James bond: fight another day

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The Ones
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ok here are my rules
1. bond dosen't die
2. the supervillain dosen't die till the very end
3. you don't control a caracter you just put bond through different
4. have fun

bond is on a tower looking through a sniper scope 2 men exchange suitcases then bond shoots the missiles. ( it is on an airfield by the way)
their is an explosion and the 2 mens personal army's start fighting the suitcases are dropped on the floor bond sneaks in nicks the 2 suitcases and takes off in a fighter jet some one shoots down the plane but bond has jumped out and takes a motorbike where he drives in to a canyon

starting credits roll

The Ones
~can someone help me out please~

Reborn Again
First of all, you rushed through the beginning. You need structure and drama. You're telling the story; if what you call you wrote is one? No offense, but you have to expand your characters. A beginning sequence should take time to flow. You have to show your readers, not tell them this is happening. For example, where is the tower Bond's on? An airfield, yes...but where on the airfield? What gun is he using with the sniper scope? Who are the two men exchanging suitcases, what do they look like? Why did these men have subordinates, and why did they start fighting? How did Bond get from the tower to wherever these men are so fast to snatch these suitcases? Why are these suitcases so important? Where is this mysterious fighter jet? Again, where is this scene taking place? An aircraft hanger? Who shoots Bond's plane down and how? Where did Bond get the motorbike? Where is this canyon Bond drives into? Remember, you have to answer these questions to make an interesting pre-title sequence in order to intrigue your reader. These are merely suggestions of course.

The Ones
got it

Are you allowed to novelise a part from a Bond movie

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