Funniest actors..

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I would go with:
Jack Black
Bill Murray
Jack Lemon
I have somemore but I cant think of them right now.

Bill Murray hasn't been funny since "Rushmore". Jack Black is just ****ing annoying.

My vote goes to Leslie Nielsen, just for being the king of spoofs.

For me, most actors aren't really funny. They may play a funny role, but that doesn't necessarily make them funny. Then again, I've seen comedians that are funny but can't act so where's the middle ground?


Anyway, here's my short list of funniest actors (in no particular order):
Rodney Dangerfield
John Belushi
Bill Murray (before he decided to get "serious"wink
Tim Allen
Richard Pryor
Eddie Murphy

Moving to celebs forum.

Mike Myers hands down

eddie murphy

jack black was good in school of rock but i dont really like him in anything else

tony todd wink ask korri

john belushi and dan akroyd (sp?) for bringing us the blues brothers

the guy from fault towers whats his name again.

and micheal caine has been in some crackers ("without a clue"wink for a start and ausitn powers lmao)

and trust me I know omedy I live comdedy

(ad i cant type lol) well not today anyway wink

oh and jum carrey can be quite funny sometimes

Gene Wilder thumb up laughing

dana carvey's quite funny smile

Itsh Mikey Time!

jack black was reallly funny in High Fiedeilty

Jack Black is hilarious

The guy from Faulty Towers is John Cleese.
Monty Python and Mike Myers i like. Steve Martin has been funny in the past. Michael Caine always steals the show.
Also from the movie Crown Hearts and Coronets the bloke who plays all the roles- i think he's called Alec Guiness(sp?)

Kate xx

steely balls
look at my sig

total metalhead
thats a tough one...

id go with Steve Buscemi, Eddie Murphy, Zach Braff, Sean William Scott, Leslie Nielson, Chris Tucker and Tom Green.

jim carrey, zach braff, dr. cox (soz i forgot his name!!), matt lucas, david walliams, sean william scott, john cleese and rowan atkinson.
also, the guy who plays jeff in coupling.

David Spade is funny. I like him in Dickie Roberts.

Jim Carrey!!!

steely balls

Eddie Murphy yes

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot about Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Little Britain is so funny! Also The Catherine Tate Show and The whole of The Office cast

Kate xx

Steve Zhan,Rob Schneider,jim carry,Adam Sandler,Ben stiller,Owan Wilson,mike myers

BOPRecruit 16
Robin Williams
Wayne Brady
Johnny Depp
Dominic Monaghan
Billy Boyd

Richard Coyle (Jeff off of Coupling...... i lmao every episode of that show, when jeff comes out with complete crap!)

Richard Dean Anderson (Stargate is secretly a comady, pass it on!)

Rowan Antkinson for bringing us Blackadder, a show that doesnt get enough credit for been a great comady.

the guy from the peep show, twisted and weird comady, but its ace!!!

Steve Cogan, Long live ALan Partriage!!

Partridge! how could i forget Steve Coogan? *Alan's Deep Bath* lol!

Kate xx

Johnny Depp (when he has a funny role), Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan together, Jim Carrey, Jack Black

jack black
eddie murphy
mike myers
robin williams
adam sandler
ben stiller
wayne brady
drew carry

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd are funny together
jim carry
robin willams
jack black
adam sandler

sorry for my low quality spelling, its not my fault!

oh and the guy who plays the orginal holly in red drawf is funny as wll, and he 'does a damn fine moon impression'!!!!

^i wasnt having a go at you, it was a sudden realisation thats all. lol

Kate xx

OH i forgot Adam, idiotic me.
Pretty Famke siggy.

its not the sig that pretty: its Famke!!

-Richard Coyle (from "Coupling" UK), he is funny as hell
-Jim Carrey
-Chris Rock
-Jason Mewes from "Jay and silent bob and Dogma"
-Orlando Jones, in some movies like Evolution and in Mad TV
-Will Smith
-Sean william Scott, quite funny
-Brendan Fraser in "Bedazzled" or in "Blast from the past", he has some funny moments there
-Tim Allen
-Ben Stiller
-Owen Wilson in "Shanghai Noon"
-Michael "Bully" Herbig, Comedian from germany
Im sure i forgot someone...


Robin Williams
Bill Murray
Jack Black
Owen Wilson
Jack Lemon

Princess Re
jhonny depp (on pirates)

some bald dude (whos line is it anyway)

yes jim carrey, and steve zhan also

There's no question.What the f**k? We all know who that is.yes

Jim Carrey!!!!!!!eek!loverock

DUH. no expression

Jim Carrey is too much of a slap stick stick out tongue

He was funny b4... but its gettn old


My other choices are Chris Tucker and Jackie


chris is alright... jackie?!? laughing out loud

What's wrong with him?!mad

Matt Leblanc is really funny in friends.


Matthew Perry is better. Sorry!

Kate xx

funniest actor dave chapelle hands down

who do you guys think is the funniest out of these actors?
man! it's a hard decision.. johnny depp has got all the smart sayings and all that... and eddie murphy has got a funny attitude... i dunno.. i'd have to say johnny.. is the funniest out of them..

Jackie Malfoy
I say John Candy and Jim Carey.JM

jm is right, where the f*ck is john candy? steve martin? bill murray?

The whole option is a pile of shit.

so eloquent yet so true...stick out tongue

agree... where's Jim Carrey?

Peter Sellers!

Johnny Depp?

I say Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

you didnt really have any good funny actors there on your pollno

where's jim carrey???????????? He's the best!

Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd and anyone on the SNL crew are hilarious, but maybe some of my favorites are from the Carol Burnett Show. And the best to me is Tim Conway. When an actor has the rest of a hilariious cast of comedians in stiches constantly, well, that is truly a GREAT comedian. Highly recommend seeing Tim Conway in action.l

Originally posted by Punker69
Jim Carrey!!!

Jim Carrey is one of my favorite
The Marx Bros
Bob Hope
Jack Black
Eddie Murphy
Jack Lemon
Laurie and Hardy(the march of the Wooden Solders)

AND for some reason I can't think of anyone else. sad

I love Robin Williams. Wherever he goes, he's always funny - he's the epitome of a stand-up, because he does it wherever he goes, wherever he's being interviewed. A lot of people on the poll list are very funny - but it's mostly due to a hilarious script, in my opinion. Will Smith is funny, he's got that whole "oh shit i'm about to die I might as well make a joke," when he was paired up with Jeff Goldblum for "Independence Day," they were both hilarious.

George Carlin deserves mention, he had a few roles , and he was also one of those people whose thoughts just ran along his funny bone. "Seven Words You Can't Say On Television," is obviously five star material, and his most recent show had stuff about airplanes that was hilarious.

Stand-ups are the funniest people; they can bring it out anywhere.This would include the SNL folks, a loot of times they just have to bring it out of nowhere. David Spade, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Norm MacDonald, Dana Carvey, Gilda Radner, Molly Shannon, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler.... too many stars to name.
Then there are funny people who can play funny really well, and it's unknown whether it's them or the script or a combination of both.

#1 Jim Carrey
#2 Adam Sandler
#3 Mike Meyers

According to me, The funniest actor is

"Johnny Depp" ...

* not in particular order:

Jim Carrey
Adam Sandler
Steve Carrell
Eddie Murphy
Chris Tucker
Martin Lawrence
Leslie Nielsen
Robin Williams

Jim Colyer
Woody Allen has never been topped.

Originally posted by Jim Colyer
Woody Allen has never been topped.

THIS. "Sleeper" is one of the funniest movies - ever.

Robin Williams was real funny...... back in the day

None of the above. I'm writing in Ben Stiller.

COG Veteran
Three Stooges trounce all.

Wei Phoenix
Chris Rock.

Adam Sandler is my favorite funny man.

The Rock is pretty funny. He's not a comedian turned actor or a funny guy actor, he's just naturally funny with his actions and delivery.

Will Ferrell
Bill Murray
Chevy Chase
Paul Rudd
Ed Helms

I did vote for Eddie Murphy as being the funniest of the actors listed, but I would also say that out of the actors listed, Murphy has probably made more BAD movies than the rest of them combined.

Jackie!!!! Action with comedy!

If you want to go with 'funny' actors, then most of Judd Appatows regular type cast are genuinly funny people(because they do a lot of improv in the movie)
Paul Rudd is funny as shit in cedar house rules
Steve Carrell
Jim Carrey
Chris Rock(sorta act but he does a lot of his own jokes and shit in movies)
The fat woman from bridesmaids, the heat and her little role in the hangover three where she works in the pawn shop
Adam Sandler(pre-2004) his stuff was comedy gold, now...ehhh...yeah.
Rob Shnieder or whatever, hes amusing
Leslie Nielsen(Rest In Peace) for being the king.
Ryan Reynolds(not a comedy actor so to speak but hes well rounded and can make you giggle and chuckle)
Robert Downey Jr had me laughing out loud in Tropic Thunder and his Sarcastic & Satrical humor in Iron Man, but his performance in Sherlock Holmes was brilliant
Woody Harrelson simply because of zombieland, "TWINKY!!!"
Eddie Murphy of course, hes funny on and off screen
Theres plenty more just cant be bothered anymore lol

Oh yeah, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith; arguably the funniesy duo ever....for those who dont know who they are, the more widely known as Jay and Silent Bob

Will Ferrell
Sacha Baron Cohen
Ed Helms
Vince Vaughn
Steve Carell

Stealth Moose
I agree with Vince Vaughn.

surprised no one mentioned will ferrel lol

As for me the best are or were : Jack Lemmon, John Cleese, Paul Rudd, Charlie Sheen, Joh Lovitz, Mel Brooks.

King Joker
I think Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars) is one of the funniest celebs ive listened 2

Out of the one's in the poll, Eddie Murphy. My main favorite though is Jim Carey.

Bill Murray always makes me laugh so I'll vote for him even though he didn't make the list.

thumb up

Originally posted by Julianna
Bill Murray always makes me laugh so I'll vote for him even though he didn't make the list.

Agreed! big grin I only have to look at his face and I'm laughing. Whenever friends come over and we're thinking of watching a movie, I always ask, "Have any of you seen 'The Life Aquatic'?"

All it takes is one person to say no, and the DVD is out of the box. smile

Bella 101
Well there are a few actors who make me laugh Hmm Chevy Chase Eddie Murphy Adam Sandler

Since the thread is entitled, "Funniest Actors", I assume that multiples are allowed? In that case, I would like to add my own write-in candidates for my favorite knuckle heads....


Eddie Murphy
Ben Stiller
Will Ferrell
Adam Sandler
Steve Carell
Jim Carrey
Jack Black
Rob Schneider
Owen Wilson
Vince Vaughn

Non US:
Rowan Atkinson
Charlie Chaplin

Daisy Roberts
I would also add Jim Carrey to the list)

Jim Carrey always

Omid Djalili in the mummy made me laugh so hard I peed a little lol laughing

I think Eddie Murphy

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