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I'm interested in peoples thoughts on actors/actresses who you think put in an OSCAR winning perfomance but didn't win and on the filp side any who did win and you thought shouldn't.

Personally I don't think Denzel Washington deserverd to win for Training Day but his performance in The Hurricain did (unfortunate he was up agains Kevin Spacey in American Beauty).

Sean Penn's performance in I Am Sam was some of the finest acting i've ever seen far better than Denzal (see above)

I also think The Shawshank Redemption should have beat Forest Gump for best picture too.

I agree with you in Denzel not deserving the Oscar for Training day.
Also think Julia Roberts didnt deserve it for Erin something messed
Russel didnt deserve the Oscar for Gladiator, he did however derserve it for The insider.

i hated lost in translation.. nd especially bill murray... he didnt deserve the golden globe... johnny depp and jack black were both way funnier in POTC and school of rock.. nd the movies were better tooo....

Stewie is God
well the reason that Denzel got the Oscar was 1. b/c it was over due to him b/c of his great preformence in "the hurricane" and "Malcom X",ect. 2. at the british equivilent to the oscar (im sorry i hav no clue what they are called),but anyway Russel Crowe won for his preformence in "A Beautiful mind" but his speach was cut short, so afterward he punched some guy in the face, the Oscars were a week later, and a lot of people assumed thats why he was jipped out of back to back oscars.......and personally i didnt think Denzel deserved it either, but i love him so its all good...........and i do think that Forrest Gump deserved the Best Picture. i mean look at all the time and energy that went into it. and sally field and tom hanks had such strong preformences.....if u wanna talk bout the (obscence word) did "Shakespear in love" win best picture over "Saving Private Ryan" i heard that it did b/c SPR was to gory, but c'mon i mean they reacted D-Day

Right with you. "Lost in Translation" deserves nothing but "Razzies". I can't count how many times I have used the words pretentious and overrated to describe this sleep enducing piece.

scholl of rock was terrible tho

they got oscar for that movie?

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