50 Reasons why LORD OF THE RINGS Sucks

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Now, b/f u start bashing, some other guy said this. Here's the link: Url removed
There's one just like this in the Matrix forum. Here's is my rebutal. Feel free to add your own response.

1. No student is force to read the novalization. The actual book is much better.

2. Dude, LotR is a three part book, therefore a 3 part movie. No greed here.

3. The black line are if u don't have wide screen

4. Which human member. I didn't notice anything

5. 6 tennis shoes,so what?

6. Orce were came up by Tolkein many years b/f Blizzard. Blizzard orce look nothing like Tlokein orcs

7. Black symbolizes evil. Everything evil in all cultures is usually black. It's not racist.

8. Yeah it does. It shrunck with Isidur, then Frodo. It changes shape so the holder can wear it.

9. You can't fight evil without a war. The battle scene only made up a small part of the story.

10. First of all, they had no horses. Second, the eagle weren't available.

11. NA

12. Only Frodo got stabbed once, and he wasn't ok. They other Hobbits were not stabbed, so they were fine.

13. She didn't defeat them, only out rode them and used a magic spell agianst them. Beisdes, Glorfindol save Frodo in the book.

14. What scene are u talking about. Boromir was very strong and was able to fend them, off b/f he died.

15. His smoke was magicly enhanced. It could defy gravity.

16. Gandalf came back because the Valar spared him, i think. TTT wasn't "slapped" togehter, noob

17. Two words: Magic rings. They can do anything.

18. Gandalf used a spell that made himself immune to the BALROG's fire. Get your names straight.

19. B/c there's no story after that. That's only a set-up scene.

20. Saruman is powerful enough to use ywo, but WTF is yout point?

21. The ring came to him. He was meant to find it.

22. This is the only good point, but it's pointless. In the book, it says that he needs more arrows.

23. Wow! Who gives a f*ck? Usless reason.

24. Gollum was created way b/f starwars. In fact SW copied Gollum in a way.

25. Elves gay? WTF are u smoking?

26. These are Tolkien elves, not Santa's elves. HGet your myths straight.

27-36. All of these are based on a book that came out way b/f any of his reason. Does he even realize that there was book b/f the movie?

37. Stupid, fat, Hobbit. Who cares?

38. Yeah, it is. Trying being in love. You'll do anything for your true love.

39. WTF? So, elves have long hair. They're not hippies. They fought manywars.

40. Yes, we need the mine scene. Yes we needed Helm's Deep. It's a long book, it's a long movie.

41. ?????????

42. There are not too many charatures to keep track of. Try the Sil. There's hundreds.

43. Rocks were being thrown at the water, not at the creature.

44. Hobbits have thick feet. Natual shoes. Read the book. It's in there/

45-48 WTF? WTF? WTF? No, they couldn't have.

49. Why would there be funky music. It's an epic tale, not some rap crap story.

50. We have plenty of good reason to see RotK. it's a goddamn book.

So, as we can see, this "Doc" needs a beat down, fast. He trashed the Matrix and he trashed LotR. You cannot trash two of the greatest trilogies ever and live to tell the tale. Come and join me in my response.



yea this person needs a life and doesn't relize that there was a book before the movie, end of story

yeah i've seen that crap before...stupid....

Hey, notice the website name? The guys obviously got nothing better to do

A.D. Skinner
Kit !!!! Close this stupid thing !!!!

mmmmmm_ob :)
im jua gona say...its based on a book with magic n stuf in it....therefor anythin is possible...just because we aren't able to do it in this world dusnt meen that fictional characters in a fictional world can't do it....this is stupid it's a story anything can happen....how do you even know they had the same elements and things in their world...

although i am glad u answered the stupid thing, the fourm where the 50 questions was put would be a better place to answer them, not here

mmmmmm_ob :)
ye but those pepl r scary.....lol...they mite anser bak...

Why should he do that? Does anyone else have a repsonse like mine. There more to thsi website that u know. I say shut down the website. He has NO idea what he's talking about.

OMG! Not you guys as well!

Will you people use some sense? I posted this a while back. It is NOT GENUINE. It is a SPOOF. It is taking the piss out of people who criticise Lord of the Rings. Just read it with some sense, will you? It is SO obviously not genuine, and the apology to fans is hysterical!

I think there is becoming a serious common sense black hole around in some areas.

Sorry i started it, but it is funny. Some parts are just plain weird. Whoever did this has WAY too much time on their hands. I can understand doing 10 for a laugh, but coming up with 50 is a bit too much, since some repeat. Like I said b/f, i this is fun, but it's more fun to come up with a rebutal. Shows understanding.

