Why didn't Vader know about Luke?

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When ObiWan hides Luke from Anakin, why does he give luke to a member of anakins own family, on anakins home planet and leave him with anakins surname? How dumb is this guy anyway?

Vader is just as bad. Given the above circumstances, why does it take 16 or so years for the greatest jedi/sith of the time to discover his sons location, when luke was living with anakins relatives, under the name of skywalker on anakins home planet.

The only reasons that I can think of is that maybe Emperor Palpatine banned Vader from returning home (as it might remind him of his true identity). Or maybe Obiwan was living so close to Luke to hide his identity from outsiders (by using some of his force powers).

First of all the Owen aint Anakins family, not by blood anyways.
Second Vader/Anakin may be of the belief that Padme died before giving birth. Luke was placed in the outerring where the where the Republic had no controll, guess the Empire found other worlds more important to control than a Hutt controled planet made of sand

Darth Jello
I agree, considering everything and using the movies as evidence, I don't think Vader ever came back to Tatooine. Too traumatic. Maybe we'll hear him repeat the "i'm never coming back here again" line in episode 3 ala luke

and on a planet that happens to be a place where I doubt Vader would pay a visit just for the fun

at the end of EPIII, anakin kills padme and he beleives her child is dead too. he doesnt know about luke until after luke destroys the first death star.

We need to remember that Vader's true identity is very enigmatic.

Anakin was very altruistic; he gave with no thought of reward for himself. His arrogant assertive nature was nutured by Palpatine. At the end Luke knew (and Vader admitted) that there was "good" in him....that good must have been there always; that good may have caused Vader to acknowledge Lukes existance yet at the same time, deny it.....thus fulfilling the prophecy of bringing balance to the force.

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