A Question About The Former Ones

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The One Himself
Just Wondering... in Reloaded the architect tells Neo he is different, he has felt the attachment to the humanity in a much more personal way (Love-Trinity), thats what made him choose the door which the others hadnt. Ok, In the first Matrix it was Trinity's love for Neo that brought him back from death as The One. My question is: How did the former "Ones" wake up their powers if there were not former "Trinity's" or similar in the early versions of the Matrix? Suggestions? confused

the former anomalies never had a love interest that is why the architect implied that neo is unique from his predecessors. the oracle introduced trinity into the equation to discontinue the cycle of the matrix but more over, to bring peace between zion and 01.

my guess is that from the beginning, they believed that they are the one. thomas anderson was a doubter (hence thomas, as in the disciple). or the oracle just straight ot told them that they will be the one. if you told me that i'm the anomaly from the beginning, i would kick some serious a$$ because i BELIEVE in my MIND that i can do it, no question.

The One Himself
Yes..your point is good..but remember just after the Morpheus rescue from agents? At that point, Neo begins to believe he is the one. But his belief was not enough for him to beat Smith or to scape from Agents...Which brings me to the question: Is really necessary to come back from "death" to be able to see the Matrix code and then find the holes in the simulation?

Because we really only have basic knowledge of the former Matrixes, I think there is no way to truly answer your question, but let me give it a try.

First, don't think that everything was exactly the same in former Matrixes. There were different versions, but that doesn't mean every person was the same. As humans died in their pods, they were replaced with new ones, who thought differently. My guess is that in previous versions, there was someone similar to Morpheus and Trinity, etc. but they were not the same person. Just like humans had 2 World Wars and umpteen "Crusades" that doesn't mean they acted exactly the same way. Both wars and all the crusades had cooks, infantry, commanders, kings, etc. but they were different people with different emotions, actions, etc.

Second, the prior "Ones" could have found their powers in different ways. Maybe saw his mother killed by an agent or was more open to the idea of being the One.

Third, technically it was Trinity's love and belief in Neo that brought him back to life and showed him he was the one. BUT, that doesn't mean he also loves her. In prior versions, he might not have had as much as a connection/love for Trinity as this "One/Neo" did. That resulted in Neo chosing the door to save humanity, rather than Trinity. The difference in the verision we see is that Neo has a much stronger connection than in the past.

all their paths cross, trinity, morpheus and neo. the oracle told trinity the man she was going to fall in love with will be the anomaly. she told morpheus that he would find the one. she told neo that he's gonna have to choose between his life or morpheus' life. all of this came true BEFORE neo's full potential was recognized. after the evets unfold, the realization of him being the anomaly would be the final piece of the puzzle. after morpheus found him, after he chose morpheus' life before his, after trin told her she loved her then he became the one. as you said he only began to believe. he doesn't truly believe it yet at that point.

to see the matrix in it's encrypted form WHILE in the matrix is a special ability, however, it is not necessary to come back from the dead to do this. there coulb be a number of reasons. maybe the cookie from the oracle is a decypher program, or whatever she gave to the former ones. and you have to remember that every single paths of the ones were unique from each other. their journeys were different but their destination is the same... THE SOURCE...

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kalantiaw>their journeys were different but their destination is the same... THE SOURCE...

which is why Neo is different...

Also, I think the previous ones couldn't stop bullets. Remember the chateau in Reloaded?
"Okay, so you have some skill" stick out tongue

The One Himself
Yes I agree.. And somehow I think the former ones made some kind of deal with Merovingian to get the Keymaker..Remember when he said: "Handle us? You'll handle us? You know, your predecessors had much more respect."

The Alpha
I think the former "Ones" were not even FULLY aware of there powers.

Alpha, you're missing the point. Neo's power is linked to his emotional level with humanity. While the other Ones had a casual feel for humanity and a little power, Neo's power jumped to amazing levels because of Trinity. The Architect even says this Neo is different from his predecessors. A deal with the Merovigian is very possible indeed. If those Ones weren't as strong, they may have lacked the power to obtain the Keymaker. I'm unsure what they could have traded for him though. (All he wanted was for the Oracle to die.) The reason the Mero didn't allow Neo to take the Keymaker was because he knew Neo was more likely to choose the left door.

I think that it could have been while..........."a profound attachment to the rest of the species" rather then neo's different "love" scenario...meaning, that they could have "ascended" because of having to save a bunch of people or a Little girl, or something

and no.....they had to get the keymaker, or they couldent get to the architect...

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