she dies while giving birth to luke and he kind of sets off her death if you know what i mean

OMG, where did you read that? i never knew that, wow, so it's at the ok, i'll check it out. that is so sad.

But what of Leia's line in Jedi??

if you are refering to when she describes her mother in return of the jedi
possibly ... in episode 3 after padme dies bail organa looks after leia with help of another fe-male or something like that.

reading the sequel stories to the 1st trilogy in book form, it is explained that when anakin became darth he systematically destroyed everyone on the council, save |Obi-Wan and Yoda who went into hiding (and another old guy who turns up in Heir to the |Empire, but that's another story), so for many people the answer to this poll would be old news.

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