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Herrow everyone.. I'm a newbie. To make a long story short.. I'm completely obsessed with Johnny Depp and Owen Wilson. I myself am a pirate.. and I go by the name Captain Ichbod Grape. I also have an alias.. but if I told you that I'd have to kill you.
Anyways... on a more serious note.. has anyone here achieved a Johnny autograph? If you have and you got it by writing to him or his agent or WHATEVER could you PULEASE either post the adress here or email it to me?
Much love...

Hey, dont come her very often as the LOTR forum is my main ground but.........

Welcome and whatnot. Try looking on Johnny Fan Sites, people usually are really good with that kind of stuff especially on those sites. welcome again!

Barbossas Child
Hiya Captain Ichabod Grape! I be Joscail (or captain Jos), daughter of Barbossa. (I should have the pearl GRRRRRR!) My ship is The Prince, ye may or may not ave heard o' it, I haven't captained it for awhile (the acting captain is my first mate) and she doesn't sail the Caribbean much. I 'ope you enjoy it 'ere and i 'ope we can be mates.

Any way, I doubt that you'll get Johnny Depp's autograph. But if you do, you have totally gotta let me know.

Arrgh Ahoy Maties. I am umm er well i forgot my name *thinks to self hmm to much rum* Well anyway im no captain but I think Im a sailor aboard the black pearl. I think *thinks to self again. Ive had way to much rum* Anyway people call me pirate girl Arrgh

About the autograph thing I have no idea. Hmm all I have seen autographed pics on the net though

welcome Captain Ichabod Grape! my name is simone depp.
i don't know were you must get the autograph of johnny d.
if i know something, i let it you know....
bye and have some fun.....

This isn't the place for introductions, but WELCOME anyways.

I'm going to close this now...sorry!


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.