Trinity, Holy and Unholy

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Now we've seen all three movies and know the characters , you shouldn't find this question very hard at all.

Christians believe in a Holy Trinity, consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
They also believe in an Unholy Trinity, consisting of the Dragon, the Anti-Christ and the false Prophet.

Now remembering that Trinity is herself a character in the matrix trilogy, name who is who and your reasons why?

Good luck kiddos.

well...this is an open ended question, because there are multiple answers. One could say, and this is the generally accepted version, that Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity are Father son and spirit. However, the next part is a little more difficult. one could say that Architect, Smith and Oracle are the 'unholy' version, one could also say there aren't 'holy' and 'unholy' versions, but a man version and a machine version. I accept the second one, because, while Smith was...proud, he wasn't 'evil', nor were the Oracle and Architect. SO...

Human Trinity: Morpheus, Neo, Trinity
Machine Trinity: Architect, Smith, Oracle

i agree with Jedi smile

same here he is right..

I would have to disagree, but i won't totally explain my reasons yet.

However i will say this: I wouldn't define evil by being a machine but in the belief that there is nothing in the world more important than yourself, no cause worth fighting for except your own betterment.

As for a machine trinity, i don't classify that as being evil or therefore unholy. But if i were to name a machine trinity i would say:

Father - Architect
Holy Spirit - Machine Mainframe
Son - Giant head machine in revolutions.

my reason for the father would be obvious being that he is the desiigner and creator.
Machine mainframe or the Source as Holy spirit because all things machine or program come from the source and must in the end, return there.
The machine head in machine city i would say is the Son because the Son is God in physical form on Earth. In Neo-vision the machine head looks like the Sun (using Atenism), but in normal vision it looks like a giant head with a crown of thorns , just like you know who.

But and i stress this, because i do not believe that the machine trinity is the Unholy Trinity i have not answered the question.

The Alpha
blink Son - Giant head machine in revolutions. blink

Why not?

A sentinel for every man, woman and child...that sounds exactly like the thinking of a machine to me.

The Alpha
It is not possible. Do you know what was that giant machine?

Shape Shifter
I agree with what most of you say. But, if machines are 'evil' as Jedi put it and humans created machines 'then man created the machine, in his own image (likeness).' as it says in second renassaince, then aren't we also (in some ways) to blame for what machines do?

I would really like your reasons for this, because, it seems to me, that you really don't understand the concept of the trinity. let me put it in an easy to understand way. "From the Father, in the Son, through the Holy Spirit."

This means that, the Father is the Source of everything, we recieve it through the Spirit, but our contact, if you will, is the son.

I am at a loss to understand how the Deus ex machina could be the Son...If he were included, i would think he would be the Father...because if this is solely machines, the Architect would not be there. I stand by my decision, of Father=architect, Son=Smith, Spirit=Oracle because, The Father watched over everything. He is the reason things occur in a certain way. Thus, Architect is Father. Son is the one of Miracles. He is on the earth, in a physical form, going through the people. Thus, Smith is the Son. The Spirit guides us, helps us to perform our duties. Thus, the Oracle is the Spirit.

I will not say mine is the only combination, but i would like explaination for your decision.

EDIT: BTW...Deus ex Machina means God in the Works...

You're trying to trick me into answering my own question. It won't work.

I'm curious where in Revolutions the head machine was described as "Deus ex Machina".

Secondly after watching Matriculated do you still believe there to be difference between sentient programs and sentient machines.
Smith in M1: "Never send a human to do a machine's job".

But i will admit that a problem has developed which i did not see coming which is that depending apon which sect of Christianity you following the slightly different way you will define the Trinity.

Although this is a burden to be assiduously avoided it is not beyond a measure of control, which has led us inexorably here. But I've not answered the question.

I got in trouble in RE today because of that biatch no expression

the teacher asked what "Trinity" was. I just couldnt resist shouting " a farmyard animal"

she had that one comin'

OK here is what I think. The holy trinity consists of The Architect or the Father because he created the matrix. The son The Oracle because Jesus was sent down as a man to try to understand the temptations of man by the devil and with his help rid ourself of sin. The Oracle was created to investigate various aspects of our psyche and through her help she rid man of war. The holy spirit is Smith. Because the holy spirit is supposed to "consume" you and make you act more holy. Smith copies himself on to you and makes you act exactly like him.

The Unholy Trinity consists of Trinity as the Dragon I have to think on this more because I don't know about this right now It just seems to fit.
Neo as the false prophet. He was supposed the end the war by returning to the source in M2 you find out thats not true and Morpheus as the antichrist because he recruits people from the matrix(Earth) and turns them against the Architect(God). I dont know if this is exactly right or even remotely right. tell me what you think.

Wow! You really turned that on its head. I guess it's all a question of perspective. But I think I would put Smith unholy Trinity, as the anti-Christ. Jesus was supposed to mend and create, but all that Smith wanted to do was destroy the system. But I'd think that the false prophet would have to be the Oracle, and the third... well, I'm not really sure of the difference between the Dragon and Anti-Christ, but I'm willing to bet that the Architect would be that.

And a "Deus Ex Machina" is
I think that this is a very accurate description of its role, because it provided the final solution to the war. Neo was important, but the Deus Ex Machina was more so. It could have killed Neo where he stood, or just not let him jack in.
Oh, and Deus Ex Machina was named in the credits as such, though no one ever calls it anything.

just as a side note: The Dragon is refering to Satan, Lucifer, the Fallen Angel that wants to put his throne above God's. The Anti-Christ is the human being that is indwelt by Satan.

This is all very good.

When you are used to seeing things from only your own point of view, it is a delight to read others opinions and different takes on the subject.

Keep them coming.

its even better to not know a thing about either and watch two argue over it hehe

Look at the top of the thread.

dude i read it and i get it i was just sayin when u dont know anything about it it is funny to wacth lol.

Adding on to the post I made above. Morpheus would be the dragon and trinity would be the antichrist. Because she recruited Neo in M1 and led him to the Morpheus(The Dragon). Just as the antichrist would lead you to the devil. And she tried to recruit that one guy from Detectives Story
too. She is the one recruiting people mostly. Tell me what u think.

m not sure how that makes trinity the anti christ? or morph the dragon??

The Omega
And maybe it was JUST her hacker-alias?? smile
Do you think TANK was a tank? big grin

There are no "clean" trinities in the Matrix. The creator is undoubtedly The Architect, he WROTE the entire "world". The holy spirit is the anomaly, or rather ... the Anomaly is a "Fallen Angel", a rogue program that doesn't do what it's supposed to.
There is no "Father" in the real world in the sense of creation of a world. Although Morpheus does "create" Neo - it's only in the sense of freeing him.
And so on... and so forth.

Since Trinity is a "Trinity" all by her self hence the name, is the Oracle the Unholy Trinity?

Shape Shifter
I think we already had the conversation Numo

yea dude read the past posts lol

The Omega> But the Architect was created to create the matrices, right? So wouldn't the Deus Ex Machina or some other head machine be the creator? Or do the machines have some kind of collective conciousness(like the Borg, for all you Trekkies)? I think that this would have to be the creator, or "father".

However, if this is a Hindu thing...(isn't there a Hindu trinity?)

Morpheus in M1: When man gave birth to AI....a singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines.

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