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Hmmm.... I think Marvel may have made a mistake in making the punisher rated R... Yes, I do agree with them That the punisher was never, and in my opinion, shouldnt have, been aimed towards kids, hes a guy in a leather trench coat, with a skull on his shirt, who specializes in nukes. Tell me why a kid (Under the age 13) should be involved in a "Hero" The only reason hes a hero is because hes killing for all the right reasons, who bombs and shoots people...
but still... I think there going to loose alot of money that they could have made if it was pg-13, cause pg-13 means parents will bring everyone in the family, not just uncle billy whose been in war and can handle the killing on screen!
Im just a little upset, because marvel is a great name, super-heroes, spiderman, the hulk, Daredevil, All the good guys, the heroes... that kids love, I mean, these heroes arent really for adults, Well, They are, and adults love htem too, But Marvel really needs to think about the kids, and making a rated R film from Marvel itself, will maybe put a back thought on Marvel in all parents minds.
BUT... Now that ive got that clear, I can tell ya, im tottally psyched! the friday after this friday its out! YES! Im goin to see this movie the night it comes out! God I cant wait! Ive always wanted to see the punisher on a new movie, not his old 90's flick!
Yes! Yes!
But seriously, how many of you think differently... Vote... please?

I think it's a mistake to tone movies down so that they can get a "good" rating. In an ideal world, how much money they might lose based on the rating would not enter into it at all.

NO WAY NO HOW should they ever consider making the Punisher anything but rated R. The punisher kills the bad guys, that's how he does it. He also kills lots of bad guys in many ways, thats the Punisher we all know and love the last thing I want is for the movie to be made to PG-13 specs, it would kill who the character is.

I can see them making a movie like X-men PG-13 since many of the characters act like PG-13 people (Cyclops, Storm, Prof X,... ect), however when they decide to make the Wolvie spin-off movie it damn well better be rated R like the Punisher, a PG-13 Wolvie is not Wolvie.

Pfff, In Belgium we only have 2 rating
Kids allowed and Not allowed
and Kids is -16

Movies like Texas Chainsaw massacre, Gothika, Kill Bill, . . . are +16
most of them are all allowed.
So we don't have those problems.

You said it perfectly

They should just make the movie true to character, and as good as they can. If that character merits an R rating, so be it, at least it's true to form and they aren't ruining the story or selling out. It should be rated R because it deals with more adult subject material.

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