New Rpg and member..?

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I've just joined the forums and am happy to be here. I wright O.K stories and like to create an RPG where members of the forum sign up and i make the characters go on strange adventures. Whenever i log in to KMC forums i'll be sure to post a brandeek! spanking eek! new story. Sorry if i sound mean when i say this but i can only accept the first 7 people that sign up. (Not enough writing power to go around stick out tongue .) So join join join!

what is the RPG about?

I couldnt really tell you that until people signed up. Oh yes i forgot to tell everyone. When you want to sign up for the RPG or...story...thing...You must tell about the character thats going to be entered Ex.


To let you know, the story will be based around a Present Day Horror
Just so you dont make a mage or anything..
So...In case you dont know what kind of character is in a Present Day expression It could be a teen or adult (Weapon experience is a good choice no expression) That talks...well...english... Male or Female no expression Please... based around the time of today. Anything not wont be accepted. No super powers UNLESS there not like shooting beams out of the palm of your hand or anything....Like sensing danger, invisibllity for like...20 or 30 seconds..Something along those lines...

I really don't know what your are trying to do but you should Definitly talk to Ushgarak first.
Please read, and post in the "Game Ideas wanted" thread at the top of the forum.
Thanks smile

Age: 14
Sex: Female
Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes 5'3 120 lbs. Black pants, grey shirt.
Ect.. Weapon of choice: pistol

Now, when you say no super powers, do you mean that we can't use magic? Like Harry Potter, with wands and stuff?

-_- Yes. PLEASE no magic like...wands...and...stuff. can be anything along the line of Sensing things, slight mind reading, and other things...Just tell list your power and if i dont like it i'll make you list another. I'll be sure to post my game idea on new game ideas. Sorry if i didnt explain it to well...

Darth Revan
I really don't think this belongs in the RP forum if you're the only one doing the writing... I'd try the Multi-author fiction area

TheOrbOfDarknes expression ok..i'll report this to a moderater to move this for me! smile

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