How many of you got revolutions the first day?

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on april 6 i camped out at walmart wating for it to open so i could get revolutions. when the doors opened, i ran inside and as i was about to get my copy, some big fat guy grabbed me as if he wanted to eat me but he pushed me into a pile of cds. he said,"hey move it man, i gettin' mine first." then i shoved a shopping cart at his legs and ran with his copy, paid for it and drove home. who else got it on april 6 and did a similar experience happen to you?

wow...that's, like, not should never inflict physical violence on another just for a DVD, even if it is Revolutions...

erm Odd...

I got mine the second day, only reason being is track went a bit over on the timing and I couldn't get to the store sad
But I just went and got it today, and I'm a very happy Matrix Nut big grin

NO I wasn't able to get it yesterday, and I spent the day shopping with my mom and EVERY store we went to had copies of it everywhere. ARG...

Jedhi, he attacked me first, i had not choice.

i got it yesterday ... the first day it came out ...

Holy god, Superbrawl on Disc 2... I shat myself embarrasment

got it the first day from best buy... it had an extra cd rom Happy Dance

first off the story is prolly bs.. if the guy was that much bigger then you he would of caught you grabbing his copy runnign to the register running to the car... geez.. and even if true its pretty stupid to do

i did!!

on April 2nd stick out tongue

I got it and watched it twice!!!!!! big grin

ive watched it more than that raver

i dont get it unitl is worth waiting for though

i got it the first day....but no one was rushing...i just got it paid and bounced....The Matrix forever biatch

Shape Shifter
uhh i got it...i beleive i was also the first to buy one as they hadnt even unpacked them yet lmao


i got up at 6am and went to the 24hr supermarket stick out tongue

I got it the day it came out and watched it and all the extras.

April 2nd, delivered to my door.

woho Sifer we rock!

The Unknown
I'm not going to buy it.

I got mine first day from Best Buy and got the little CD-Rom thingie. Wish I would have waited and got Reloaded from Best Buy and got that other extra CD, but I couldn't wait.....I went to the 24 hour Walmart Super Center. Since moving out here to Cali it SUCKS! these Fuggers dont' have a Walmart Super Center, I hate it and wanna move back to VA! mad lol

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