Heart broken

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I thought i'd come on and post my heart broken story, cos at the moment i feel like the most lonely person on earth and u people feel like the only people i can talk to.

Today i broke up with my girlfriend and it hurt so much, i was with her for about 4 months and i really felt as though she was the one. i loved her so much and would have done anything for her and i was under the impression that she loved me..Anyway i was down the pub just socializing with my friends and i get this text message "Hi, i'm really sorry but i dont think its workin. u and me i mean.its not that i dont like you, its just we dont see enough of each other. i'm really sorry..

sad . i never replyed or phoned her cos i just dident know what 2 say. i was just 2 gutted and upset. later she asked if i was coming over 2morow and she just wanted 2 b friends. me my mum and sis went over with her and her family just down the pub for a drink. at this point i cant even look her in the eyes anymore. her smile crushes me now. at the pub i drank very very heavily and played pool with her brother and had a pretty good time. we say bye and i go home with my family then i get this "hi, i'm really sorry bout 2day. look, u r a really nice person and everyfing but i'm not sure if i'm ready for a relationship just yet. i'm sure u will find sum1 really nice and right 4 u. trust me this is 4 the best sad really sorry"

i have a couple hours sleep, by this point i'm really drunk, then my family decide to go out again down the pub (i guess to try and cheer me up) so i tag along. i hardly spoke a word i was just staring into my drink trying to stop myself breaking into peices. as soon as we leave i cracked! and cryed my heart out in the arms of my mum....now i'm still drunk and cant sleep i havent told anyone yet face 2 face, this just seems the easiest way to get it off my chest. i guess we'll remain freinds and maybe in the future get back together... oh if girls only knew how they make us feel. i guess i give the impression of being 2 strong on the outside. i dunno how long it will take to get over her i probably never will. heres a pic of me looking ohh so very happy!

anyone else got heartbroken?

i'm going back 2 bed now...hopefully i wont dream of her

sorry to hear that man, girls are biotches

sad good night

You'll do well.


Sorry to hear that...good night there

Fall, Hit....Break
The story of a heart

All we can do is take comfort in the fact they're very resilient things, hearts heal in time. While you're waiting do like the rest of us and get drunk smile

Life is bag of...Oh well I don't have a good phrase for this.

Hope you get well dude.

Im sorry to hear that, it's really a bummer, and you should speak to her, face to face,and talk this out...tell her how she hurt you,and that you wouldlike some sort of better explination...and let her tell you her side,and talk it out, you shouldn't let this get to you becuase maybe it isn't ment to be...if it is it will come back,stronger and better than ever,if not, let it die....peace

I'd just like to point out that deegr8rebel has been banned (i dunno if its permanent or not, though im kinda hopin it is) so ignore him.

man...that sucks.

just pruned the stupid posts

sorry, i've gotta be the mean one

Dude you're freaking like 18 years old. You don't even have an understanding of who "the one" is... Life's a son of a bitc.h with ups, downs, and all arounds. Getting dumped is more painful than breaking an arm or a leg, i've been in ur situation more than once. But you were only going out with this chick for 4 months! You're not a bad looking guy...go find a better girl. Bring her to that pub (hopefully ur ex is there) and show her that you can have an even better time without her.

My friend was with his girlfriend for 5 years (he's still only 21) and when they broke up he was a mess. Then he did just what i told you...and he's a new man.

Every break up has its depression stage, but keep your head up. You've only lived about 1/4 of your life and you talk like it's already over...

ye guess your right dude, all my m8 say its her loss anyway. that just what i needed someone to talk some sense into me

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