Does Anakin Turn to the Dark Side trying to save his friends?

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In ESB, yoda tries to keep luke from going to bespin to try and save his friends, because his training was not complete. when yoda expresses fear of luke leaving to SAVE HIS FRIENDS, he alludes to the fact that this is how Anakin turned to the dark side.

Have we already witnessed this Anakin/Luke parallel in AOTC when Anakin went on his own, before obiwan felt he was ready, and ended up disobeying orders to try to save his mother? He slaughtered the Tuskens and his true dark nature came out. Or, have we yet to see what yoda was referring to? Does Anakin TRUELY, COMPLETELY turn to the dark side in EIII when he leaves to save his friends?

I think he may be trying to save Padama and thats how he turns to the darkside on his quest for his love.

Yoda does almost specifically say at one point that Luke will suffer the same fate as his father if he goes ahead, so I also think this is very possible.

While i think that would be awesome, if Anakin is still "good" through enough of the film to go off trying to save his friends, The plot synopsis, as we know it thus far, does not include anakin going on any sort of rescue missions.

Based on what we know thus far, Anakin and obi-wan rescue palpatine near the beginning of the movie, anakin then becomes palpatines bodyguard. THe first thing anakin really does as palpatines bodyguard, is KILL MACE WINDU. At that point, he is more or less, completely given over to the dark side, so I dont see a rescue mission as being likely.... based on what we THINK we know so far.

Anyone know anything different?

well when yoda spoke of luke suffering the same fate as his father, im pretty sure he was talking about him turning to the darkside, not saying that hell fall because of him taking the exact same precautions

Still an intruiging possibillity

yer, bigsef3 is right.palpatine makes anakin his bodyguard.mace finds out that palpatine is the sith lord .so he confronts palpatine and as palpatines body guard anakin has to make a big choice,weither to go along with mace or protect palpatine.he chooses to protect palpatine and slays windu, when palpatine reveals to anakin that he is the sith lord and perswades anakin to join the dark side and he does.

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