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Sith Master X
I'm probably just retarted, but I can't figure this out. Please help. At the end of Revolutions where Agent Smith makes a copy of himself onto Neo, then it cuts to the Machine World where the Machines make Neo blow these light rays out of his eyes and mouth, and then he blows apart in the Matrix.

What is going on. What are the machine's doing to Neo, and how does this make Agent Smith blow apart.

Is Neo crusifying himself or something, or is it that Agent Smith blows apart because a copy linking himself is destroyed as well. I'm a little confused.


what is actually happening when light shoot out from neo is the machine introducing the smith "anti virus" through neo...

let me expand...

remember when neo and smith were talking in the park just before the burly brawl, smith mentioned that he "was compelled to stay, compelled to disobey". for smith to be deleted, he needed to touch the source. when smith copied himself into neo, the source indirectly touched him therefor allowing deus ex machina to "delete" smiddy through neo. when neo was "glowing", it was a visual representation that the machines were using neo to delete the virus smith from the matrix.

when smiddy was "glowing" it was a visual representation that the anti-virus was indeed working and he was completely deleted from the main frame when all the smiddy clones exploded.

allow me to explain it in a different way, if you will...

Smith was of the Machine's, we know and acknowledge this. The Architect was there to balance the equation. As long as Smith is there, and Neo is there, the equation is balanced. However, the Oracle, knowing that the only way the humans and machines can live together, is if the balance is unbalanced, rather, if penance is paid for all the humans did to the machines. This is Neo. Neo is a sacrificial lamb, so to speak, for all that the humans did to the machines. The humans erred, and Neo must make up for that. So, he makes a promise. If he stops, or allows Smith to be stopped, then the Machines would allow the humans to live. The Oracle understood that burden placed on Neo, and tried to help him as much as she could, without telling him what he has to do. This is choice, and only a choice that Neo himself can make. Thus, Neo goes to fight Smith, 1 vs 0, beginning and end. Neo didn't really understand the choice he had to make, really, didn't understand his purpose, until he was beaten, laying there in the mud, and Smith made his mistake. In his (humanlike) pride, he remembered what he had seen when he took over the Oracle. He remembered that he wins. So he says it. But it isn't him saying it, but rather the Oracle speaking through him, when he says "everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo". In that instant, Neo understood everything, understood his purpose, the Oracles purpose, Smiths purpose. he understood that, the equation must be unbalanced if it is ever to be over. So he allows it to happen. He allows the 1 to be overtaken by the 0, creating an unbalance. Smith is happy, because he thinks it is over. And he is right. When the equation is unbalanced, it must be balanced. thus, the source sends out the anti-virus, or whatever you want to call it. However, it effectively removes Smith from the system. Neo glowed because it showed the enormous power flowing through him, the machine code that was being transferred to the Smith-source, from the source, through one of the smith-virus' own clones. And now Neo glows, a testament to the fact that Neo is, in fact, alive, perhaps not in body, but his mind is very much alive, and it is now a god-man, or a machine-man, a complete yet mixed entity, comprised of Man and Machine. He is truly the lotus blossom.

wow...i kinda rambled on there...hope that helps.

The Alpha
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Sith Master X
Yeah that helps alot. The reason I didn't get some of it is because I forgot what was said in the Park in reloaded.

I did understand the part about the Oracle speaking through him, it gives it away to when you see the Oracle lying in the rain, but I had forgotten the part about the source and everything.

Thanx for all your help. It makes much more sense to me now.

See this is what happens.

Neo and Smith are opposites. They are on eihter sides of the equation. When Smith makes Neo into a Smith, that unbalances the equation. To balance the equation, the machines had to destroy Smith and all his copies to balance the equation to prevent a fatal error. This destroys everyone in the Matrix (they're all Smiths).

It's like what the Architech said, human kind will be destoyed when he picked the door he did.

it doesn't destroy everyone in the matrix, it destroys every copy of smith. there's a difference. b/c, if you will notice, the programs were taken over by Smith, and they are still alive. And that is basically exactly what i said.

i probably know this answer.....

Okay, the programs survived right? Does that go the same for all the humans plugged into the matrix? As we know, virtually everbody in Mega City was turned into a Smith. I didn't think they survived, because programs still are alive and thinking when they are a Smith, ergo, The Oracle, a program. But, I thought that the humans were just killed.

to borrrow jedih's idea...

to show humans walking aound dazed and confused would be anti-climatic and f*ck up the whole perfect sunrise/sunset shot at the end of revo's. imagine just a sh!tload of people jst walking around aimlessly, disrupting the oracle and the architect's dialogue.

The 1st Smith
I thought the machines killed Neo so Smith couldnt surive, as neo`s mind would be smith after neo is a smith ,so the machines killed neo`s mind.So the smith that took over neo couldnt surive without a mind and when 1 smith dies they all die.

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Let me give a very simple version of what has already been said:

The oracle said it in her kitchen to Neo that Smith was him, his opposite, his negative.

When Neo became Smith they had become one it became the conduit which allowed Neo to spread to everyperson Smith had infected. But Neo had an advantage - Neo's mind could touch the Source, and now that he was ready for it he could survive the encounter. Smith could not , he wasn't ready or prepared for it, didn't evenn see it coming.

We can never see past the choices we don't understand. But at that moment of clarity and understanding after the Oracle's words through Smith, Neo could and thus knew what to do.

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