Way too much time on his hands? What, you mean like EVERYONE here? The people (it is a group effort) who created it are just fans who spend a lot of time on-line, like us. And they happened to create this rather smart satire.

I recommend people check the site and both read the one they removed due to it being 'corrected', anf their apology (the apology is taking the piss out of people who thought this was true)

Mind you, they are VERY nasty to people who think it is all true on their forums. Their forums are very adult also. But even so... I still can't quite work out how anyone could think it is real. It is all done with such attention to detail, also!

Yeah, once u realize it's faking, it's pretty funny. Now, I want to see more of his works. See, good had come from this.

Now, if anyone believes this to be true, they seriously need a CAT scan.

A.D. Skinner
Well I thought we weren't able to post URLs ???

Isn't that what Sauron was having so much of an issue with ?

Hey, I saw this in the Matrix forum. Whta happens in one should be allowed in another. The link is just so u can see the list.

If u thought this was real, u're not alone. Many people emailed their own repsonse much like I did.

A.D. Skinner
I did not think it was real...nor did I even take the time to look at the URL that has been posted.

Yeah, I read the matrix one as well. This guy is a wannabe maddox it seems, except it doesn't have the wit or the comedy in his articles.

A.D. Skinner, u should read. It's actually quite funny and enjoyable now.

A.D. Skinner
Yes...Funny it is, for I have read it and have enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing...

Though...All I am saying is that a very good friend of mine was not able to post a URL according to the rules...so why should others ?


Yes rules are rules. Maybe you should of posted what it was and anyone who wanted the link, you could on PMed it to em.

checking rules............
rules checked.............
I know no spam is allowed, but the link isn't spam.

I guess I could have done that, but now it's too late.

Does anyone else want to counter the doc's claims? Just keep in mind that it's just a joke and none of it is true.

The link IS spam.

Though I find there is no reason for this thread to be closed.

well, if anyone hasn't read, feel free to pm me for the link, unless, that's not allowed.

that is allowed, and since you've listed the 50....why would they?

The list I made is my counter to the document. so far, no on post their own counter to what was said on the link.

A.D. Skinner
So why is this thread open ??? Are we to talk about the 50 reasons why LOTR sucked ?

so what exactly IS your purpose for this thread mors?

it's purpose is to get me all worked up and ready to shout at the person who made it....but then i read what it was about smile anyway i see what's coming so i'll just say....close kit stick out tongue

Well, you can come up with a counter to the 50 reasons why it sucks. That's what I did.

A.D. Skinner
Hmm, that seems like a lot of work ! ( and I really am a under achiever )

mors - PM me the link please

I did it in about 30 minutes. It'll take some time, but is easier if u know the movie really good.

Countering is pointless. The points are intentionally nonsensical.

And... sorry, Kit, but that was not spam.

Incidentally, BF, I could not disagree more- those people have far more wit and intelligence.


morse what is the link, I'll put it up again...strange..blink

A.D. Skinner
So what is Spam then ??? Can someone please explain ???

Ush ??? blink

The main definition of spam is that it is either irrelevant or self-interested.

A.D. Skinner
So then..according to that guideline...

If I make a thread that is relevant to Lord of Rings, and post a URL that pertains to that thread...it is okay...

...but I cannot be interested in this thread...or else it could be SPAM ????

(wow, that was clear as mud )


irrelevant and self-interest...well, define self-interest.

As in advertising.

You guys could always read the rules, you know...

so how many useful links, then, have we been deprived of??


Advertising.....as in their own personal site even though it's on Lord of the Rings?

A.D. Skinner
Rule -

Do not place ANY advertisements on the forums. This will be considered SPAM and could result in the loss of your KMC Community Membership. We generally class SPAM as a website with which the person has a personal interest in, or is not a relevant topic of discussion. You can, however, place links in your signature (excluding forums) as long as it is placed sensibly.

So basically...you can post a link that isn't an advertisement...but you can't be interested in the link...or else you will be banned.

blink Like I said...clear as mud !

Err, well, it is generally the mods call with these things, you know?

Looks perfectly clear to me, Skinner- sorry you have troubles with it but there have never been troubles before.

It is very simple- if the link is to a site you have a stake in (this is advertising) or it is irrelevant, it is spam.

I read the 50 reasons, and visited those boards. I not going to be judgemental, but the amount of profanity just doesn't make me want to go back there. As far as the humor of the person......well, it isn't that big of a laugh.

It's not humour for everyone, but I loved it.

Um...okay.....I'll just work it on here....I think I get it now..

A.D. Skinner
Thanks for the update Ush...but I don't have any troubles with it...

Just trying to figure out what is SPAM and what isn't...

No need for an attidude

Well, it strikes me you are having troubles if you are still not clear on it. I am afraid we cannot really make it any more clear than it is.

A.D. Skinner

Here is the original Link...but again...I have no self interest in this link...

( Crystal Clear now Ush..thank you very much )

Can you answer this Ush?

If it is their own personal site then it is advertising and so spam.

Better to carry a link to your site in your sig.

Not from what I've seen. Both the Matrix and lotr articles failed to make me laugh. It just points out the same flaws that everyone else has pointed out in the past. At least maddox pointed out some unique and humerous things about each movie that hadn't been stated before, at least not in such wacky and humerously worded ways.

"Keanu Reeves aproaces each scene with the steadfast determination of a moron running into a wall". I find that much funnier then just "Keanue Reeves is in it, so it isn't good". Nothing very funny about that.

Oh, and Ush is correct, it is not spam.

Okay so personal site is spam, but something a link like more or less a public link then it is good?

Okay, crystal clear now.

A.D. Skinner
So this is why someone else's site was not allowed...for it was posted in a thread...but, if it had been posted in this person's signature...then it would have been alright.

Okay...this is making more sense now.

So you can only advertise in your sig and not in your posts ! Got it !

Yes, there is a specific provision for putting a site link in your sig.

However, for various practical reasons it is not allowed to advertise other message boards full stop, in your sig or otherwise.

A.D. Skinner
Umm, why would we ever want to advertise any other message board.

KMC Rocks rock


What if you put a link....in which it has a link to your own personal site? big grin

if the original link isn't a personal link, then no one knows, no harm done right?

A.D. Skinner
Wow...that is a lot of Linking ! I think I am Linked out at this point !

I dunno, I'm just messing with your heads.

Your right this guy is a dweeb he just does this for a living. He can't get a right job. He just sits in his chair with microwave dinners typing in stupid thins about great movies. I guess he never reads books based on movies but he sure does read stupid fairy tales that little children only read. Also this guy was trying to make people was not aee the matrix either and everyone knows that, that was a great success in his life roll eyes (sarcastic) blink. So if we never go too his sites ever again he would be a porr stupid man who reads sucky books AND NEVER READS THE GOOD BOOKS THAT MOVIES WERE BASED ON THEM, SO THIS GUY IS A STUPID IDIOT DRUG TAKING MOVIE HATER MANIAC!!! mad laughing beer

Ignore that above post. That was done by my noob brother. He has no idea what he's talking about. Go easy on him, cuz I want to bash him. I told him it was a joke b/f he posted. Such a small brain he has.

i didn't get the link... can someone post it again? Now that we've all discovered we can post links as long as it's not spam..

Here's th link again. http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/film/50reasons.html

I think the Matrix version is better since this seems so fake. No one can be that ignorent.

man i thought that was so funny the first time i read them there just so stupid (a joke or not) that you have to laugh
it halarious laughing


now now now AE...it's not the size that matters, but...

Is this guy kidding?! I mean honestly... 'the novelization of the movie for rotk is out in Barnes and Noble' BLAH BLAH...

Agent Elrond
Yeah, the guy who wrote this, wrote it for a laugh. It's meant to entertain.

oh thank god, i know very ignorant people who actually think this (not here, at my school and other places) and i was like 'not another one' this guy's good at satirizing ignorant movie goers... kudos

Agent Elrond
I know some ppl don't like the Matrix, but I know almost NO ONE who hates LotR.

one of my friends, but she's a moron and probably didn't get it, and a few others because they are 'rebelling against mainstreem', i'm all like 'go away, lotr rocks no matter what'
omg, someone at work said to me the other day, 'shelob was such a rip off on 8 legged freaks' and i was like 'dude, book for 50 years'

LOTR no suck no

Agent Elrond
muse5> laughing out loud that's funny. Ppl are soo dumb today.
korri> the 50 reasons are just a joke. It was just for fun like the Matrix one.

I WISH... but in a very unfortunate off-shoot, this website is revealing how ridiculously credulous some people are. No matter how dumb they make it, a LOT of people still think it is genuine.

why havent they closed this thread this person just wants to start a fight. if he writes the movies the entire forum is about suck people will lash out just close this thread.

A.D. Skinner
This is a spoof thread...please look at the link posted in by the thread starter.

It is simply a parody of LOTR

Agent Elrond
It's been said many times: IT'S FAKE!!!!! Read it for a laugh.

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